Report: 49ers, Browns aggressively pursuing Jackson

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The mystery of the DeSean Jackson mystery teams apparently has been solved, without the intervention of Shaggy, Scooby-Doo, or any other meddling kids.

According to NBC Washington, the 49ers and Browns are pursuing Jackson, who continues to visit with the Redskins.  Per Diana Russini of NBC Washington, the 49ers reached out to Jackson while he was dining with the Redskins.  Also, the Browns are “going hard” with an offer.

It’s been known for days that the 49ers are very interested in Jackson.  The Browns also were believed to be interested, as part of their whole Jim Harbaugh swing-for-the-fences mentality.  It’s now known, if the report is accurate, that both teams are aggressively chasing Jackson.

The timing of the report is curious.  With Jackson and the Redskins engaged in a high stakes game of poker, Jackson needs leverage to get the kind of deal he wants.  But the leverage has to be credible.  Leaking news of a pair of “mystery teams” doesn’t cut it.  The teams need to be known, and they need to be genuinely interested.

The extent of the interest of the Browns, the 49ers, or anyone else may not be known unless and until Jackson leaves Washington without a contract.  Which could eventually be one of the steps in a dance that has millions of dollars hanging in the balance.

98 responses to “Report: 49ers, Browns aggressively pursuing Jackson

  1. How are the 49ers going to be able to afford Desean Jackson is the question I have. With Kaepernicks extension coming up, I don’t see how they are going to be able to sign him unless they cut Frank Gore or something.

  2. A WR like him would not flourish in the NFC West. Those guys there are too physical for him and would break him. I like Desean Jackson(the player) but don’t think he’d be a good fit in that division.

  3. This guy is incredibly talented, but his history with being a locker room cancer and and a non-stop complainer regarding his contract really makes me hope that this isn’t true. The Browns are trying to build a new mentality and culture – adding a guy who is known to have a monstrous attitude problem won’t help to achieve that.

  4. Redskins engaged……I thought he left and in the Wash. airport he said he “…is moving on…” Little help here please?

  5. Get as much last minute fluff out there as you can. The deal will be finalized today, redskins will pay the money, if we have to get rid of moss, hankerson, and a few others, it will happen. This solves some of our special team issues, and will ensure people don’t load 11 in the box, you would be nuts to do so with Garcon and Jackson double moving people out of their shoes.

  6. The only teams he’ll be signing with are Seattle, New England, Buffalo, St. Louis or any other team that wears blue. The 49ers, Chiefs, Cardinals and any team wearing red is obvious out. Gotta rep the colors after all.

  7. Miners would be better off drafting a good young player not Jackson’s baggage

  8. True, but the prospect of Jackson going up against Sherman twice a season is quite intriguing.

  9. And how exactly is it “known” that the 49ers are “extremely” interested? More unnamed sources (i.e., Jackson’s agent) feeding you that one too? Do you ever stop to consider the motives of these types of “sources”?

  10. “It’s now known, if the report is accurate,”

    In other words, we don’t yet know if it’s known or not.

  11. Don’t do it browns!, take Watkins at#4, twice the talent, half the headaches of gangsta wannabe MEsean.

  12. This is one of the single most bizarre personnel moves I’ve ever witnessed in the NFL, and whatever off the field issues caused the Eagles to release Desean must have been some really serious stuff. There’s something BIG going on with this situation, and Philly felt that they wanted to avoid any future problems with this guy.

    I strongly believe that the organization has some serious dirt on Jackson, and had they gone public with the specific details of it…it could have been somewhat of a career-killer for Desean. However, Philly has respected Desean enough to simply part ways with him and let him do his thing elsewhere, and he should be grateful for that.

    I don’t think an NFL team has ever dropped a player after he performed as well as D-Jax did last year, and that’s why I believe that whatever it was that Desean did or was affiliated with…it had to be some heavy stuff.

  13. I don’t think the Raiders even care now. As long as he don’t go to the Chiefs, Chargers, and or Denver I’m cool with not having him.

    Raiders Fan.

  14. his agent put this out. Skins and Raiders are the only teams really interested.

  15. Gordon, Jackson, Hawkins, Cameron and Tate? Wow. Even Hoyer or a decent rookie QB could work with that.

  16. That’s kinda comical being as the Skins, and 49 ers have no FKN cap room, LOL. They have about $4M left, and still have to extend Kap. Not only that, they have numerous 1st round picks from when they SKD all those years in large contracts. I’m sorry, but how are they able to pay for Willis, Smith, Staley, and Gore, Davis , the other Davis, and Iaupati and are going to have to extend guys like Bowman, the other Smith, and Kap in the near future. They are also already paying Crab, and Boldin at the very same position. Hmmmm, kinda fishy how they seem to be able to retain all these players when other teams have to let people walk because of the cap. Now they are trying to get another WR who wants $10M/year with only $4M left in cap space for this year, and they still have to have money to sign their entire draft class. That’s just comical, LOL.

