DeSean Jackson agrees to terms with Redskins

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One visit was enough for DeSean Jackson to determine where he wanted to play next season.

According to Dianna Russini of NBC News 4 in Washington, Jackson has agreed to terms on a deal with the Washington Redskins.

Denise White of EAG Sports Management – Jackson’s personal PR firm –  confirmed the deal with Washington.

Jackson was scheduled to leave the D.C. area on Tuesday evening. Instead, he chose to stick around another night; a sign talks could be progressing toward a deal between the two sides.

Now that deal is done. Jackson is expected to sign the contract Wednesday morning.

Jackson was released by the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday and is coming off the best season of his career. Jackson caught 82 passes for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns with the Eagles last season.

Jackson’s addition would bring an explosive element that the Washington receiving corps has been lacking. Jackson will join Pierre Garcon, Santana Moss and fellow free agent signee Andre Roberts as receiving options for Robert Griffin III.

226 responses to “DeSean Jackson agrees to terms with Redskins

  1. Good signing from a Pats fan. Hope you stick it to the Eagles D-Jack. Kelley cuts a guy for “gang ties” but recruits out of South Central Crenshaw heights when he was at Oregon, f-ing Hypocrite

  2. Who’s going to throw him the ball? I’m telling you with a full offseason and reps with the first team Kirk Cousins could develop into a top 10 QB.

  3. Can’t wait to see this team implode with two huge egomaniacs in RGMe & Meshean.

    Wonder how the R-words are going to pay their draft picks now that they have no Cap-Space left signing this Gansta?

  4. Desean and Pierre will be a nice combo. Should make life a little easier for mr braces and braids

  5. As an eagles fan it makes me sick to know that we have to play him twice a year, and thay we just gave him up for absolutely nothing. Not that he’s on another team necessarily.. but joining this team hurts

  6. That second trip to the trophy case with those Lombardi’s and World Championships mesmerized him.

    Sleep well Philly. Maybe Mr. Snyder will let you see them someday.

  7. Of course one visit was enough. When the most popular team in sports wants you how can you pass it up? When you get tweets from Kevin Durant, Dale Jr, Wale, and of course the greatest qb in the land wanting you to sign you can’t help but feel giddy. Welcome to town Desean! Can’t wait until your passed the Lombardi from RG3. Man I love Washington DC!

  8. YEESSSSSSSS!!!!!! I don’t care what the haters have to say, this signing makes us the favorites to win the NFC east next year! We filled every hole in free agency so when the draft comes along, it’s BPA BABY!!! #HTTR

  9. Dan Snyder must have agreed to throw in the $200,000 in cash that DJ got stolen from his car.

  10. Goes to show what kind of guy he is…he wanted to join the Raiders so bad and then he ended up agreeing to terms with the first team he visited, either that or he has a green light in Cali…proof is he has signed with a team with no real QB

  11. Snyder ha a shiny new toy. It’s worked the last 20 years,why change what’s been workin. Invest all your $$$ in 5-star free agents and neglect the O-Line and D-Line. I’m sure that contract won’t put a strain on their ability to acquire depth along the lines… No worries for the rest of the East. Ignorance is Bliss!!!

  12. I figured he would go to the bills so he could rep his blue on Sundays. Oh well Snyder with another big name/big money deal. I hope this one works out for skins fans sake

  13. whoever offers the most money is where desean goes.he wouldve agreed to be batman’s butler if he gave desean the most garanteed money.

  14. Washington has a terrible track record with Philly’s leftovers. Haha What a circus… Leave it to Daniel Snyder… BREAKING NEWS!!!! RG3 stinks. Can’t win with a terrible QB and even worse defense…. No team wins by building outside in. Washington just doesn’t get it.

  15. RG3 is going to sling the rock so deep so many times to this guy. Just take a safety out the box and let Morris run buck wild. Use the draft for O-line and HERE WE GO!!! HTTR! 3 wins to SUPERBOWL in one offseason! THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT!

  16. Terrible news for Philly. They just hurt themselves AND helped their rival all in less than a week. No other way to spin it if youre honest with yourself. At least it will make that matchup interesting 2X a year. Shame on Phillys front office.

