Richard Sherman wonders why Philly kept Cooper and cut Jackson


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has looked at the Eagles’ treatment of DeSean Jackson and Riley Cooper, and Sherman doesn’t like what he sees.

Sherman writes at that there’s something wrong with the fact that the Eagles cut Jackson on the day that a story alleging he has ties to gang members emerge, but the Eagles didn’t cut Cooper when video emerged of him using the N-word.

“The Seattle Seahawks get it. The Philadelphia Eagles apparently do not,” Sherman writes. “This offseason they re-signed a player who was caught on video screaming, ‘I will fight every n—– here.’ He was representing the Philadelphia Eagles when he said it, because, of course, everything we do is reflective of the organization. But what did they do to Riley Cooper, who, if he’s not a racist, at least has ‘ties’ to racist activity? They fined him and sent him to counseling. No suspension necessary for Cooper and no punishment from the NFL, despite its new interest in policing our use of the N-word on the field. Riley instead got a few days off from training camp and a nice contract in the offseason, too.”

Sherman also took aim at what he sees as a double standard in the reaction to news about players’ off-field troubles and the response to Colts owner Jim Irsay’s arrest for driving under the influence and drug possession.

“Commit certain crimes in this league and be a certain color, and you get help, not scorn,” Sherman wrote.

Sherman, a childhood friend of Jackson’s, thinks the scorn for Jackson is misplaced.

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  1. The difference is attitude, work ethic, and effort over the entirety of their time with the eagles. Chip just didn’t like Deseans attitude and lack of professionalism.

  2. Then starter, Michael Vick, supported Cooper. That had to help his standing with the team.

    I also think it goes deeper than alleged gang activity. Desean is reportedly difficult and a bad locker room guy.

  3. Never saw Riley Cooper post instagram photos with the Aryan Brotherhood or do an SS salute in the endzone though

  4. patriotsarespygaters says:
    Apr 2, 2014 9:56 AM
    will be interesting to watch next season

    you know d hall has been a pretty sound teammate since he came to washington, right?

  5. Richard Sherman is one of the more thoughtful players in the NFL. There is certainly a double-standard. My hunch is that Cooper was simply more liked by teammates in the locker room and by coaches than Jackson was. Does anyone actually believes the punishment fits the crime in the NFL?

  6. Sherman needs to shut the F up, go back and take some more PED’s.

    Big leap from saying the N word to affiliation to a street gang.

    Although still interested how the NFL handles the Irsay thing.

  7. edggy1 April 2, 2014, 8:57 AM CDT

    One is only a word the other is reality … !!

    the word was also reality it happens all the time, gimme a break.

  8. Hmm… Sherman sounding off about race again, like a young Sharpton. I really HATE Sharpton, but Sherman might have a point here, except for all the other stuff about Cooper being a great teammate, team player and showing up to work on time (heaven forbid) and not whining about everything under the sun.

  9. This is Richard Sherman practicing semantics. I guess he was trying to show he can be as idiotic as most mediots trying to parse every word.

    The fact is that Jackson was an unreliable player. A guy who missed meetings, dogged plays, and didn’t give a crap about anyone else but himself. THAT’s why he’s not with the Eagles anymore.

    Like the mediots, Sherman is trying to make more of it than there really is. Pretty sad if you ask me. Sherman’s supposed to be a smart guy.

  10. I usually like you Richard, but sometimes you just need to shut your mouth. Isolated incident with Riley, years of headaches with Desean. And Riley was rewarded for a productive season and if Philly didn’t pay him, someone else would have.

  11. Didn’t this guy just say the use of the N-word was OK to use on the field and shouldn’t be banned? Hypocrite much, Richard?

  12. indytom87 says:
    Apr 2, 2014 9:59 AM
    So I guess salary caps had nothing to do with it Sherm?
    Then the eagles should have came out with it, or maybe got rid of cooper instead of giving him that extension and kept Desean.
    But yes if it all boils down to money they should have came out and said that they couldn’t afford him for that price, but then again there’s the issue of them paying a racist like riley cooper when Desean had a even better season than him and Riley probably benefited from Desean being on the field.

