DeSean Jackson said the Redskins have embraced him

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After being thrown under the bus by the Eagles, DeSean Jackson said the way the Redskins greeted him made a huge difference.

In a conference call to formalize his NFC East move, Jackson said the recruiting pitch by players including Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was a huge factor.

I feel they embraced me,” Jackson said, via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News. “RGIII, DeAngelo Hall reached out, made me feel like home, . . . DeAngelo Hall really stepped up to plate.”

Of course, Griffin was also eager to temper expectations as well, but the welcome was important.

Jackson wouldn’t address the circumstances of his departure from the Eagles, saying: “People that know me respect me and know I’m a team guy.”

The Eagles might one day dispute that, but so far, the team hasn’t said anything since giving a valuable asset to a division rival.

And by rolling out the red carpet for him, the Redskins have made sure he maintains that chip on his shoulder.

79 responses to “DeSean Jackson said the Redskins have embraced him

  1. He’s a team guy who holds out for contracts, whines when he doesn’t get the ball and consistently takes plays off. That’s the textbook definition of team guy right?

  2. I am beginning to view the Washington Redskins as the Oakland Raiders East.

    Flashy signing but doesn’t solve the issue that their defense still sucks.

  3. “I was trying to get out of there to visit San Francisco, but these huge guys had me in a bear hug…..’Sign on the line or we squeeze harder…Sign!’…”.

  4. I don’t even have to wait for the schedule release date. Redskins – NFC East Champions and smoke the Chiefs in the Superbowl 35- 6 with 5 TDs passes from RGIII. 2 caught by DeSean. 1 by Pierre and 2 by Reed. #HTTR

  5. Redskins are no better off, and remain a sinking ship. Oh wait they now have the “other” gruden brother, and RGKnee is thousands of days after his knee injury. Jackson will run his deep routes and maybe whoever the QB is will hit him occasionally – but what about the defense?

  6. Cut the garbage D Jax. They paid you. That’s all you care about. That’s all you’ve ever cared about. They “embraced” you. But you have one good year and I guarantee you’ll be crying for a new contract, just like you do EVERY year.

  7. Aside: it’s kind of amazing how the NFL offseason is still more entertaining than the MLB regular season.

  8. No other team has problem children except the Redskins with the DJax signing?

    Please. All NFL players are divas.

    Ask yourself this, would my favorite team be a better team with DJax on it?

    I bet 80% of you say YES!!

  9. “After being thrown under the bus by the Eagles” Excuse me he threw himself under the bus! Get your story straight!

  10. Think I’d rather have an offensive line, a secondary, a defensive front, safety help, a LB corps and a more reliable TE, but hey, this will put you guys over the top! Maybe you’ll get to 4 wins!

  11. Now all the Philly fans are saying how horrible it was for Desean to be an eagle! okay, we’ll take him off ur hands. hes gonna act right for atleast 2 seasons. thatll do.

  12. defensive signings I can remember:
    Tracy Porter, only 27
    Akeem Jordan with pass coverage ability at OLB
    Jason Hatcher, DE
    Ryan Clark S
    and also, bringing back D Hall, P Riley, and Meriweather.
    Draft remains and I’m sure we’ll get O-linemen and defensive help too. Getting a pass rush will help our back-end of our D.

  13. Sooner rather than later, the city of Washington will find out exactly why such a productive player was released…and they’re not gonna like it.

    I’m not sure of the validity of the gang affiliations, but I believe Desean does own a rap label, and one can make the argument that gangs are often tied into such things. By no means am I insinuating that all rap artists are tied into gangs, but there are definitely plenty who are.

  14. Hey DeSean, the Redskins will un-embrace you the minute they realize that they cant pay for RGIII (with his rookie deal expiring), you and other players they need to be competitive.

  15. Funny logical last year you out down desean weekly now he’s number one? No eagles fan ever claimed he was a number one wr let alone the best in the league. All his baggage has been thrown to the gutter of the NFC east

  16. 1. He complains…too much and will be a distraction
    2. While he had good years in Philly, he played well
    last year because of the system he was in which
    Redskins clearly don’t have.
    3. 2 years before that, under 1,000yds
    4. When he did have 1,000yds it was mainly because we lacked a really strong 2nd receiver. Where Redskins have Garcon.
    5. He will not have as many yards sharing with Garcon, deep threat and punt returner only…so get ready for the angry locker room.

  17. Another spoiled athelete gets to continue his childish ways by simply moving to a team willing to overlook his issues. Good luck to all involved.

  18. super bowl? what planet do you reside at? certainly not here on earth. be lucky if your bs team wins 6 games

  19. For those of you who are warning the Skins about why he was released , You may be right or wrong only time will tell. As for the ones who want to talk about the Skins are no better the d sucks or any of the other childish comments you may make, Go ahead!! We know your the ones really worried about the Skins beating who ever you root for. This team has had a very good offseason and are a lot better now. If you don’t like it TOO BAD!!!! learn to live with it. You will be signing Hail to the Redskins soon enough!!!!!