  17. Wow. Let’s hope he can turn a new leaf (and not an illegal one) in D.C. I predict the Redskins are widely mocked for this move, but if DeSean actually shows up, this could a be a truly lethal offense. I’ll be excited to see how it goes.

  18. Good old Washington, where former Eagles’ careers go to die.

    No doubt he’ll light up our secondary two times a year, but they won’t make the playoffs. Bad move on his part.

  19. When I read the headline I spontaneously threw up in my coffee in disgust.

    Then I read the article, started shaking, and spontaneously drank some of the coffee to calm down and vomited again.

    How does Snyder keep pulling golden rabbits out of his arse in free agency!!??

    He has minimal cap space, a front office in disarray, an unproven pudgy coach with a speech impediment, a qb that’s a team cancer and hobbles around like he’s got a prosthetic leg, no 1st round draft picks until the next decade and still he can attract top talent to his team.

    I hate the Redskins but they’ve got one damn scary passing attack now. They just need to pray that RG gets healthy and their o-line protects him.

  20. I guess it is true when they say one frachise’s trash is another franchise’s treasure. As an Eagles fan…some notes to pass along to you Redskins fans.
    1) Don’t expect the most effort.
    2) He cares more about his rap career.
    3) Get used to hearing and seeing #jaccpot a lot.
    4) He’s really fast.
    5) He’s very scared of going across the middle.

    None of the Eagles fans think he was released because he had gang ties…….his work ethic and him not buying into Chips system is the reason he was released (even though he had a career year).

  21. Bada bing. Kinda like deon sanders was back in the day. Hated him, but if he played for my team support him 100. You tend to not like the best guys on other teams, well because they are good. Rg3 gets bashed all the time, good!! Means hes hated because hes good.

  22. Buyer Beware!! Redskins did not do their due diligence as 49ers and Raiders did. Reminds me of another old saying, “Haste Makes Waste.” Be careful what you want as you may get it.

  23. Desean Jackson has decided that superbowl’s arent important and has agreed to terms with redskins. $$$>superbowl’s

  24. That’s a lot of speed on the field. Tough to cover Jackson, garçon on the outside. Roberts and Moss in the slot position will be a go to option for RGIII.

  25. A selfish, me-first, entitled wide receiver attempting to catch poorly thrown balls from a selfish, me-first, entitled quarterback.

    I’m sure that’ll be a winning formula in D.C.

  26. Now this signing makes the Skins receiving corps relevant again. I am curious to see what happens in the upcoming season, wish him and the QB best of luck.

  27. This cant be good. RMeIII + MeSean = not good for Redskin fans. Good for the rest of us.


  28. also LOL at all the raiders fans and their fail campaign to try to push Desean to Oakland. He wants to go to the AFC West and get owned every year?

  29. Is it at least $30M over 3 years? Because that was what Philly would have to pay. This has always been about a financial commitment that was too big for his role in Kelly’s offense.

  30. well the eagles-skins gms just got much more interesting. i wonder if the nfl will quickly factor this transaction into finalization of schedules. i could see skins at eagles first mnf gm.

    on the field jackson is explosive but gets shut down in big games. and let’s see how he fits into the wash locker room. i suspect he ultimately isn’t the “missing piece” to turn wash around. he will have good stats and make many plays but ultimately wash fans will say he was good but not worth the money.

  31. and wash along with rest of nfc east plays the nfc west this yr. the nfc west…a div full of brutal defenses. i wonder if diminutive jackson can make it thru those gms.

  32. Now for all my Skins fans, accept this signing as a dynamic offensive positive, but let’s not lose our heads over this. We still have a ton of holes to fill, so let’s take one step at a time! HTTR!!

  33. Welcome to the Redskins DeSean, nice to know you will be playing for us and not burning us for 80 yard TDs anymore.

  34. DeSean Jackson uniting with RG3-13 to lead the Racial Slurs to a new era of despair and even lower lows.

  35. Very disappointed in this move. Would much rather of seen Dan Snyder pull one of his typical Dan Snyder moves and sign a big name free agent, like Eric Decker, right after midnight when free agency opened. Now we are stuck with another egotistical prima donna that will hurt this team more then help it.

  36. I need something to believe in…..Well, this makes the NFC East a lot more fun for my Colts this season

  37. HTTR! You made the correct choice Djax! Now they have to figure out what # Desean will wear because it won’t be #10. Congratulations Mr. Jackson on becoming a Redskin. Your going to love it in DC, best most loyal fan base in professional sports. HAIL!