  13. He’s right.

    But it also helps that Irsay is an owner and not a player. Money talks.

    We’ll see this season who has a bigger impact, Cooper or Jackson.

  14. there’s a difference between what a person says when he’s drunk at a country music show versus how a person acts on a daily basis completely sober. Desean Jackson was a cancer to the team and showed zero remorse for his actions, Riley Cooper was totally embarrassed and apologetic to his team.

  15. atlfan31833 says: Apr 2, 2014 9:58 AM

    It’s called “detrimental to the team”. Sherman needs to learn from this before it happens to him as well.

    Are you kidding with this? What cooper said couldn’t have been detrimental/offensive to most of the team? Reasoning isn’t your strong suit.

    If you didn’t want to pay him, just say that instead of trying to justify it a different way.

  16. Don’t want to let it go? There’s people still sending hate mail to Vick? It’s been a year for Cooper and the guy didn’t even get a slap on the wrist by the league… I dont care how is work ethic is and how Chip Kelly feels about him… In reality the NFL did nothing about it…. CPT Punishment himself did nothing about it (Goodell)… but oh hey there’s a rule that targets players on the field which will likely get penalized during a casual conversation. Hypocrites…

  17. It was clear why they kept Cooper over Jackson. Jackson was all flash and dash with no consistency and no toughness and absolutely no reliability.
    Cooper ran precise routes, got open time and time again, caught almost every ball Foles threw to him, and made Foles and the Eagles offense look very dangerous.

    Now, other than hard feelings for a drunk guy’s words, why else do you think Sherman raises his question except for reverse discrimination against a White guy who was clearly the better team player on the field while being the most productive in moving the offense?

    Sherman aoplogized for his outburst and expect people to accept it. He should get over it and accept Cooper’s as well unless he is too bigoted to move past another person’s mistakes.

  18. Jeremy Mincey was cut by my Jags last year for missing meetings over and over. You can’t build a team first environment when you have me-first players.

    What makes Sherman think that it is only the gang related issue? My bet is that he was just like Mincey and was too involved in his own issues. Me first does not win championships in the NFL and good organizations know this.

  19. punkrock21 says: Apr 2, 2014 10:04 AM

    I usually like you Richard, but sometimes you just need to shut your mouth. Isolated incident with Riley, years of headaches with Desean. And Riley was rewarded for a productive season and if Philly didn’t pay him, someone else would have.

    How do you know it’s isolated? Its the only instance that was caught on video. you don’t know what he does when nobody is recording.

  20. Sherman’s a racist, that’s all there is to it.

    The Eagles never said they released Jackson because of alleged gang ties, or anything — they have given no reason for his release (though we can impute some of the causes of the breakup).

    Jackson was NOT the type of player Kelly wants on his team. A short receiver who doesn’t block and doesn’t beat press-man coverage, who was late to meetings (the ones he didn’t skip) and had a high cap number (negotiated before Kelly arrived).

    They tried to trade him last offseason, to no avail. They tried to trade him THIS offseason, to no avail. So he was released.

  21. I think for them to just release a star player he must have been a relentless pain in the a– and I think the eagles haven’t said anything yet is because they gave him the curtsies to get a new deal before they leak what was going on then they will come out with some well worded statement to put it to bed. notice how none of his teammates came out and supported him while most came out and supported copper

  22. onearmsteven says:
    Apr 2, 2014 10:01 AM
    patriotsarespygaters says:
    Apr 2, 2014 9:56 AM
    will be interesting to watch next season

    you know d hall has been a pretty sound teammate since he came to washington, right?

    last season he was a me guy he is a good player though would love him on my team… u can win games with me guys and even championships but to a lesser degree for the latter

  23. The Eagles are the team that gave Vick a second chance when no one else would touch him. This team has never had a problem handing the reins of their team to an African American QB when other teams frowned on the idea and Cunningham, McNabb and Vick all balled there for decades. If you want to go after Chip Kelly go ahead, but the organization as a whole did not deserve that jab.

