RGIII says “we haven’t won anything yet”


As receiver DeSean Jackson officially becomes a member of the Redskins, the team’s quarterback has pumped the brakes a bit on the presumption that Washington suddenly has become the favorites to win the NFC East.

“We are excited to have him join our team,” Griffin told 106.7 The Fan via text message.  “Our team and this city will be there for him.  I understand his drive and his competitiveness to win.  Always doing it for his dad and now doing it for this city.  It’s an exciting time be a Redskin fan and a part of this team because of the fire power that we have with all our guys.  Everyone needs to understand that we haven’t won anything yet, and these next few months will be about building those bonds and chemistry so that we can.”

If anyone understands the Redskins haven’t won anything yet, it’s Redskins fans.  Still reeling from a disastrous 3-13 season, few will presume that the team is destined to reclaim the division crown based merely on the arrival of DeSean Jackson.

Still, DeSean gives the organization the one thing for which every fan of every team is searching in March:  Hope.  Regardless of what happens from September through December (and maybe January), hope will help carry fans of the team through the next five months, making them perhaps more inclined to buy tickets and hats and other stuff along the way.

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  1. RG3 will never win anything..This guy only cares about himself and his silly Subway commercials. Pair him with Jackson and you have two of the most selfish players on one team. Washington are favorites for last place in the NFC EAST.

  2. The combination of RGII/Garcon/Jackson/Reed under Gruden’s tutelage will make Washington’s 16 ranked PASS Offense MUCH BETTER.

  3. RG3-13… Look for number 10 all you want. He’ll be the guy who won’t go over the middle and disappears in the red zone!

  4. Future NFL Hall of Famer and US President RG3 is all class. The best leader in professional sports. A very fine person and inspiration. Even though the Redskins are the most dominant team in NFL history, RG3 takes every season one game at a time. He doesn’t let the Redskins case full of Lombardi trophies go to his head. #RedskinsMeansWinner

  5. They need to fix that disaster offensive line by first moving Williams to the right side and finding an adequate LT along with every interior offensive line position. Then, something drastic needs to happen with that defense, which might have very well been Shanahan as he was notorious for dipping into that side of the ball in Denver. However, if that doesn’t get fixed quickly, they will still have no hope.

  6. One of two things will happen now that Desean Jackson is a Redskin…

    1. Desean will perform greatly and prove to Philadelphia that they made a big mistake.


    2. Washington ends up finding out exactly why Philadelphia let go one of the most productive WRs in the NFL…and they end up regretting bringing him aboard.

    *Washington HAS to acknowledge the fact that if the Eagles were willing to outright release a guy who performed as well as Jackson did last year…that obviously shows that there are some BIG underlying issues with the guy.

    The skins will find out soon enough…

  7. NO, I disagree Robert. You and the Redskins, are once again, the offseason champs this year. Congratulations!

    Let’s see if we can make this logical to some people (HINT, HINT!).

    Each and every offseason, the skins love to splurge on big name players that other teams really have no interest in. It has been like this for years (Sanders, George, DMc, Hanynesworth, etc.), ultimately lending it to their fans to crown them the next SB champs. IT has not worked for them all these years. With this recent signing, of, yet again, another player who have shown some flashes on the field, but have also brought some off-the-field distractions, it will end up the same. Does anyone really think otherwise?

    Look, skin fans can talk smack all they want about the other NFC East teams, go ahead if it makes you feel better about the outlook of your team, but bottom line, the team from Washington, outside of the miracle of 2012, has been consistent at one thing and one thing only–being bottom dwellers of the division.

    I like this signing, it’s just like the circus never leaving the town.

    Dannyboy and MeSean, yeah right! Hilarious!!!

  8. Eh, just plan the parade already. Jackson’s championship pedigree and work ethic were the two missing elements on this team.


  9. He’s right, the Redskins have signed some names before and it didn’t pan out with W’s.

    The bright side is it can’t be worse than the Haynesworth signing.

    Jackson is fun to watch play, he is an amazing athlete. I know he isn’t focused as much on football as he should be at times, but if the Eagles said that and when they released him. Its one thing

    Instead it was gang association and all this and that. If all that isn’t as big of a deal as the Eagles made it, hung out someone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. I hope he lights the Eagles up twice a year.

  10. So far RGIII has kept a relatively low profile this offseason. His twitter is still a minefield of toolishness but he’s not as out there, declaring “All in for Week One” and other hackneyed marketing nonsense grabs.

