Clowney’s impressive workout could have been better


The reviews for Jadeveon Clowney’s pro day workout at South Carolina were already good.

But the fact he might have been playing hurt can only help.

According to Josh Kendall of The State in Columbia, S.C., Clowney was working out with a “slight groin pull” today.

For a guy who was criticized by his own coach for not playing through injuries last year, the fact he’d work at anything other than 100 percent is somewhat telling.

On the other hand, working out at all might be presented as evidence it wasn’t that big of a deal, as he still performed well, running through line and linebacker drills and showing good movement.

Clowney said after his workout that he had two private workouts scheduled so far, with the Falcons and Rams. Of course, since neither of those teams pick first overall, it might not matter.

16 responses to “Clowney’s impressive workout could have been better

  1. Groin pull? It’s always something with this guy. Whoever drafts this guy better get used to him having some kind of owee! every week.

  2. Biggest draft bust of this class. Will get eaten up by nfl lineman. The fact that he’s even a top 5 projection is crazy. He has one highlight that they play over and over and over and over. Thanks Espn.

  3. Whoever passes on him will regret it, hugely.

    Not only is the guy a freak, he is a natural athlete.

    If Houston passes on him, they will really regret it.

    St. Louis has Long and Quinn, but they’d regret it in the long run too.

  4. Of all years for the Fins not to have the Ammo to move up and get Clowney instead of last years Jordan……

  5. So all he has to do is act like a choir boy for 24 hours and everyone forgets his BS. And these idiots in the media are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

  6. This dude is gonna bust soooo hard it will be almost sad. Amazing talent with a horrible work ethic. I want him to succeed and prove me wrong but his interview on ESPN made it seem like he was in the pro bowl already for some reason.

  7. He’s going to be like no one you’ve ever seen up until he gets that money.
    Then he’ll be rarely seen.

  8. Physically the dude is the real deal, without question. However doing a workout in shorts during April when his draft stock is on the line really doesn’t seem to say much about what his consistent effort level will be on the next level.

    I hope he becomes the kind of player that his potential dictates but I also will not hold my breath for it to happen.

  9. Man cmon. These workouts are crap. They do not tell you anything about the player. Especially when I hear remarks of “it could have been better”. Ok Mr. know it all personnel guy, you go ahead and pass on him based on him not showing you the endurance you want and risk looking like an idiot if he turns out to be the next big thing. Just look at the bloody tape. If you like what you see and are in position to take him do it. But please do not give me this “he could have been better” doing some stupid drills.

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