  24. pjcostello says:
    Apr 2, 2014 10:08 AM
    Sherman’s a racist, that’s all there is to it.

    The Eagles never said they released Jackson because of alleged gang ties, or anything — they have given no reason for his release (though we can impute some of the causes of the breakup).

    Jackson was NOT the type of player Kelly wants on his team. A short receiver who doesn’t block and doesn’t beat press-man coverage, who was late to meetings (the ones he didn’t skip) and had a high cap number (negotiated before Kelly arrived).

    They tried to trade him last offseason, to no avail. They tried to trade him THIS offseason, to no avail. So he was released.


    Some people will shoehorn racism into every argument regardless of circumstance. It does seem that Sherman is one of those people.

  25. The culture rears its head again…ugh! Racism exists only because there are some that simply won’t let it go…

  26. Sherman, SDChicken and PJCostello are mostly right (except for the stupid a– Sherman is a racist drivel) …

    The problem is, The Eagles have said none of this … Inconsistency and silence lets other fill in the blanks …

    And the Eagles’ failure to step up to the mic paints them as a weak organization that panicked and can’t deal in truth.

    Good Luck with that Locker room in 2014, College Boy and pray the Reskins don’t wear you out.

  27. Look, both guys are talented, but I wouldn’t want either of them on my team. However, I’d take a bigot like Cooper over someone with Jackson’s off-the-field ties ten times out of ten.

  28. Sherman’s an idiot, just looking for an excuse to claim racism any chance he gets. He acts like he’s never heard of the salary cap before, he acts like Desean Jackson never did anything wrong before even though he’s been a problem player his whole career, he acts like being drunk and making one mistake is the same as a life long connection to gang members. I guess anybody can get into Stanford these days.

  29. acobslatter says:
    Apr 2, 2014 9:54 AM
    Shut it, Sherm.
    Yeah Sherm, who plays in the NFL, should shut up, but you should be heard.

    Roger that!!!

  30. I guess over the last 6 months, Sherman has transcended and elevated himself to the Gandhi of this generation. He’s here to solve all this world’s mysteries.

  31. Worry about your own team you loud mouthed ass clown. You have no idea what happened behind close doors in Philly. I hope this guy gets torched by literally every WR in the NFL. That includes both Riley and DeSean.

  32. Wow one big mouthed totally self centered player supporting another big mouthed totally self centered player, who’d a thunk it ?

    Its also a sign of how much of a locker room cancer Jackson is that they’d keep Riley after his incident and dump Jackson as fast as they could.

  33. I wonder what Sherman has to do with what’s going on with DJax? I am sure Philly had their reasons. You just don’t cut someone as talented as him unless there are reasons to do so.

  34. Oh, please!! Everytime you open your mouth, Sherman, you make it that much more difficult to believe you ever went to Stamford.

  35. I was perfectly willing to let Sherman be his loudmouth self…until he attacked my team. Gloves come off now, buddy.

    Cooper used a bad word when he had too much to drink. It was dumb. It doesn’t make him a racist, nor does it mean he as “ties” to racism. He knows he embarrassed himself, the team and maybe evne the city. But here’s the difference…Cooper took responsibility. He apologized and got counseling. He recognized he made a very poor decision (multiple, actually) and committed to not only making amends, but making sure it didn’t happen again.

    Now, how does that compare to YOU, Sherman? You practically scared a reporter to death with your recent tirade. You acted like a complete egotistical jackass on ESPN, and for no good reason. You see racism in anything and everything. You’re a caricature of yourself at this point. You know the real problem with race in this country? YOU. People like YOU who claim everyone and everything is racist. It obscures REAL racism in our society. That’s right…you’re the problem, not the solution.