  20. I wonder if the Eagles will now release why he was cut. My only reason for saying this is if it was something to be concerned about it would be a strategic move by them to hamper an NFC east team. I wouldn’t be surprised if an unnamed source from the Eagle’s organization leaks something just before the season starts.

  21. Ok haters…..I get it now, Its ok for the Denver Broncos to buy up every free agent in sight but its not ok for the Redskins to sign one notable free agent. How is this a bad signing tell me please but make sure you turn your hatervision off first!

  22. In a related story, the Crips have released DeSean Jackson upon learning of his association with the Washington Redskins.

  23. duh, Eagles suck and the Skins wont win with him,. If theres anything we have learned over the years is that DC can sign a dozen top guys and still lose.

  24. And I’m betting that the Eagles secondary can’t wait to “embrace” Jackson next year. Too bad BDawk is gone…

  25. look …Deangelo Hall is the starting CB of a 31st ranked defense that gave up an almost unheard of 478 points last year. recruiting free agents is a way to add value to himself so he can prevent himself from being cut, and to keep cashing those Redskins checks

    The Redskins need so many pieces to their puzzle it’s ridiculous, and it’s a shame that they dont have a football guy as a GM to evaluate and acquire the talent…and Jay Gruden is going to make Shanahan look like a football god. Redskins fans are going to be talking about the 2012 season like the “good ole days.”

  26. So funny how much people just hate the skins. Our team has been down for as long as I care to remember. You would think people would hate on teams that are on top and beat the team you root for. If we suck so bad why waste your time. You don’t think real redskin fans hate Snyder and what he has done to our teAm. I think he has finally figured it out. Keep mouth shut sign checks. Everything you people say is so ten years ago. Now I know how the patriots feel about spygate. It’s the same crap said in a different way. Anyway that’s my two cents want to thank philly for this playmaker and can only hope for the best

  27. I say draft another WR in this deep draft (6th or 7th rd) who has some size. Groom as 4th receiver.

    1. Garcon
    2. Jackson
    3. Roberts
    4. Hankerson
    5. Rookie
    6. Moss

    Bbye Aldrick Robinson, David Gettis, Nick Williams, Dez Briscoe

  28. Everyone thinks the Eagles dumped Jackson because of some deep dark secret, like he’s wanted for murder.

    The truth is, he didn’t get along with Chip Kelly and Kelly’s ego is so huge he thinks he can win putting any fast guy out there.

    When Shanahan exhibited this attitude, everyone torched him for his hubris. Meanwhile, everyone is lauding Kelly as a genius. OK, Kelly has had one good year at the helm in a Gosh awful division playing a last place schedule. Let’s see how he does year 2 without one of his best weapons. We will soon see how great of a coach he is!

  29. Philly knows what their doing. They pretty much suckered the Redskins into a trade for McNabb and also suckered the Cardinals into thinking Kevin Kolb was the next big thing. Shoot they duped us into trading Donte Stallworth for a LB that nobody even knows Mark Simoneau. DeSean is gonna be solid for Washington though, cause his speed is what they lacked. Now somebody please tell me why Santana Moss is still on the roster ?

  30. Everyone saying that he is a bad pickup either never played or watch the game only to listen to the commentary or thing is for sure stats and game film don’t lie men do. Djax is no different then any great player at the wr position. I’m a life long 49er fan and to think the goat JR didn’t ask for the ball? ask Steve Young. Great pick up for the Skins! Hope you destroy the Eagles and the rest of the NFC east.

  31. That’s because the Redskins haven’t shared a locker room with this guy,havent gone to war with this guy and haven’t seen the other side of this guy,time will expose him and that embrace will turn to why did we sign him

  32. wait til rg3 throws a bad pass to jackson that causes jackson to take a big hit. the honeymoon will be over then.

    jackson will return to the huddle and say, “yo dog, what up ? who are you kevin kolb ? tryin to get me killed like that dunta robinson hit ? “

  33. “DeSean Jackson said the Redskins have embraced him”…

    Are you sure that was the redskins and not the police?…and should’nt you have just said “hand cuffed”

    Seriously though, it’s just a matter of time…

    Good “no move” by BIG MAC!…I am drinking the cool aid baby!!


  34. Good luck djax, I feel bad when you go out in public saying that you have always been a raider fan, and always wanted to be a raider, and put pictures of yourself on twitter of you at a raiders game as a child, and then you sign with another team…..just glad to know you will be pulling for the raiders as you did when the raiders beat the redskins in the superbowl.

    Go Raiders…good luck back east djax.

  35. Jackson will ball on the Eagles twice a season for a long time. Kelly is going to learn that you cant just plug in a fast player in the NFL. I will even go futher and say defensive coaching staffs will be ready for that offense this year.

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