  17. Carolina lost both of their starting WRs, and I GUARANTEE Desean is playing in Carolina next year. Replacing a playmaker like Steve Smith should be priority #1 because if Cam doesn’t have any targets to throw to, than they won’t be able to keep defenses honest at all.

    Desean is a perfect replacement for Smith.

  18. It’s kind of funny that this news is coming from Washington and not from San Francisco or Cleveland, don’t you think?

    If I was Desean Jackson’s agent and I was in Washington negotiating a contract and I didn’t like the numbers, what could I possibly do to make the Redskins raise their offer?

    I wonder.

  19. The 49ers could very well wait until next year to re-up Kap and restructure Gore’s contract to make this thing with Jackson work! Our offense needs his skill set badly! #NinersNation

  20. This suggests to me that the numbers that the Jackson camp is hearing from the ‘Skins aren’t to their liking, hence the “leak” to try to get some leverage in the negotiations.

  21. two teams with qb issues. that’s bad news for kaepernick, he has a hard enough time trying to get past his first read, imagine him trying to see crab, davis, boldin and djax…..laughable. that’s almost as funny as when harvin went to seattle and seattle fans actually though it would improve the passing game, still ranked in the bottom 5 in passing offense. but thats what happens when you qb’s are nothing more than game managers that let the defense and running games win it for them and take the credit afterwards.

    would rather see djax go to cleveland, hoyer is a better “qb” than kaep will ever be, and who knows, they still might draft a qb this year….which would still be a better “qb” than kaep.

    hard to throw the ball to djax when after kaeps first read is not open he panics and runs.

  22. It could be Jackson trying to leverage the Skins or simply the Niners doing their due diligence. However, Jackson is the type of player that has given the Seahawks trouble. See what TY Hilton did to their D.

  23. So Jackson’s agent calls his client while spoofing the numbers for the 9ers and Browns GMs, knowing that he’s having a meal with the Washington team brass when he calls Jackson.


  24. The 49ers have 4.5 million in cap space with Kaep and Al. Smith coming up for contract. I felt like Allen to Seattle was a pipe dream when we have 15 million in cap space with Earl & Sherm coming up for contracts.

  25. The 49ers had the 31st ranked passing attack. With Jackson, they turn into the what?? 20th ranked passing offense?? Now, if the Niners had a real QB they’d be the best team in the NFL.

  26. LOL..49ers don’t get into bidding wars. The set a value on a player and if they can’t sign a player at that price they tell ’em to kick rocks.

  27. Here is something to consider, the Eagles released this guy at the ripe old age of 27, after his best year in the NFL. Andy Reid has no real play maker in KC and their offense could really use someone with DeSean’s on field ability. Read knows DeSean probably better than Kelly, and neither organization is interested in his services. Also none of his teammates have said anything that could be deemed supportive of DeSean, which is highly unusual, even Vick who was supposedly very close to the guy walked a fine line in his comments.

    I think Washington is looking to sign him on the cheap, maybe $4 mil in base salary and and $4-$6 mil in signing bonus, with some sort of “trouble maker clause”, maybe a $5 or $6 mil salary next season and a bunch of high salary years in year 3 ($10 mil), 4 ($11 mil) & 5 ($11.5 mil). That way DeSean’s agent can say it is a can say he got his client roughly a $50 mil/5 year contract, which is actually a 2 year $15 mil contract with only something like $4 to $8 million guaranteed.

  28. niners obviously don’t have the money Jackson wants, but they are probably hoping he will take allot less to paly for a chance to go to the superbowl…and he might do just that.

  29. Why would anyone ever play for Cleveland? It’s where players careers go to die. Jackson would be better off playing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL than the Browns.

  30. I feel sorry for the other teams the Niners have to play next year if we somehow land Jackson. You guys are done.


  31. while his skill set would be a great fit in San Francisco, his price tag would most certainly not. He is not worth 10-11 million per season, not at all.

    With negotiations coming up for Kaep, Crab, Aldon and Iupati; throwing this much money at an undersized, speed option on a run-first team against Seattle and Arizona’s defenses isn’t worth it.