    Oh, and don’t you ever talk about my team. You mediocre CB. 🙂

  36. The biggest thing is the vets stood up for cooper and with Jackson said he’s replaceable. These are guys both players are with all the time and what they say really holds water. It wasn’t the gang ties that he was released. It was his work ethic and attitude. He lost in the first round if the playoffs and the first thing he mentioned was a new contract. He showed up late for meetings, cried when he didn’t get the ball, it was all about desean. Skins fans are so excited but aren’t asking themselves why wa he really released as why did Andy Reid have no interest in him.

  37. Eagles might not win the division with their best receiver going to the division rival. Case and point

  38. actually sherman has a point. i am a 20 + yr eagles season ticket holder. it seems kelly wants a certain element and culture on his team. and it is definitely not the street mentality. vick the dogfighter and felon (who i like by the way) is gone. jackson the rapper and pseudo street tough is also gone. it appears that cooper did indeed get a pass. but on the field, cooper may ultimately be more useful than jackson when it really matter…in january, in bitter cold, in a playoff slugfest. i suspect richard sherman would rather cover jackson than the bigger more physical cooper in those conditions.

    also the eagles now have a white qb after decades of a black qb. and the team has many white starters on a percentage basis. 8 out of 22 or 36%. and 7 on offense.

  39. For someone that “went to Stanford” this guy is quite the idiot. Someone needs to accept the fine and 15 yard penalty next year and take this guy out.

  40. Because Howie saw a way to save a few bucks and winning the salary cap superbowl is always the #1 concern of the Eagles front office.

    They’re reverting back to the days of having a bunch of 3rd & 4th tier WRs … this is gonna be James Thrash, Todd Pinkston, Torrence Small, etc. all over again.

  41. punkrock21 says: Apr 2, 2014 10:04 AM

    I usually like you Richard, but sometimes you just need to shut your mouth. Isolated incident with Riley, years of headaches with Desean. And Riley was rewarded for a productive season and if Philly didn’t pay him, someone else would have.

    saint970 says: Apr 2, 2014 10:07 AM

    How do you know it’s isolated? Its the only instance that was caught on video. you don’t know what he does when nobody is recording.

    That’s exactly it, NOBODY KNOWS. We can only go by what we know for sure. And you can’t tell me you have NEVER used a derogatory term in your life. And we do know for sure that Desean has been a headache to deal with for several years.

  42. Pitt_Fan87 says:
    Apr 2, 2014 10:02 AM
    Richard Sherman is one of the more thoughtful players in the NFL. There is certainly a double-standard. My hunch is that Cooper was simply more liked by teammates in the locker room and by coaches than Jackson was. Does anyone actually believes the punishment fits the crime in the NFL?
    Me first attitudes are quickly shown the door. How about asking for more money than 10.5 million while under contract? As for Cooper, a white guy uses the word and will be criticized for ages. For anyone else it’s all okay to use in every other sentence and nobody thinks twice. Watch some game film there hero and you can read that word coming off lips all day long.

  43. the value of eagles-skins tix just went up a lot. eagles-seahawks tix were already going to be expensive but went up some more too.

  44. Cooper left the team to seek treatment. Jackson has been called out for being a douche for years and has done nothing to fix it. Clearly he’s a problem in the locker room if not one person on the team has hinted at not wanting him to leave. Think whatever you want, Sherman, nobody cares.

  45. Sherman is the classic naive young guy with a huge ego who thinks he’s infinitely smarter than he is. Just be quiet.

  46. So…are we now claiming that dropping the “N”bomb is morally equivalent to being in a gang?

    And if we were so silly as to maintain that they were anywhere near as serious/dangerous/harmful to society, then we move on to the concept that “everything we do is reflective of the organization.” Umm…has Richard Sherman ever heard of…Richard Sherman?

    And what is his point? On one hand he’s talking about fines and suspensions, and in this case it was just that a player was cut. He’s talking about the NFL discipline policy versus team personnel decisions…it’s borderline incoherent.

