Clowney’s paid trainer says Clowney’s been working hard

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There’s a ceiling on what South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clwoney can show us today at his pro day.

We already know he’s a spectacular athlete, but he’s hoping to put on an even better show than he did at the Scouting Combine.

While he ran a 4.53-second 40 (at 266 pounds), the 21 repetitions on the 225-pound bench press were fewer than many expected.

But the guy who is being paid to get Clowney ready for today thinks Clowney will look better in working out for scouts.

“Everyone talks about how he doesn’t work hard. That kid worked his [butt] off,” said trainer Jed Hartigan of Velocity Sports Performance, via the Charlotte Observer. “He might not have worked hard before, but right now he’s training really, really hard.”

More important than the workout numbers will be the on-field drills he does today.

Teams will push him to see how he responds, and he might be asked to stand up and do linebacker drills by some who wonder if he can play in a 3-4.

How he responds to the coaching will be as important as anything else, as we already know that he’s big and strong.

21 responses to “Clowney’s paid trainer says Clowney’s been working hard

  1. “He might not have worked hard before….”

    Um, that’s all I needed to hear. Lol. Of course he’s working hard now, he’s trying to get PAID!!! Haynesworth 2.0?

  2. As the draft approaches, no surprise that we get the “hard worker” sales pitch from team Clowney. The question is how much effort will he give after he gets paid? And no one really knows the answer to that.

  3. So is it news that Clowney pays someone to train him or is it news that someone is speaking highly of one of their own clients. Everyone knows the kid don’t hustle like B. Harper!


  4. I’m sorry I just don’t see this kid coming out and impacting a team like Mario Williams or Von miller clay Mathews hell Shawn merriman did in their first years.

  5. Ok let’s not bust his chops for being paid then. Let’s bust his chops for his analysis of really, really hard. Is that official and objective trainer speak? If you get sick and go to see a professional and licensed doctor who tells you that you need medication, do you accept it when he says you sort of kind of need it, or only when he says you really, really, really need it, or do you have a spot in the middle where it’s necessary enough?

    So have the trainer explain to us exactly what constitutes “really, really hard”, and what would it have looked like if he only was able to push him to go “really hard”, and compare that with “hard”, and “moderate”. Just so we can verify that this trainer is taking things seriously and not just making up fluff talk.

  6. WOW…only 21 reps of 225 lbs….that’s strong no matter which way you cut it…Top 2 pick…a demigod among men

  7. Well trainers don’t work for free so “paid” is kinda a given. The fact that you have to have a trainer does speak towards personal ‘motivation’ though. In the NFL coaches shouldn’t have to “motivate” people to get better…only teach them how they want things done. If you have to be “motivated” to make the kind of money these guys make something is wrong somewhere…

  8. this whole, he doesnt work hard thing is just because the media needs a negative aspect of one of the best draft prospects in a very very long time. He will be a pro and wreck defenses for the majority of his career, book it

  9. It’s not a question of if he will be good. But, is he worth a top 2-3 pick? Every team would take him in round 2. When you pick top 5 you want that guy who will be good in his second contract.

  10. Picking Clowney would be the worst mistake the Texans ever made. Not only his questionable work ethic, 3 sack performance last year (if he is as good as the experts say why didn’t he dominate college players), that he doesn’t fit Romeo’s system, and the problem with all “Freakish” athletes who rely on their athleticism instead of developing as football players.

    No, the real issue is if the Texans take Clowney, the Jags sitting at number 3 will get to pick the best QB in the draft. With Luck in Indy, that means at best the Texans will have the third best QB in the AFC South. Defense may win championships but QBs get you to the playoffs. Defense alone can only when you so many regular season games. Jags must be salivating at the thought.

  11. “He might not have worked hard before, but right now he’s training really, really hard.”

    And so will an NFL contract worthy of a high first round pick motivate him to work harder or will he be out “making it rain up in here” and not working out.

  12. as tony dungy said (you could Bruce smith , lawrence taylor or even aundray bruce out of clowney lets just hope you get lawrence taylor because thats what i saw in clowney two years ago) if you got the chance to take a Bruce smith , lawrence taylor level freak you gotta take him!!

  13. @mikebyrne1502

    Except for that whole part about Mario Williams battling turf toe during his rookie season, being almost nonexistent, and only amassing 4.5 sacks.

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