  38. Ryan Clark is a good mentor for a top notch WR who needs to learn what it means to be a good tema player. Good luck Ryan.

  39. Will be a costly addition, but he is a play maker and opens up the whole field for the offense. Your gonna have to pick your poison between Jackson and Garcon. This will even give Griffin more room to run if needed. Alfred is gonna get chunks of yards in the middle of the field. The defense will always have to watch for Jackson. A pissed off Jackson will be fun to watch when playing the Eagirls. …HAIL!!!!

  40. A huge signing for the Skins that instantly makes them much better on the offensive side of the ball. Still huge concerns on defense though since they didn’t really address any needs in the secondary yet (other than signing has beens). A good draft performance is a must to fill the remaining holes.

  41. So Washington blew their cap on a mediocre team. On top of that they have no young talent to step into the roles they won’t be able to afford in the future. Destined to copy the cowboys for the next decade. Every knuckle head analyst will say wow, with that talented roster why can’t they win?? It’s because they have a handleful of studs and the rest are duds.

  42. Normally I balk at Snyder’s big free-agent signings (and with good reason!), but… ok, this is a good one. Assuming that A) he keeps his off the field shenanigans to a minimum, and B) that the guy throwing the football to Jackson next season can actually do so.

    If RGIII is healthy, adding Jackson to this could make for a pretty interesting Redskins team next year, I’ll admit.

  43. Probably 3 yrs 27 million.

    9 mil per with a chance to get one more deal at 30.

    Well played Desean.

    Better facilities.

    Better QB.

    Than Oakland….

    Too Bad NFC East does not come to Black Hole this year…..

    I would have liked to see the RAIDERS new Defense against Djax. After spurning a homecoming.

    WAR !!! Sammy Watkins!

    Silver N Black Baby!

  44. sure DJAX, could bring explosiveness but he will also bring his baggage and drama as well…when things go wrong, DeSean will whine like a “Big Baby” and take off on plays..good luck with this Diva Redskin Fans

  45. DeSean is an awesome player and I have no Complaints about his time here in Philly. However it seems blatantly apparent he signed in Washington to be sour, petty, and try to get revenge. Which might suggest the rumors about his narcissistic attitude are true. He’s a me first guy. He could’ve gone anywhere but he jumps the gun to go play in wack Washington. The eternal basement dwellers of the NFC east. He can’t take the idea that he was expendable, replaceable and forgettable. I like Desean but jumping the gun to sign there is just to be immature and be another dude to rob Dan Snyder, who will surely over pay. Chip Kelly is doing things the right way.

  46. He’s one step away from a concussion. Time will show the Eagles were right. This is a very deep WR draft. Yeeeha, Fools gold, ya’ll got fools gold.

  47. time for all the non Redskins fans to say what a bad signing this was, while they bang their heads against the wall wondering why their teams couldnt get Desean to their city

  48. Good move by the Skins. Griffin, Garcon and Jackson should have big years. Phillys going to regret letting him go to a division rival!

  49. That’s the perfect team for him. Now Washington has a QB and #1 WR that believe they are more important than the rest of the team. A QB that is disliked by most of his current team and a prima donna WR that was disliked by all of his former team should do really well together.

  50. I pray that the Redskins suck. I don’t like this one bit, not one bit. Supporting Philly teams is really turning out to be more hassle & headache than gratification.

  51. Speaking in terms of on field talent, WOW! D-Jax running go routes to clear the middle of the field for Garcon & Reed in the short/intermediate passing game? Then if all those options are covered, RGIII, coming back fully recovered from the ACL reconstruction and without a knee brace, taking off? This Washington offense just got so much better than what people might actually think of it with the signing. The potential Jay Gruden has with his new toys and the options he has to run his scheme is absurd.

    All they need to do is fix up that defense. It was only a year ago this was a team that reached the playoffs and on the verge of beating the Seahawks before RGIII re-injured his knee. I’m no fan of the Redskins (Die hard 49ers fan, but glad we didn’t sign Jackson due to his contract/off field issues as well as us needing to re-sign our own players long term) but IF (Huge IF) D-Jax has his head straight and doesn’t associate with the wrong crowd to get him into trouble, this is robbery for the Redskins and what he can bring to that offense with the other playmakers around. This is the ideal type of offense you should build around for RGIII; now it’s time for him to prove why the Redskins traded away almost 2 draft classes for his rights.

