Report: DeSean leaves Redskins Park

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With plenty of ambiguous, leverage-driven leaks and rumors regarding receiver DeSean Jackson, here’s something tangible.

Tarik El-Bashir of CSN Washington reports that Jackson has left Redskins Park after three hours of meetings.

It’s unclear whether this means he’s leaving Washington, whether it means he’s not signing with the Redskins, or whether it means he’s heading to another NFL city for a visit with a different team.  What it definitely means is that:  (1) he was there for a while; and (2) now he’s not.

At a time when it’s hard to get to the truth regarding DeSean, we’ll take any clarity we can get.  No matter how small it may be.

65 responses to “Report: DeSean leaves Redskins Park

  1. He will only be getting PROVE IT offers from anybody. So his decision better be somewhere he can prove it.

  2. It means that DeSean has once again over-valued his price tag and he and his agent are $4 to $5 million out of the Redskins price range. With Dan Snider involved you know that any small difference $2M or less would have been worked out.

    Or the Redskins realized in just one overnight visit, inwhich DeSean went out with another reputed rapper for most the night, that DeSean really doesn’t look at football as his top priority. He was once asked if he had to choose would he rather be a football star or an entertainment star, and his answer was entertainment.

  3. Maybe he is going back to his hotel room? Maybe he is meeting someone for dinner? The possibilities are endless…

  4. Oakland Raiders.
    If them redskins had signed him it would have been known there.
    Leggo going going going back to cali
    going going he going going back to california love
    Oakland baby babyee!

    Raiders all day.

  5. A light went off in Jackson’s head. He finally realized that the best thing to do would be to take a pay cut and join the Patriots. Would you rather have RG3 or Tom Brady throwing you the ball?

  6. Of course he did. Who wants to play for a bottom dwelling team, with a QB who can’t read a defense (or run anymore), and a defense that averages 40 years old.

    The Redskins are the laughing stock of the NFC. One NFC East title doesn’t erase decads of terrible football and terrible decision making.

  7. Say it isn’t so. There’ve been multiple news stories on this site that proclaimed it was a done deal or that there were only a few minor details to be ironed about before announcing DJax as a Redskin.

  8. His buddy Cammy Cam just hit him up to travel a little further south and spend some time in Charlotte.

    He’ll take a pay cut to play for a team that has a legit shot of winning a superbowl.

  9. most likely his demands were excessive. he has the big cloud of getting cut after a career year coupled with off the field issues, but he wants a contract that doesn’t reflect that.

    if anyone signs him, the money and years will be a triple serving of humble pie.

  10. you should wait a couple of minutes to get more facts. His agent Joel Segal, just sat down at the negotiating table. We are getting this thing done.

  11. If the Skins don’t get him to sign, they seriously need to look in their collective mirrors and ask which of their receivers other than Garcon, is so talented it allows them to let DJax walk?

  12. I’m torn. He does have a talent but that hasn’t been seen in the past couple of years. Maybe he could flourish in a team with strong leadership? One thing is certain, the ‘skins lack in that department.

  13. This is becoming the NFL’s version of a missing Malaysian Airliner. Let us know when he signs with someone and for how much. Thanks!

  14. If Segal is sitting down at the negotiation table, it means that on the way back to his hotel room DeSean and his agent realized nobody is willing to pay him $10 mil, and being a wanta-be gangster just cost him $4 mil.

  15. He got the highest offer he will get besides the Raiders. Now he goes to Oakland, where he wants to be, with leverage and a home. WELCOME TO OAKLAND DJAX!!!

  16. It says something when your demands outstrip what Little Danny – who has been known to bid against himself – is willing to pay.

  17. So far Djax has been handling himself like a gentleman……looks like we made a mistake that will come back to haunt us, especially if he signs with the Skins…………Perplexed and Somewhat Disgruntled Eagles Fan

  18. Ok – ownership, management, coaches – the whole bunch of them clearly wanted to go in a different direction. But there’s so much NOT to like about this from an Eagles fans perspective:

    1.) They cut Avant who may have been slow but was at least sure handed. My assumption was that Cooper was going to replace him in the slot. Is Cooper the slot, or a # 2 wideout? Can Cooper play as well as he did last season? He’s had ONE good, and 4 marginal seasons. Why not keep Avant, at the very least as an insurance policy?

    2.) Maclin is coming off a torn ACL. Will he be back to form? Can he stay healthy? He’s had health issues two of his four seasons with the Birds, and he’s never truly had a breakout season. It’s also often been said that it takes another full year to truly recover and get back to form. Can he and Cooper spread the offense like Djax was capable of doing?

    3.) Why cut Jackson so early? Why not wait til the draft to either (A) see if you can get anything for him or (B) just to mask what direction you plan to go in? Even with the guy on the trading block, you enter the draft in a stronger position with Jackson, Cooper and Maclin under contract than you do without your best receiver. By cutting Jackson, and with Maclin coming off an ACL tear, the Birds are almost forced now into going WR in round one – and now every single team knows it! I think this puts them in a significantly weaker position entering into the draft. What harm would it have done to wait til after the draft to cut him? Was there some sort of signing bonus due? At least by waiting teams wouldn’t be so sure what direction the Birds might go in.

    4.) And these articles about Sproles replacing Jacksons production are just ridiculous. He’s a running back. Yes, he’s a talented running back and he certainly adds to the offense, but he’s also a running back who is going to be 31 and coming off the worst statistical season of his career. The Birds gave up a 5th rounder for him, yet we couldn’t get anything for a 27 yr old probowl wr coming off the best year of his career?!