    And even then, I don’t begrudge the guy too much… these young athletes have to take what they can get while they can get it, because nothing is guaranteed.

    All that said… the D-Jax experiment lives and dies by the play of RGIII and Gruden’s coaching. This is such a key moment in the history of the Skins. Will they continue to flounder and be the butt of many jokes, or will they finally get over a hump and become real competitors to be taken seriously in this era? Time will tell.

  11. The offense will be there. RG3 will bounce back and they have huge weapons. Alfred Morris will be strong again.

    The real question about the team and what will likely dictate how far they go is the defense. If they get improved LB and DB play, they will go far.

  12. That O-Line won’t need to hold as long with Jackson and a healthy Reed playing a Gruden offense.

    2013 Washington Offense was 16th passing and 6th in rushing without Jackson and a bunch of offensive injuries.

  13. Which “city” will embrace him…Ashburn, VA? Washington, DC, Raljon, MD?

    Redskins…continuing the annual offseason turd collecting.

  14. Watch Dan Snyder rapidly move to dump RG3 if he stinks it up like he did last year. All the slick PR as a world class athlete will mean little if the team continues to play badly.

  15. Top 5 teams in the NFL as of April 2, 2014:

    Baltimore Colts
    Houston Oilers
    Los Angeles Rams
    St Louis Cardinals
    Cleveland Browns

  16. The Redskins signing this kid is baffling. Was wide receiver really an issue with this team and why they went 3-13? Awesome, they now have a one trick pony that can run straight down the field really fast. A guy who tore up the Redskins game after game. What did he do against the other two teams in the division. Had something like 6 catches for 65 yards in two games against the Cowboys.

    Who are you taking the ball away from now? The one thing the Skins did well last year was run the ball. Guess they will be taking it away from Alfred now? Away from Pierre? Less opportunities for the supposed up and coming Reed? Desean won’t be happy with 40-50 catches. And let’s be honest, Desean is a Redskin because NOBODY else wanted him. Not even the Raiders made any serious push for him. This move wreaks of desperation and why bad teams remain bad teams year after year.

    They do nothing but bolster their special teams with a handful of signings this offseason all while their offensive line and secondary are still pathetically awful. Instead of going out and spending the $9 million per year on a stud guard or tackle they dump it on Desean. This is why bad teams stay bad. Instead of building depth and patching up their weaknesses they spend $9 million a year on a #2 receiver. Desean does not make this team the best in the east. Desean does not make a 3-13 team become a 13-3 team. If I was a Skins fan I would be shaking my head at this move, it was completely unnecessary.

  17. This has been a great off season as far as Skins fans are concerned. You guys trying to explain to us how getting DeSean was a bad thing . . just sound dumb.

  18. Well yeah, just look at how great the last time the Redskins made a big splash in free agency (signing Albert Haynesworth) turned out…..

  19. Note to RG3 you never will. Then again you’ll always have that NFC east championship.

  20. Well considering the giants and cowboys both suck at the moment, the eagles are the only real competition in the division, and even they have huge question marks on D, and imo their O will suffer tremendously w.o djax. Djax “selfishness” dsnt make corners AND safeties not want to double team him. Riley racist Cooper is trash and Macklin refuses to stay healthy, the redskins look like the most complete team in the NFCE. Nail a S and DT/DE with your draft picks and you’re in business. Not a redskins fan but rgIII obviously wasn’t healthy last season and I look forward to seeing him do work again this coming season.

  21. when will he learn? just stop making comments to the press. it would help him so much if he only did what was mandatory, and gave the plain scripted answers. this is why those answers exist, to keep people like RGIII from saying what they really think.

    we know you haven’t won anything. even saying that makes me question just how many super bowl’s he and D.Jackson have already won together in his head. needs to slow down. its an offseason signing. and Jackson is a really good WR, but not worth telling people what their expectations should or shouldn’t be. how about just focusing on your own game and shush until OTA’s.

  22. Greatest time to be a Redskins fan is in the off-season. Enjoy these couple of months. Then back to another losing season (except 2012).

  23. “We haven’t win anything yet”. Really? I would have thought the difference between 3 and 13 and the Super Bowl was one player.

  24. RG awful should be a comedian cause he’s awful as a quarterback don’t you wish you had Tom Brady. Redskins equal joke of a franchise go patriots

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