Report: Orson Charles flashed a gun in interstate road rage

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While the name of the charges against Bengals fullback Orson Charles might sound silly, the charges themselves are anything but.

According to TMZ, Charles’ arrest last night for wanton endangerment stemmed from a road rage incident on Interstate 75, in which Charles “brandished a firearm.”

Any gun-related charges are going to draw serious scrutiny from the league’s personal conduct policy.

It will also be interesting to see if the Bengals take a firm stand with a former fourth-rounder, who was buried on the depth chart at tight end.

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  1. The report stated the gun was found in a purse. Hopefully the Bengals will give him a pink slip that matches.

  2. “chc4 says: Apr 1, 2014 10:53 AM

    It’s easy to take a tough stance on guys that are bit players.”


    Yup, just ask the Steelers.

    Honestly I think this guy was going to be gone before this season anyway. They didn’t even use him at fullback instead opting for Peko, a DL.

    The Conner thing is kind of a false choice – they kept Charles as much for special teams and barely use a FB. With Hue they might possibly have a few more plays for a real FB but like most teams in the NFL these days they probably won’t bother.

    But I’m sure all the innocent law abiding teams (heh) will chime in.

  3. He’s how big and felt the need to flash a gun? Better be careful where he tries that. If you flash your gun and they pull theirs you’re screwed

  4. Unfortunately for some NFL players, the same innate aggression and reckless behavior that it takes to make the NFL also makes them loose cannons out on the streets of society. It’s an edge that can’t be soothed. A number of them turn to weed for temporary relief and to mellow out. Fans want that animal on the field, so we shouldn’t be hypocritical when he can’t fly right off it.

  5. So is he a tight end of a fullback?

    I know what the answer is, but your article labels him as two different positions.

    If he is a fullback, being buried as a tight end early on as nothing to do with now.

  6. 1: number of Bengals arrested in last 12 months
    3: number of Vikings arrested in last 5 months
    3: number of Ravens arrested in last 6 weeks

  7. Don’t know if Charles had a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) permit or not…but if he did, he won’t have it much longer.
    One of the biggest and fastest ways to get yourself in the jackpot is to pull a firearm, and attempt to frighten or intimadate someone with it. And to paraphrase what someone else wrote…if you brandish a firearm at someone, and they pull theirs, you are indeed ‘screwed’.
    A concealed carry weapon, if you are a responsible, law-abiding citizen who chooses to carry one, should be deployed only as a LAST RESORT, when you reasonably believe that there are no other options left, and that you or another innocent person are in imminent danger of death or serious bodily harm. That’s the standard. It is most definately not what Orson Charles is alleged to have done.

  8. Just cut him. He was a stupid pet project of Hue Jackson. Never should have cut Connor. Peko came in as FB on most of the big running plays anyway. He had some pontential as a TE – but Bengals are well stocked there. You can’t have someone around who is dumb enough to flash a gun in traffic – what an idiot.

  9. Well… at least he didn’t beat up his spouse and drag her lifeless body thru a casino.

  10. Let me help you:
    Breaking: the Bengals Ravens have agreed to an extension a contract with Charles.

    The sign a Bengals cast off every year. Why should this one be any different. Now, they don’t have to wait until the end of training camp to do it.

  11. Technically, they were trying to make him an H-back who also had value on special teams

    Gruden never really used a real FB except on goal line which is where Peko would be that. Hue might have/ had a bigger or different role in mind

    Charles was drafted in 2012 as a fallen (via arrest 2 months prior) TE “value pick” 4th rounder

  12. Good now we can get a real fullback. I knew Gruden had something to do with this whole h-back pass happy bologna. Hey Gruden Andy Dalton isn’t Peyton Manning and neither is RG3 good riddance. Now let’s run it down their throats!

  13. I’d like to know if there ever has been a documented case where a NFL player prevented a robbery, home invasion etc. with a firearm. I can’t think of any. But there sure as hell have been tragedies involving NFL players and firearms.

  14. Wantons are Diva food and cry endangerment every time someone looks at them.
    When egg rolls are endangered, nobody gives it a second thought.

  15. NFL has a huge image problem……………………..

    Bet if the NFL disappeared 60% of the players would be in jail.

    Nice job, keep up the good work with all these people of character.

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