    Having said that, SF’s FO has done a great job with Cap management so if they could find a way to make the numbers work i’d be all for it.

  32. Jackson is not a dude Josh Gordon needs in the locker room to help keep his nose clean. If the Browns make this move it’s just asking for trouble.

  33. Yeah neither is Titus Young… Yet he managed to steal Sherman’s lunch and eat it. Then he went and stole Browner’s too. If you can’t catch him you can’t lay him out… That said if he does get hit enough he is toast in the NFCW. All this is for not though. They won’t sign him for anything more than 6 mil or so and he won’t take that. Also Schefter as wrong as he often is says the interest is very guarded. Given the price tag and his issues I would say Schefter is about 99.99% likely to be on the right track with that one

  34. As for Iupati/Crabtree you can say goodbye to them regardless of this move. Baalke is not giving either one of them 10+ mil a year even if they are really good players

  35. Let him come to the AFC North. Matt Elam is gonna shatter this little guy..

    Baltimore Ravens

    2x Super Bowl Champions

    Joe Flacco Super Bowl MVP

  36. He’ll end up with the Patriots. Aaron Hernandez put in a good word for him with Kraft.

  37. Niners fans, the guy we need is rookie Paul Richardson from Colorado. Go to YouTube and look at his ultimate highlight 2013. I was having such a hard time deciding wich WR I want, but this guy is rediculous. We can’t let him outta the 2nd round. Unreal talent.

  38. As a Browns fan, I don’t like it. Sure, he has mad skills but he offsets that with his attitude and mouth.

    Gordon is only 23 (?) and he might finally be getting his priorities straight and his career on track. Do they really want Jackson’s influence and gang ties on him?

    I’d rather give T.O. a tryout!

  39. Washington…Cleveland…Oakland…Santa Clara…….IT JUST DOESNT MATTER!

    I have to LOL @ every one of these fan bases that think signing MeSean Jackson is going to win them a championship. The dude is a decent player but you all act like he is the second coming of Jerry Rice.

    Did you all not watch the Super Bowl? I am pretty sure whoever signs MeSean still isn’t going to have the offense that Denver and they lost the Super Bowl by 5….count them….5 touchdowns!!

  40. i trust reggie, but I am beginning to wonder if Reggie thinks he is to young. C’mon Reg…sign the kid.

    Go Raiders …Go Reggie…

  41. Can’t see SF signing him for more then a year. Seems Taylor made for the skins or raiders to wreck their teams with.

  42. No one ever fully reports the 49ers cap situation right. Yes they have $4 million in cap room … right now, but then another $6 million in cap space as of June 1 due to the Carlos Rogers cut which is what we will be using for Kaepernick’s extension. Next year we have more cap room and the cap is going up … thus the Crabtree extension (sorry Iupati but not enough cash for a guard). Aldon Smith has an option we will pickup and then sign him a year later. If Desean signs a pay for play one year contract for say $6 million, the 49ers can probably restructure a contract (hint hint Joe Staley has been rumoured for that) or cut knucklehead Culliver and Baldwin and this thing gets done.

  43. While I’d like to see DJax play for the Niners, I agree with others that he’s just not built to go up against the NFC West Defenses.

  44. He’ll go to a bad team with the money because its all about him, not winning a championship but lining up his pockets. He still has $6 mil coming to him from the signing bonus that was spread out throughout his last contract, so why isnt this guy trying to find a contender, because its about himself!

  45. It would be great to see him play for San Fran. I would live to see Harbaugh’s head explode when Jackson starts asking for a new contract.

  46. For the people thinking he can’t match up with NFC West defenses if he signs with my 49ers, he might be covered but good luck dealing with him, Boldin, Crabtree, Davis and Gore all on the field at once. Oh yeah, and Kaep can run too.

    Our 49ers plan right now, sign Jackson to 1 year deal. Trade up for best CB in draft and stock depth. Extend Kaep and then pick up option on Aldon and pick between Crabtree and Iupati to re-sign. (My choice would be Crab, plenty of depth along O-line).

    Trent Baalke, if you pull this off. Damn.

  47. Hypchucky…..I agree with everything you just said. We have to keep Crabtree over Iupati. 100%. I honestly like what I saw from Joe Looney in the game he got to play in last year. We can replace a guard, we can’t replace the chemistry between Kap and Crabtree. They put points on the board, #77 doesn’t. I don’t even think its a hard decision. We extended Anthony Davis wich was very smart and Staley is getting paid. Crab and Kap 4 life baby!!