    In the end, you have to pity people like this. His heart is probably in the right place, but it must be tough to go through life seeing everything through a racial lens. But ultimately I do agree with this multi-millionaire African-American Stanford graduate from Compton…it’s nearly impossible for a black man to rise up playing a rigged game in a white man’s world. Ugh…

  47. Over 70% of the nfl is black. So I assume that they are racists against white men?

    This had zero to do with race. Mesean is a me me me guy. Cooper apologized, worked his butt off and proved himself again and again. Jackson started claiming his contact wasn’t fair the year after he signed it. He doesn’t block. He won’t go over the middle. He is a one trick pony as a WR. Granted he does that very well. He just wasn’t worth 10 million and the headaches he brings.

  48. Sherman conveniently omits those countless moments in history where it worked out the other way…

    Could it be that Riley Cooper acted inappropriately once and that DeSean Jackson has been a headache for the Eagles for years?

    Of course not…It’s obviously a racist thing.

  49. It has nothing to do with race. The difference is roughly 6 million dollars. Riley Cooper does not cost 10 mil against the cap. He also doesn’t have a history of clashing with the head coach, being late, missing meetings.
    As far as Jim Irsay is concerned he its called being a billionaire.

  50. Is cooper the only nfl player that has ever used the n word? Is that why sherman said he doesn’t think use of the n word on the field should be banned?

  51. The Eagles didn’t say why they cut Jackson but it’s clear to me he was insubordinate, overpaid and a bad teammate. they did try to trade him for 2 years with no takers.

  52. Alright…if the Eagles are a rascist orginization then explain taking a chance on an injured black WR and giving Maclin a contract this season? Or taking on Vick at his lowest and starting him?

    Maybe, just maybe, EVERYTHING isn’t about race and sometimes it’s simply about the man involved….oh, and money.

  53. Seatown baller – first of all, Jackson was not our best receiver, he was our fastest. The best is Maclin, and he’s back this year.

    Second, it’s “case in point.”

  54. Here we go…it’s race card time. Listen, I’m not condoning what Cooper said at all. BUT, if his teammates have move passed the incident, who are we to sit and judge?

  55. very good question, sir.

    the only things that I can point to is Team Support & Player conduct.

    When this Cooper issue went down, more than a few players came out in Riley’s defense. White and black spoke out about the type of player he was. To me, in vino veritas, but his teammates believed differently.

    Also, during the season, Riley played it straight. Drank the smoothies, got his rest, arrived on time to meetings and respected his coaches.

    DeSean had not team support, showed up late to meetings, publicly disrespected coaches and didn’t’ buy into Chips mentality.

  56. It’s amazing how a single drunken slip of the tongue automatically translates to a guy HAS to be a hate-mongering racist. There’s no forgiveness, no second chance.

    Hey Mr. Sherman, does that mean you never once threw an anti-Semetic term against the likes of Julian Edelman on the field when you played against the Patriots last season?

    Give me a break.

  57. I am glad he wrote his opinion on MMQB because the guy talks like he has marbles in his mouth and is hard to understand.

  58. Sherman is comparing apples to oranges.

    Cooper said the “N” once that we know of and since been a good player. His salary cap number is also much better to deal with.

    Jackson has had several work ethic issues and plays hard only if he is in the mood/happy with his contract/fits his agenda. Jackson also has a much bigger cap number to deal with.

    Irsay is the owner. I don’t know where you come from, but my experience tells me that owners pretty much can and do get away with anything they want.

    Bottom line, money and position.

  59. I was wondering the same thing as Sherman, Riley Cooper was a legit nobody when his video surfaced and the Eagles showed tremendous compassion for his situation. Desean is a 3x Pro Bowler who gets cut after “gang-ties”. Now I thought about this and I said to myself….well Cooper was desperately needed at the time after Maclin went down and makes very little. Desean gets paid major and isn’t really needed now that Cooper has emerged and Maclin is on the mend.

    Also Chip Kelly hadn’t played a game and was theoretically limping into the season without two established WRs, so I believe he kept Cooper as a means of personal job security, where now Kelly has that job security wrapped up after the Eagles won the division and now have 2 legit WRs in Maclin and Cooper and a draft coming up to add a developmental player.

