Derek Carr, showing requisite humility, thinks he’s best QB in draft


All the discussions of the quarterbacks in the upcoming NFL Draft have centered on the first consensus first three — Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel.

But Fresno State’s Derek Carr thinks he belongs in the conversation too.

Asked by Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer whether he thought he was the best quarterback in the draft, Carr confirmed.

In the most humble way you can answer that question, yes [I’m the best],” Carr said. “Absolutely. There’s no doubt in my mind. That’s a tough one for me to answer because I don’t like talking about myself in that light, but to answer it, absolutely.”

Carr worked out for the Browns Monday, and would appear to be in play for them with the fourth overall pick.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that I can play with those guys, and if we’re going to compete, I like my chances,” said Carr. “It only takes one team to fall in love with you. That’s all we want, that one team to fall in love and just take you, because if they do, that means you’re their guy.”

Carr had dinner with Browns officials Sunday night and worked out for them Monday. While they’ve kept a low profile at recent pro days, they sent half the staff to the private workout, with General Manager Ray Farmer, coach Mike Pettine, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains in attendance.


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  1. I’m a Fresno State alum and I’ve been watching Bulldog football since before I learned to read. I’m very confident in stating that Derek Carr is the best QB to ever play in Bulldog Stadium. I also think he’s the most naturally gifted passer in this draft. I don’t know how he’ll handle the complexity of the offenses at next level, but this kid has all of the physical tools you need to play QB at a high level in the NFL. I just hope he goes to a team that will put him in a position to succeed.

  2. Now, I didn’t watch much of Carr in college, but watching some highlights of him reminds me of the great Jim Kelly. About same size, accurate passer, effortless throwing motion, good zip on the ball, good deep ball.

    I don’t know if he’ll be successful in the NFL, but I think he’ll be moreso than bridgewater, manziel, and bortles.

  3. Obviously I’m no pro scout but here’s my take on the QB’s in this draft.

    Bortles-The closest resemblance to a prototype pocket passer of the big 4, he has all the tools and would be the easiest project to take on for a new coach because you can stick him in a preset offense no need to design a scheme for him. He has some great accuracy!

    Teddy-He definitely has a lot of tools and ability, however his build is worrisome to me and when I watch tape he doesn’t jump off the film to me like the other 3 guys at all. I see some whip in his arm and some accuracy, but I don’t see anything special happening there.

    Johnny Football-The guy jumps off tape like very few prospects, the intangibles are there, yes he is a running QB and will need a customized offense so selecting him would be best served for a progressive OC I think. I would take him over any of the others if I needed a great QB, with the highest upside, to sell tickets and reinvigorate interest in the franchise.

    Derek Carr-I think the kid has the most fluid motion with his arm, he reminds me of a hybrid between Aaron Rogers and Matt Ryan. I think he can make any throw and buy time with his feet. Mentally and emotionally I believe he and Manziel will prove to be the gamers of this years class, the two guys with the highest passion for the game. I also like the pedigree of having a big brother in the league, that’s important.

    I see it shaping up like this…

    Texans-Bortles is the closest thing to a prototype so I see it happening.

    Vikings-Bridgewater gives them a big arm down the field to cordarelle Patterson and the big name to give fans confidence that a blue chip QB is their savior vs the last QB picks of Cassel and Ponder were a couple of question marks. Not to mention Randall Cunningham was a popular guy in Minnesota, Bridgewater has some slight similarities to RC so its easy for me to picture Teddy in purple.

    Cleveland-Johnny Manziel is the perfect QB for Cleveland, a nightmare for opposing defenses in the AFC North to contend with. When you play the Ravens Bengals and Steelers twice a year they can brutalize a young QB and ruin his confidence. You need a QB with swagger, one with escapability, and that can improvise on the run and throw a bomb to Josh Gordon. Manziel is the PERFECT fit here.

    Oakland-Derek Carr is the perfect QB for Oakland to build around, can make any throw, he’s from California so he will be relateable to fans. He is mobile and he spreads the field, reading his progressions like no other QB in this draft. He has a big of of a loose cannon for an arm and Oakland will allow him the flexibility to be a gun slinger type QB. This is the way I see this going for DC.

    So this is my deal, I don’t see these dropping because this is a deep draft and these 4 men are all great prospects.

    Bortles #1 pick

  4. I have seen some of his game film and I don’t see spirals, tight or otherwise and that is the biggest red flag with me. is brother was nothing more than a career back-up and was never talented enough to be anything more than that.

  5. Can’t blame the guy for promoting himself to the top of the draft. Trouble is, GM’s don’t pay attention to this stuff.

  6. What worries me is that this guy played decent competition once last year (USC) and totally stunk it up. Who cares if he’s the best QB in Fresno St. history? Does that mean anything in the NFL? I bet Tim Couch is still the best QB in Kentucky history.

  7. He stunk it up TWICE, in the 2012 Bowl game and again the 2013 Bowl game.

    Do we know of any solid NFL QBs that were kinda terrible twice in a row when they faced big games? And Carr faced two mediocre teams – UTEP in 2012 and USC in 2013.

    But boy, he lit up Idaho, UNLV, Hawaii, and UC Davis.

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