  52. As a Redskins fan I’m not too happy about this signing unless the team really address the defense (safety and right tackle) in the draft. Plus I’m curious to see how his contract is structured.

  53. Oh man!!! Division champs once again!!!! Defenses will have no choice but to single coverage Jackson, Garçon, Reed, Moss…must I go on…..

  54. Great potential for the offense. Now – can they make it work?

    Can the Redskins also pull together a defense that can get an opposing offense off the field?

    Oh, and what about fixing a historically horrid special teams unit? Desean’s a great receiving threat but his kick return averages were ho-hum.

    Still a lot of questions. You don’t fix 3-13 with one player and a new coach.

  55. I think Jackson is an exceptional talent, but you really have to try and figure out what the Redskins are thinking. It’s almost as if they said, “We sold the franchise for the RG3 and while that nearly destroyed the future of the organization, the destruction wasn’t quite complete. The money that Jackson will cost us, coupled with his locker room demeanor and likely gang ties should finish the job.”

  56. With that arsenal of weapons RG3&13 will have no excuses left and no one to blame but himself if the Redskins falter this upcoming season.

    Morris, Reed, Garcon, Jackson, Moss, Roberts.

    If RGMe doesn’t turn it around this season he’s a bust.

  57. Well that changes our draft board. Can’t believe we were able to grab him. His attitude scares me but his production does not. Scary offensive weapons that Gruden has to plan with.

  58. Bye bye Leonard Hankerson…. Aldrick, we hardly knew ya!….. Looks like Garcon, Roberts, Jackson, and Moss…. Jordan Reed & Logan Paulsen….. Morris & Helu….. Thats a better group than last year. Let’s see if Bobby can regain the form he had in his rookie season, and they’ll be on their way!
    What do they do with the 34th overall pick?

  59. Poor Iggles don’t even get a compensatory draft pick from the Commish next year.

    Wow and he goes to a division rival. Sure did not play out as they had hoped.

  60. Mr. Jackson…welcome to one of the, if not thee best organizations in the world!! Also, now the most potent offense in the league! Let’s go baby..dont y’all wish the Skins were your favorite team!?!

  61. Real interested to hear what the guarantees are in years/money. I saw on ESPN that it’s a three year deal, that’s not too risky. Still nervous about the cash.

  62. He is a good player but I’m not really scared of him, I’ve seen this guy disappear in many big games, he can be stopped. #NODJAXTOOAK hahaha

  63. This could be one scary offense if Jackson plays up to his capabilities and Griffen gets it going this year. They are stacked with weapons now

  64. I want to see the terms. He’ll behave for a season but if he has any kind of success he’ll be asking for more money if he “feels disrespected”.

  65. The Eagles rid their locker room of a cancer that gets picked up by a divisional rival to infect their already putrid locker room? Couldn’t have worked out any better for Philly. And I’m not even a Philly fan.

    Fail to the Redskins!!

  66. It’s a good move for the team, but the defense needs to step it up and stop teams from scoring. They can score all they want but if they can’t stop any team, they’ll be mediocre.

  67. Is everyone aware that this team gave up the best WR in 20 years? There’s no hope for this organization

  68. congrats and good luck djax. well good luck except when playing philly. thanks for the great play over the years it was fun. dead skin fans you’ve got w fast wr and qb. problem is you’ve gotta have a qb that can get him the ball. if he can’t that relationship will go nuclear

  69. And all across the Internet, according to Eagles fans Desean Jackson went from “a top 10 WR how could the Eagles let him go OMG” to “a bum whatever lol skins”. XD So salty.

  70. duncanthecat says:
    Apr 2, 2014 5:38 AM
    Poor Iggles don’t even get a compensatory draft pick from the Commish next year.

    Wow and he goes to a division rival. Sure did not play out as they had hoped.—————————————————————————————————–Eye of the beholder, got rid of a cancer and passed it on to a division rival. played out pretty good, only way it could have been better is if he had went to the Giants.