    Sherman has a right to his opinion and to express himself. If he wants to beat the race card drum all day he can do that, however what I have learned is that athletes are better off keeping their mouth shut and performing on the field. Once you reach for the spotlight, you become a target, and Sherman, I’m sorry, you are a talented player but you are no Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, type of freakish talent so mark the words….you will get targeted and you will get owned.

  60. Dr. King’s dream of a color-blind society sure seems like it is still a long way off…

  61. I wonder the same thing Sherman……One is on tape…blatantly acting like one of his ancestors…….threatening bodily harm….but still gets a contract extension…….other guy has been suspected to “hang around the wrong people”…..

  62. Hey Sherman, are you saying you’ve never said a single racist thing in your entire life? Get real, yeah Cooper is an idiot, but so is DJack. They kept Cooper because he’s cheaper, don’t you play in this league yet you still don’t realize that it all comes down to $$$$$???? wake up

  63. I don’t know why Cooper’s use of the n-word bothers Sherman so much. After all, didn’t Sherman say he hears the n-word on every play and it’s an atrocity for the NFL to ban it?

  64. I imagine the biggest difference is price tag.
    But there is a weird trend in the NFL, and I don’t think it’s tied to race exclusively, but that it’s part of it. I think the treatment of lower profile players is pretty even, and I think part of the reason Riley got off pretty light had to do with the fact that not only was he white, but he wasn’t a big deal in the league. Desean’s risk/reward is increased because he is a player people across the league know and he demands more attention and money. If he screws up, it hurts the team more. The racial aspect comes in after the fact – there seems to be a tendency to make an example of the big name players of color, where there is more emphasis on rehabilitation for big name white players. I haven’t done studies on it, but I’m sure if someone did, a trend would be likely to emerge.
    I’m not saying Sherman is right, but I’m also saying he’s not wrong.

  65. So MeSean ending up signing with the Redskins. Hmmmm…with all the bs talk of the name Redskins being racist and all, I wonder how the Native Indian people feel about Sherman opening his mouth about double standards? I decree that all music stars,actors and athletes should stick to what they know best and stay out of these educated discussions.

  66. Great points. But I think for the eagles, it wasn’t about the racism or gangs–it was always about value. Cooper was deemed to be As valuable contributor at a low price. For desean’s price–one of the highest in the league at the position— it wasn’t a good value. He was difficult to handle and a me first guy. Last point is that chip is very confident that his offensive scheme can be maximized without spending too much money. He believes resources should be spent heavier on defense where scheme can’t win–it’s about the talent. I am fine with releasing desean for my eagles.

  67. Nothing happened to you Sherman when you embarrassed the Seahawks and the entire NFL after the 49er’s playoff game. Therefore the NFL must like big mouth drug taking cheating punk black cornerbacks the most.

  68. I am kind of curious to see how Cooper will fare this season without Desean, (whom defenses always had to account for and drew a lot of double coverage) on the other side.
    Also, since RGIII has had another year in the healing process, (which is the real norm) and has Pierre Garcon and now Desean Jackson to throw to, the NFC East could prove to be the NFL’s most interesting division.

  69. Of course, this one is easy; it’s RACE, RACE, RACE…I mean, isn’t that what Sherman thinks it is and wants it to be?

    Sorry loudmouth, not race in this case. The difference is that Cooper said something incredibly stupid, apologized profusely, and was accepted back by most team-mates. Jackson on the other hand is a team cancer – me, me, me. Me, me, me doesn’t ever go away. What Cooper said was a non-issue after about 5 days.

  70. Shut it Sherm. It makes perfect sense. Their concern about Jackson ran deeper than “he got drunk and said a bad word and it made us look bad”

  71. Don’t make a reception until the fourth quarter in a playoff game and make 10 million will earn you a ticket out of town on any team. The rest of that junk is media contrived window dressing. It’s a business Sherm.

  72. Because Cooper is the on-field good little soldier and delivers for less money. Seems like coach Kelly’s not a fan of a draft pick from the Andy Reid regime. NFL teams are getting rid of headaches and head cases, regardless of talent, especially at bloated price tags when none of the remaining contract money is guaranteed.

