Giants reach two-year deal with Robert Ayers


The Giants continue to use free agency to fill needs.

The club has reached a two-year agreement with Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers, Mike Garafolo of Fox reported on Wednesday.

Ayers was No. 84 in PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100.

The 28-year-old Ayers figures to take some of the reps that once went to Justin Tuck, who signed with Oakland in free agency. Ayers (6-3, 274) has recorded 142 tackles and 12 sacks in five NFL seasons, all with Denver, which took him in Round One five years ago.

The Giants have been active this offseason after a 7-9 campaign in 2013, with the signing of Broncos cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie one of their key additions.

Now, another Denver defensive contributor is joining the fold.

UPDATE 11:00 a.m. ET: The Giants have announced the addition of Ayers.

23 responses to “Giants reach two-year deal with Robert Ayers

  1. A ton of moves by the giants this year. I will watch them to see the improvement. This team has a proven history of being the dark horse

  2. Logical voices- your act is getting old the skins are irrelevant they’ve finished above .500 3 times since 2000 rg3 is soft as butter

  3. Huge big blue fan here… Keep the excitement tempered. I’m excited where they are going but nothing is won this time of year. Injuries and all other aspects are a part of this game. If they get to work in the offseason and stay healthy then we’ll see where this ship is heading. But until then just keep it even keel and wait for football to come back around.

  4. Honestly, I am nervous from a chemistry perspective about all of these free agent hires. When was the last time that the team that won free agency went on to win a title?

  5. Giants are desperate. Reese must be getting heat cause they never spend like this in free agency.

  6. …The Giants defense has improved slightly, but their front four is weak. JPP’s best days are behind him. Offensively, Eli isn’t getting any better. He’ll lead the league in interceptions this season, good chance he breaks the record for most picks in a season.

  7. When you’re chirping all spring and summer long just remember only the Giants are the only ones in the division who has backed it up in years.

  8. seems like Mara and Tisch made it very clear to Jerry Reese that they don’t trust his drafting skills to get them back into contention so he might as well go out and get some proven players

  9. Another good signing. I have to say, this has been one of the busiest offseason for the team. Should at lease compete this coming season.

    I am not declaring anything, not by any means, but it’s definitely better than being Offseason Champs (chumps) year in and year out.

  10. I’m a giants fan but I’m also a football fan so I try to keep it in perspective unlike a lot of these trolls that should be posting on the Eagles or Skins sites. If you are a football fan you have to like what the Giants have done this year in FA, they have a lot of quality young depth with high upside… We lacked this last year and that’s what killed us, the only big contract out of all these signings was DRC and at the end of the day we needed a solid CB on the other side of Prince… The skins have Jackson, RGIII, and Garcin and Philly has Sproles, Maclin and Cooper and an innovative offense…. We needed to upgrade our talent and we have done that so far, very happy with the teams direction, if your not you haven’t paid close enough attention!!!!

  11. 1) The Giants don’t trust Reese’s drafting? OK. His first year as GM, all 7 of his picks played on a Super Bowl winner and he has yet to draft a true bust. Since he became GM in 2007 he has only drafted 10 players that have not contributed to the team in some way, the highest being 3rd rounder Phillip Dillard. Some have suffered injuries (Phillips, Nicks, Steve Smith) that have forced the G-men to let them walk, but thats a pretty great track record. That doesn’t include signing UFA Victor Cruz.
    2) JPP’s best days are behind him? He’s 25 years old.

    The Giants have done a great job of filling their roster with quality players, and more importantly, have yet to sign anybody who is going to bust their salary cap if it doesn’t work out.

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