  48. Again, if you follow the 49ers then you know that the 4 million number is misleading. The money (6mil) saved by cutting Rogers will be realized June 1st. Now we’ve got 10 million to play aroind with. They will cut Jon Baldwin (645k) and are talking with Joe Staley about a restructure to save another 1.5. Troubled CB Chris Culliver could be released for another 1.5. Frank Gore might be approached about a pay cut as well so yeah… this is very much possible.

    Team President Paraag Marathe is very good at salary cap structure. He knows that the cap is growing and that he really has the ability to play around with about 15 million in actual space. Yes, the Browns and Skins can give him 12-13mil a year. The 49ers can offer him 9 mil, single coverage and a very good chance at a ring plus a return to his home area.

    If he visits SF, he could very well sign for a 1 year deal.

  49. theclink12 says: Apr 1, 2014 3:06 PM

    Washington…Cleveland…Oakland…Santa Clara…….IT JUST DOESNT MATTER!

    I have to LOL @ every one of these fan bases that think signing MeSean Jackson is going to win them a championship. The dude is a decent player but you all act like he is the second coming of Jerry Rice.

    Did you all not watch the Super Bowl? I am pretty sure whoever signs MeSean still isn’t going to have the offense that Denver and they lost the Super Bowl by 5….count them….5 touchdowns!!
    Would you like me to let you in on the problem with your weak little theory? The 49ers actually have that thing called a defense…. unlike Denver

  50. You people throwing numbers around should really take the time to actually look at them. He was set to make $10.5mil this year and said he wanted MORE! What makes you think he would sign a one year deal for $6mil? This guy wants $12mil/year. He’s going to Oakland.

  51. After that disaster with Devon Bess, I highly doubt that the Browns are willing to take another risk on getting burned again on a player with off the field issues. Don’t get me wrong, having Gordon and Jackson on the field together would be virtually unstoppable. I just hope the Browns really do their homework on this guy first. Just sayin’

  52. Let’s not get our panties in a bunch, no way 49ers will sign him. It’s all used for the purpose of the Redskins and Daniel Snyder to raise his price and overpay this guy.
    Don’t get me wrong, the 49ers need this type of player, but I’d rather draft an explosive player who is just as fast and potentially better long term, both on and off the field. D-Jax will want much more long term if he has a hell of a year, and with a Kap/Bowman & possibly Crabtree extension looming, there’s no way the 49ers can afford to keep all these players with D-Jax in the mix.
    Goodluck to the team signing this man, 1.) He will want a long term contract after this season, 2.) He’ll be back on the open market next off season wanting that long term contract if he doesn’t receive it with the team he signs with this off season, 3.) He has off field issues that need to be resolved before it gets worse than what we know so far.


  54. Just an agents ploy to up the ante…….He is not a good fit for the direction R Farmer and M Pettine are taking this team.

  55. Ninerz49, while I see latter your points as valid, no good negotiator would use the 49ers offer to drive up the Redskins offer. Our 49ers’ is probably around 7-9 million for 1 year while Cleveland and Washington’s is probably already at 12-13 mil.

    If Jackson’s top concern is money then he’ll get it but remember, the guy is receiving 7 million from Philly anyways.

    Trent Baalke’s pitch is this: Hey, for 1 year with us you’ll get in total around 15 million, a chance to play where you are from, a great chance at a Superbowl and great team around you and you’ll probably be able to test the market next year when the salary cap grow again enabling you to make even more money. With those other guys, you’ll get your money but maybe not a consistent qb situation and more double coverage than you’ll see here.

  56. To all the people saying niners dont have the cap space they have over three million now and carlos rodgers is off the books june 1st should free up at least another 3mil. Now with that said kaepernick is under contracr an extension isnt necessary yet and if he thinks hes getting peyton manning money he can go get it from the raiders the niners i dont see doing it hes probally worth 10 to 12 a year max our defense will make most qbs look good think Alex smith. Desean wont get top dollar from us baalke would rather spend money in house thats what made the niners and seahawks contenders not overspending! Unlike the raiders who spend top dollar on over the hill players (see all there freeagent signings so far) and then u got matt pick six schaub= another losing season in oaktown book it!

  57. i doubt if jackson signs with the santa clara 49ers. he needs a qb that can get him the ball if he’s not the first read

  58. All you Jackson salivaters need to ask yourself two questions…why would my Eagles let this weapon walk and why aren’t his teammates freaking the hell out about it

  59. Considering what time this came out, explains how the Browns were mentioned in this nonsense.The fact is it’s the 49’ers and Raiders, not the Browns.

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