Clowney pushes through a grueling pro day workout

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Jadeveon Clowney’s pro day workout didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t know.

But he wanted to prove the thing people have questioned.

“I think I showed them I’m a fighter,” Clowney told the NFL Network’s Mike Mayock after his workout. “That I can push through anything.”

He did just that Wednesday.

We knew the guy is a phenomenal athlete who can rush the passer, capable of delivering a large amount of mass at great velocity.

The drills he performed, which included leaping over a pile of pads and picking tennis balls up off the ground only underlined that.

But coaches on the field put him through an array of drills to push him physically, and had him drop a bit at the end (for those who wanted to see what he’d be like as a stand-up player as opposed to coming out of a stance).

“They were trying to get after me today,” he said. “I expected to get pushed hard.”

At this point, any physical critique of Clowney is a nitpick, so questioning his work ethic is the only kind of thing left. Those questions seem smaller and smaller the more performances like today’s which Clowney turns in.

30 responses to “Clowney pushes through a grueling pro day workout

  1. Physical Freaks who failed in the NFL — Aundray Bruce, Brian Bosworth, Tony Mandarich, Mari Williams (didn’t make it to 2nd contract with the Texans) and now Clowney.

  2. He’ll be drafted #1, #2, or #3 overall, and should be the first defensive player off the board.

  3. I think his biggest issue will be football instincts. He’s always been able to overpower everyone in his way. He’s never had to worry about technique or making a false step.

  4. He’s going to be the next great defensive end in the NFL. Don’t compare him to workout warriors like Mike Mamula or steroid users like Bosworth and Mandarich. This man is a genetically gifted freak of nature.

  5. I love his talent but putting out a maximum effort on one Wednesday in April with money on the line doesn’t really say much about whether or not he will bring that same effort on every down on every Sunday for the next 10 years.

  6. Passing on Clowney will be remembered like passing on Michael Jordan.

    Clowney will never have Jordan-like impact, but history will not be kind, if he lives up to expectations. (especially if the one(s) picked ahead of him fail.

  7. I was going to type up a list of physical freaks who were sucessful in the NFL, but the list would be way too long to fit on here.

  8. Houston is still taking him I think. I mean JJ Watt and Javadeon Clowney side by side? Are you kidding me? That could be historically great.

  9. He is great at running around cones WITHOUT a 300 lb left tackle beating on him. The test is going to be if when he gets frustrated, does he quit.

  10. You don’t develop a work ethic over night, or even a few weeks. It takes a long time in the right environment with the right level of maturity.

    If he has a questionable work ethic, when the money starts rolling in, even on a rookie contract he will slide.

  11. Clowney had 3 sacks last season.


    He wasn’t playing Alabama or Georgia every week either. And those teams don’t have dominant LTs or Guards either.

    Albert Hanyesworth thinks this guy is lazy.

  12. Given the Steelers’ change of philosophy with the signing of free agents, would it be hard to believe that Colbert’s earlier comments about ‘trading down’ are a smoke screen and that actually trading up to get this guy is the final piece of the puzzle?
    Nice dream, anyway.

  13. To the person who said Vernon Gholston was a bust. You are correct. He was. But he never has been, nor ever will be comparable to Clowney.

    That being said… I hope Clowney succeeds. His one highlight that has been overplayed is getting old and I’d like to see something new. I don’t blame the guy for taking a year off, not something I would do, but I don’t blame him a bit. The guy is freakish and I hope it was just him taking the year easy instead of poor work ethic. Spurrier could just be a little butt hurt that the kid didn’t give 100%. Heck, if he didn’t give me 100% I wouldn’t give him 100%.

  14. Up until the point of where Mike Singleterry got in Vernon Davis’ head, he would have been on that list as we’ll. Mean Mike may not have had it as head coach, but he’s responsible for turning the switch on for Vernon Davis at least.

  15. A Proday isn’t going to prove anything about work ethic. Remember when Russell put on a show at his Proday showing how he could throw the ball a country mile from his knees? Remember when he was hailed by all the experts as can’t miss? Remember when he go to the NFL and it was embarassing?

    Now, I’m not saying that Clowney is going to be Russell. What I am saying is that his work ethic isn’t going to be clear until he straps on the pads and hits camp.

  16. “The drills he performed, which included leaping over a pile of pads and picking tennis balls up off the ground only underlined that.”

    I’d be more impressed with a test that sat him down in a room alone with a bowl of cocaine for 10 minutes and then measured how much was left.

  17. FYI the bending and picking up of tennis balls on the run to exploit weaknesses such as tightness in the hips.

  18. he watched his boy Lattimore go hard 100% if the time, get his knee destroyed & fall to the 4th rd.. he still hasn’t seen his first NFL snap… Clowney, on the other hand, did exactly what he had to do to go #1 & enters his first NFL season fully healthy.. he is a beast, but he is no fool

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