    5.) IF DeSean signs with Washington, then we just made a division rival stronger, while the Birds became weaker. We can all say they will replace Desean in the draft, but there are no guarantees that ANY player is going to pan out, let alone become a stud pro-bowl player. Not to mention the fact that the WR position traditionally takes 2-3 years to truly develop.

    6.) Why does Chip deserve ANY kind of free pass on something as monumental as cutting your best WR in his prime? Look, I like Chip….and I like Howie. I think for the most part they have made some solid moves. But lets call a spade a spade here, he had ONE good season. One good season does not a Hall of Fame resume make.

    Between Maclin’s injury, Cooper as a possible ‘one hit wonder’, and a rookie wr, seems like a heck of a lot of big, unnecessary IFS.

  19. Maybe he discovered along the way that he had Native American in his family tree and that the Redskins name would be too offensive to a Native American Crip.

  20. DeSean needs to sign a prove it deal? I thought he proved it plenty last year when he had 82 catches for 1332 yards and 9 touchdowns. What more is he supposed to do on the field?

  21. IF….and I mean IF MeSean signs a 1 year “prove it” deal (which he won’t cuz that’s not how MeSean rolls) then it’s going to be on a team that has a capable quarterback that throws the ball well so he can achieve his “prove it” stats.

    That eliminates Cleveland and Santa Clara. Washington is a possibility with RG3. People bag on him but he is still a way better thrower than Crapernick.

    New England would be a great fit. So would New Orleans. Pittsburgh anyone?

  22. If your out of Snyders price range you might just want to hang up the cleats. Nobody will pay more than Snyder.

  23. Yikes, some of people are some real idiots!!

    Clearly that includes me…oops

    That being said, I love reading all the comments from you football “insiders” who clearly spent time around the players and know the scoop more than the general public.

  24. lmao…nobody knows what he’s going to do, who he is going to sign with except him and his agent. Chill out people. Oakland and Cleveland don’t HAVE to sign him, they have draft picks high enough in the first round so they have options eg; Watkins/Evans. If Washington truly needs WR help, they have to throw the bank at him, they don’t have the draft picks to get a #1 type WR in the draft.

  25. you can join THEE GREATEST organization in the history of sports or not, ‘SUP to you.

  26. C’mon deadskins!!! Sign this PITA!! What a Circus that will be with TWO egocentric players on the same team…RG3 and him fighting for th espotlight!! I LOVE IT!!

  27. If CLE is serious about Jackson, they’d have a pretty talented offense, even with Hoyer or a rookie. It’ll also open up the possibility of them selecting Mack, or Matthews with their #4.

  28. People would be willing to pay him $9 0r $10 million. The problem he will have is timing – teams have already spent their free agent salary cap money, so teams will have problems fitting him in. If this happened before or at the beginning of this year’s free agent period, he would have no problem signing with a team close to his asking price.

  29. Washington has a new head coach and last year there was quite a bit of friction in the locker room. I for one think that the gang article was a bit of a red herring and had something to do with Eagles’ front office because the article and day of Jackson’s release happened too closely together for me to believe it “just came out that way.” I DO however believe that Jackson was VERY difficult to handle over the years in Philadelphia. The first year coach along with the apparent lack of leadership among players might make this pairing a bad match in DC. A strong coach and veteran leadership in the locker room might be a better fit. I don’t know if there are teams along these lines that are interested in him though.

  30. Keep an eye out for Miami as a dark horse. They have cap room, 3 WR’s coming off of knee surgery and Desean’s OC from last year

  31. I’m a niners fan and would love D-jax but if he can’t sign here would hope he goes to Oakland. Hes a bay area product ..Raiders got the need and the space.

  32. Never see such moronic comments. You guys read one article, and take it as gods word. Desean left “the facility”, not D.C.. he is still in the areA while his agent and the redskins work out the details. You guys should really consult other news sites, you will get more info.

  33. This from –

    “Jackson spent about three hours at the Redskins facility Tuesday afternoon. This was after he arrived in town on Monday, went out last night with some players and rapper Wale, and then had breakfast with Redskins officials”

    He is really astute with his choice of company. Gangsters, rappers. Those teams looking to add you to their rosters are really impressed. I bet they are calling your agent right now promising to pay more money.

    What a tool. 170 lbs wet, has alligator arms, won’t go across the middle, and is asking for 9-10 million a year? NO WONDER Philly cut this chump.

  34. @ fdugrad

    “I for one think that the gang article was a bit of a red herring and had something to do with Eagles’ front office because the article and day of Jackson’s release happened too closely together for me to believe it “just came out that way.”

    This isn’t a new subject. Jackson’s ties to gangsters goes back several years. The Eaglds simply had enough of his antics, his bad attitude, missed meetings, his bad chemistry with Chip Kelly, his questionable work ethic, etc. Then the final straw was that he was friendly for the past several years with gang bangers who were connected with two homicides.

    Him not being cut would have been a huge surprise. Who wants that type of player on their team?

  35. I bet someone will pay him the same contract that was just ripped up. At least they won’t lose a draft pick in the process. To anyone who thinks otherwise, you don’t know MeSean too well. He is probably asking for a raise.

  36. The Packers called and tried to entice him to Green Bay. But he didn’t want to spend 2 days on a Greyhound to get there. In his defense, Ted Thompson did offer some Subway coupons to use along the way

    It was a quick phone conversation…

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