  71. This is as good as 1st round pick of 2014 draft which redskins don’t have. He would have easily been top 5 pick based on field performance .
    I read someone mentioning Chris carter, kicked out of philly to become a HOF receiver with Vikings . Desean needs a good support that every single male in his 20s needs .

  72. one teams trash,, is a lesser teams biggest offseason acquisition.

    Just wait until IR.G3 misses him a few times down field.
    You’ll see what we mean.

  73. Chip Kelly did a great job in his first season as HC, but I always wonder about coaches who cut a high maintenance valuable player, ostensibly because the player doesn’t buy into the coach’s system.

    I always thought the truly special coaches find a way to swallow their egos and handle a high maintenance player like Jackson, instead of taking the “my way or the highway approach”, which is what Kelly seemed to do with Jackson.

  74. It took longer becaauew DAnny had to build another shelf to hold the additional spring championship trophy, his old one was full.

    It’s always fun to picture Danny climbing up on a stool and high fiving his employees over his latest achievements, usually we only get to see that during a preseason football game.

  75. Here we go again. The Skins always win the off-season championship, then lay a huge turd when the REAL playing starts.

    Skins fans: you do NOT have 3 Super Bowls. Strike year championships are JOKES. No one takes the Skins “legacy” seriously.

    Enjoy yet another year at the bottom. For 15 years straight, the Skins have been below .500 in December and this year will be no different.

  76. One reason that Jackson had so many catches last year was the Eagles lack of other quality WRs.

    Now that Jackson goes to a team where Garcon is the clear #1 WR and Jackson is back to being the second receiving option will the Redskins fans be happy with the deal if Jackson only get’s 800-900 yards a year at 8 mill/yr?

  77. Hey, Chip, you do we realize we don’t have a corner that can cover him, right? And we don’t have a safety that can provide help, either.

    All I can say is that you better be right.

  78. Tell me how did the Redskins win the offseason? We only signed one big name! This is the first time since 2009 the Skins have signed a big name FA agent.

  79. Agreed – Skins were very prudent the last 3 years in FA due to cap penalty or otherwise.

    This contract is minimal risk (10.5, 9.5, 8.5 respectively each year) and the team is in GREAT cap shape for 2016 & 2017.

    This move makes the offense better. You want to talk about teams “winning” the offseason and throwing money around go look at Denver and New England, or did people forget how much money were spent on aging players like Ware, Talib & Revis?

  80. Marcus says:
    Apr 2, 2014 8:48 AM
    Hey, Chip, you do we realize we don’t have a corner that can cover him, right? And we don’t have a safety that can provide help, either.

    All I can say is that you better be right.————————————————————————————he will never get off the line of scrimmage against the Eagles. he will have to get his catches on bubble screens

  81. big bold move for the skins I like it! ” an I’m a ravens ” I can c rg3 numbers going up tremendously if he can stay healthy this could b a serious team to beat if that Defence can come around

  82. To all you haters….
    Hail to the REDSKINS!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!
    Run or pass and score — we want a lot more!
    Beat ’em, Swamp ’em,
    Touchdown! — Let the points soar!
    Fight on, fight on ‘Til you have won
    Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!
    Hail to the REDSKINS!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!


  83. Not sure why Chip Kelly is taking the heat for releasing DeSean. Is he the GM as well?

    And, odd how the Skins fans are all claiming to be NFC East Champs already… It takes a lot more than 1 added player to win.. Hell, look what a mess the Eagles were in 2011 with the Vince Young referenced Team. And that was what, 8 or 9 players..

    Eagles letting go of Desean is stupid. the kid is a rock star. so deal with it. not every other player has his talents.. But now our secondary gets to face him at least 2x.. I sure hope Chip took notes from that New Orleans loss in the playoffs on how to keep Jackson out of a game..

    Skins fans, a playoff game is where you beat your division rivals more times than you loose to them.. I know ya’ll haven’t been there in a while..

  84. So much salt on Desean and the REDSKINS….. I need some for my french fries, please! p.s. lol @ r-word

  85. Garcon + Djax = Lookout! Pick your poison… omg did the Skins O just get so much better. DJAX2DC: HTTR!!!

  86. Skins fans, a playoff game is where you beat your division rivals more times than you loose to them.. I know ya’ll haven’t been there in a while..


    Huh? You mean two years ago?

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