PFT one-on-one: Jason Licht

Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht sits down with Mike Florio to discuss his hopes for the upcoming season. Licht says Josh McCown is the starter to open training camp, but says there will be competition for the job.

3 responses to “PFT one-on-one: Jason Licht

  1. Licht will draft BPA.

    Great news, Bucs fans!

    If we stick at #7 in the draft, one of these guys will be the pick:

    1. Clowney
    2. Robinson
    3. Mack
    5. Watkins
    6. Donald
    7. Lewan

  2. I like the moves Smith/Licht are making this offseason. While Revis was good for us, he wasn’t $16M good, and he wasn’t a perfect fit for the defense that will be run in Tampa. Verner’s skill set matches up with Lovie’s version of the cover 2, and at a fraction of the cost. They were then also able to get two upgrades on the defensive line AND upgrades on the offensive line. I’m curious how they will draft. I for one would be happy with them picking up one of the top tight ends (an area of need even with Tim Wright). So far I like the acquisition of Licht as GM. We’ve been through worse than this guy. I think Tampa will be better for having Lovie Smith and Jason Licht.

  3. It is all still just a crapshoot. The Bucs have a lot of restructuring to do to get this team to a competitive
    level. I believe they need to trade down and pick up some extra draft picks. Need help in several areas.
    Don;t expect a quick fix.

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