Ray Rice’s arraignment set for April 28


Ravens running back Ray Rice has been indicted on a third-degree aggravated assault charge by a grand jury after a February incident with his then-fiancee and current wife Janay Palmer at an Atlantic City casino and an arraignment has been set in the case.

FOX45 in Baltimore reports that the arraignment will be held on April 28. Rice will receive formal notification of the charges, which can carry a 3-5 year jail sentence if he’s convicted, and enter a plea at that time.

The league has yet to weigh in with any discipline for the back, but the Ravens have offered plenty of supportive words for Rice since his arrest and coach John Harbaugh added more of them on Tuesday.

“Ray’s situation will be addressed,” Harbaugh said, via the team’s website. “There’s a timeline, and consequences for actions. I really respect what Ray is doing since and how he’s handled it and the steps he has been taking. When you learn what those steps are, you’re going to be proud of him, too. Nobody is perfect. Nobody sitting in this room is perfect. There are plenty of people out there with stones in their hands. Plenty of stones have already been tossed.”

Wide receiver Deonte Thompson and offensive lineman Jah Reid have also been arrested since the end of the 2013 season and Harbaugh said that the team is “ticked off” about the off-field problems. The coach also said that they’ve reinforced the need to be better citizens on their players in the wake of the arrests, quoting Abraham Lincoln in saying that they want players proud

35 responses to “Ray Rice’s arraignment set for April 28

  1. Incredible that the Ravens have had little interest of free agents this off season, lost numerous players, and now this.
    And they have a $20 mil a year QB who is jamming things up nicely, as well.

    Oh well, there’s always baseball season.

  2. Respect? Rice knocks out women. How can you possibly respect a man who puts his hands on women? The Ravens should cut ties with this player but that goes against their philosophy.

  3. See I understand forgiving Ray Lewis for committing murder. Wasn’t charged and was a HOF talent. Ray Rice will never see above 3 yards a carry again.

  4. A Baltimore RB who can’t hold a candle to Alfred Morris on the field or off the field. The Ravens are a low class, loser franchise that can’t dream of matching the perennial Super Bowl champion Redskins. HTTR.

  5. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that this girl Janay Palmer sees in Ray Rice a man whom she wishes to spend the rest of her life with. Does this girl have ANY self respect whatsoever? When a man beats you senseless in public and resorts to dragging your body across the floor…isn’t that enough to make you want to reconsider the relationship?

    BUT, as we all know… there are millions upon millions of other reasons why this girl would choose to stay with such a lowlife.

  6. The way the Ravens are handling this, is absolutely embarrassing. Cut this guy right now. Take the 5.5 million hit and be done with it. We have the room to take it.

    The man knocked out a female. Is this getting lost in translation?


    Annoyed Ravens Fan

  7. No excuse or explanation is viable or worthy of consideration for hitting your fiancé — none.

  8. I would’ve been more proud had a person who was known for his anti-bullying campaign had actually practiced what he preached. There’s no glossing over it, he’s a man and he hit a woman, period.

  9. Everyone deserves a second chance but if you or I knocked our significant other unconscious we wouldn’t see the light of day for a couple years. I don’t care how nice if a guy he is, actions like this deserve punishment… If no jail time than definitely a suspension for 8 or more games… If my son did this to his fiancé he wouldn’t have to worry about jail time!!!

  10. I don’t advocate hitting women, but something really significant must have happened for a woman to be knocked out, but still arrested herself. I heard there was a champaign bottle to the head, and if that’s the case, I might forget I was hitting a woman too.

  11. I find it hilarious how these fans of other teams jump on here and spew crap about opposing teams that they obviously know nothing about. The fact is that the Ravens are one of the best run sports franchises in the country. They know when to cut players and they know when to hold on to their own. Does every decision work out perfectly?…of course not, but they make well calculated decisions and have been a consistently winning franchise because of it. Jealousy is an ugly thing, but please keep yapping for my entertainment purposes.

  12. Nothing significant happened … that is why ONLY ray rice was indicted… and… NOT his fiancee.

  13. While it’s true nobody in this room is perfect I could walk into thousands and thousands of rooms that do not contain a man who has beat a woman unconcious.

  14. Ravens should cut him and nobody should pick him up. Let him put that degree to work, he did get a degree right? Let him try and make a living like the rest of us..

  15. Love how the Ravens made him do it.

    Bet you didn’t know they can control 53 millionaires to do terrible things. They can also ask their head coach to go to Iraq in the off season, or Torrey Smith to establish a dozen scholarships to the University of Maryland in honor of his late brother.

    Both events happened this past month. But I guess you guys were too busy focusing on one drunken fool to see that.

  16. I know the difference between indicted and arrested…do you? When had a woman ever been arrested after being knocked out. Not beat on, but knocked out. That’s why I said something significant had to have happened in the part of the video we are not being shown.

  17. I really don’t see the big issue with the story and why anyone gives a damn what happened. Some women these days act like animals at times and need an ass whipping from time to time. The term lady doesn’t mean the same thing today as it did 50 years ago. Ray laid the smackdown and now they are happily married, that’s what I call, poetic justice.

  18. Why is he in the NFL still?
    Oh i Forgot to send a message to today’s youth crime pays.
    D Jackson flashes gang signs promoting criminal gang behavior and gets a fat contract while crybaby Sherman cries racism.

  19. Ray Rice, this is bad, Bro. A man should never hit a woman. Don’t know how you recover from this professionally. Teams tell coaches they aren’t at risk of being fired all the time. Like Ozzie said, “this doesn’t look good”.

  20. This Rat turd will get off. The evidence on the video will be inconclusive or be magically lost. Also, don’t think his wife is going to testify against him and lose her meal ticket. Since she is his wife now doesn’t that give her the option of not testifying against her spouse? I don’t claim to know when the Rice’s wedding was but I wouldn’t be suprised that it was pushed up in an effort to get this additional legal leverage.

    The Ravens aren’t saying anything because they know most likely he will weasel his way out of this. They stay mum and give a luke warm endorsement in the meantime so when he is aquitted, they come out looking like a supportive organization. Goodell will give him a slap on the wrist with a one game suspension and the rest is history. Sets a terrible but an expected example.

  21. In most NFL cities, players dont do things like this for fear that the team leaders would kill them.

    I guess now that Ray Lewis is gone, Rice didnt worry about that anymore.

  22. I agree that there is no place in this world for a man to be hitting a woman.
    With that said, there is a legal system in place for a reason. Have any of you actually seen the footage that occured ON the elevator? I doubt it, since it isn’t public. Because that is where the wrong doings allegidly took place. Sure, it wasn’t a pretty scene getting off the elevator but it wasn’t malicious either.
    If he is guilty, I hope the Ravens do the right thing and release him. It will be a shame since he has been such a positive roll model his entire career.

    Ravens fan and proud American

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