Schedule release remains on target for the middle of April

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It’s April, which means that we’re getting more and more questions about the timing of the release of the NFL’s 2014 regular-season schedule.

In an effort to reduce the number of questions we’ll receive about the timing of the release of the 2014 regular-season schedule, we’ve posed the question to the league office.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT via email that the league currently is aiming for the “normal target” of mid-April.  Aiello also said there’s currently no plan to release part of the schedule (e.g., the Thanksgiving games, the Week One primetime games).

Some (i.e., we) expected a possible delayed release of the schedule, given that the draft has been bumped back by two weeks.  Usually, the schedule is released on a Tuesday night; our current guess is that it’ll be released on the 15th or 22nd.

Even though the 256 regular-season matchups already are known, merely answering the “when” will become the top sports story of the day, eclipsing actual game action by the MLB, NBA, and NHL.

So slaughter that, Mark Cuban.

32 responses to “Schedule release remains on target for the middle of April

  1. Watch out NFL, the Minnesota Vikings dynasty in coming.

    The Peterson, Patterson, Jennings, Rudolph Dynamic offense duo is going to the the NFL by full force.

    Led by a coach who’s never not had a top 5 defense in the NFL.

    I can already see the purple and gold confetti falling while Adrian Peterson holds up the Lombardi trophy.


  2. They’re waiting to see where Desean is gonna play so the Eagles vs ____ can be prime time.

  3. Would you like it if they ditched the current div vs div model and allowed teams some liberty in creating their own schedules?
    Allow for cross division rivalry games (like Pit vs Phi) and huge tv revenue games like (NE vs DAL). The negative would be some teams would get passed over and have to play each other year in year out, but games like BUF vs CLE and JAX vs TB have rivalry written all over them!

  4. LMAO! Why do you care about the schedule when it doesn’t even matter. The HAWKS are going to blow up your team again anyway. Don’t fight it…bow to the soon-to-be greatest dynasty, you peasants.

  5. Note to Mark Cuban: NFL schedule release will show games on every night of the week.

    The NFL owners will never let you in their family.

  6. I dont see why the primetime slots are so few to share. Football games at night are way better to attend and watch on tv. Football at noon is wayyyyy too early

  7. Since the NFL is trying so hard to “evolve” with new fresh ideas…(London Games, Canada) why not do something for the Thanksgiving day games like instead of having the dreadful “Lions home game” and traditional “Cowboys home game” put it in a rotation for all teams excluding the Vikings of course.

  8. The NFL would be crazy not to start the prime time season with a Superbowl rematch. Seahawks vs Broncos. Put it on your calendar. It’s going to happen. I just hope the Broncos show up this time.

    Go Hawks!

  9. Here’s one guy that isn’t going to watch. I’ll just DVR it and watch it the following weekend. There’s nothing to see. The NFL will figure out a way that 24 teams get 1 night game while the other 8 teams get all the rest, led by the Cowboys. Call me when something new happens.

  10. Here’s hoping my Rams will NOT be on any Prime-Time game. The stink it up even more than usual if they have a National audience (see any pt game over the last 10 yrs). And Bradford will be hurt again by Oct. yeah…can’t wait.

  11. As an NFL fan dating back to 1973, the schedule release is one of my favorite sports related events of the year.

    Until the prominence of the Internet we had to wait until it showed up in the newspaper and if we were lucky they’d present by week AND team, which is all you had until the magazines started rolling out in mid June.

    Can’t wait!

  12. So sad, as a cowboys fan worst case is 2-14, best case is 5-11 and the skins gonna win the division either them or Eli and the G-men

  13. Overrated event unless you are a season ticket holder deciding which games to go to and which to sell.

  14. For those of you that think Seattle will open against SF:

    No…it won’t happen. SF is opening a new stadium and it’s pretty much a given they will open at home…perhaps even the first Sunday night game. Also, NBC is going to want one of the Seattle-SF games but why waste it on opening night when everyone is already going to watch anyway.

    For those of you that think it will be Denver:

    No…not going to happen. Denver has already been told their last preseason game is in Dallas. They won’t do that and then make them open a week later in Seattle. Also…the last thing the NFL wants is talk about another blowout game like the Super Bowl was leading up to the opening night game.

    Mark it down…opening night in Seattle will be Green Bay.

  15. A Seattle vs Green Bay would not be of much interest to the general population.

    Of more interest would be the Superbowl rematch, the division rivalry with the Niners, or the standard Cowboys game.

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