  73. Go Richard. Nothing better then the old racism cliché when you can’t explain something in a reasonable way. How bout this: The eagles hire Kelly. They tell him, keep the team going for this season, See how it goes, then for 2014 start making the team the way you want it..So 2013, all the players he didn’t want, they pretty much screwed themselves out of a job so Chip really didn’t have much to do, gullible players think their untouchable. And BTW, whatever Cooper did does not even compare to 6 (and more) years of maliciously torturing and killing dogs. One mistake does not define one’s character, 6 years of being a sociopath does.

  74. @ Sherman:

    Pretty dumb statement for a Stanford guy!
    I could give you two reasons.
    1- the obvious, gang connections.

    2- Jackson is 5’10……. Copper is 6’4. @ Sherman. You and I both know that big WRs are becoming more valuable (Larry Fitz, Mega Tron, AJ Green, Brandon Marshall, Jimmy Graham(60% of the time lol)

    Sherman is trying to pull a “black twitter” Trayvon Martin movement and make keeping Cooper over Jackson a race thing

  75. What’s funny is Sherman probably says the ‘N’ word several times a day lol

  76. No body knows the real story except the Eagles, probably not even D.Jackson …but I’m sure they took into account his attitude towards coaches on and off the field many times, and with his high ass contract he just received 2 yrs ago and is already complaining he wants more… But why is Shermon worried about it?

  77. Richard’s right:
    Leonard Little and Donte’ Stallworth both weren’t given second-chances after killing people while driving under the influence…yet this Isray guy is given a second chance and is just told he has “issues”…

    wait…they were both given second chances and every just said they had “issues”? Even though they both weren’t white…how can that be in the NFL…that isn’t what happens…

    Also Mike Vick was never given a second-chance…

    Only Riley Cooper/white people get second chances in the NFL.

  78. Who was it who said he tanked it in 2012 because he didn’t like his contract? Hint: It wasn’t Cooper.
    Who was it who after losing a playoff game to the Saints last season said he wanted more money? Hint: Again not Cooper.
    So if past performance is a clue to future performance..who, since he wasn’t getting more money or a new contract, might well tank the upcoming season? Hint:Again not Cooper.
    So why take a chance, err on the side of cutting the cancer…….

  79. Not quite sure what the problem here is? Apparently, Jackson is a huge ass and obviously not too bright, and Kelly cut him loose. Poor Desean, only able to collect sixteen million in guaranteed money over the next three years. I have a feeling Washington will have far more in the way of regrets regarding Desean Jackson over the next three years than Philadelphia will.

  80. Yea. Shut up Richard and go wax your SUPERBOWL RING!!!! Quit hating on Sherm because he is smarter and more talented then YOU R!!! Wouldn’t trade you for anyone Sherm!’ And he really makes a couple great points!! Jackson is twice the talent cooper is. Doesn’t matter because as long as seattle and the boys are on top this kind of hate will continue. And i think I speak for all us 12’s when I say BRING THE HATE ON!!! Good luck in Washington D Jax!! I for one hope he sticks it to chip and the boys every chance you get!!!

    GO HAWKS !!!!

  81. Riley Cooper made one comment and then apologized for it. Jackson has made numerous comments and has gang affiliation. On top of that, Jackson is also a ‘me first’ player.

    I am sick of the race bating.

  82. Because saying a bad word one night is akin to fronting for a violent criminal organization for years. Nice job, Sherman.

  83. Riley Cooper:

    Pros- gives effort on every play, shows respect to coaches, makes $5 million

    Cons- caught saying the n-word 1 time

    DeSean Jackson:

    Pros- amazing talent

    Cons- disrespects position coach, admitted he didn’t give a complete effort for an entire season because he wanted a new contract, won’t go across the middle due to injury concerns, expensive

  84. bitw44 says:Apr 2, 2014 9:59 AM

    Never saw Riley Cooper post instagram photos with the Aryan Brotherhood or do an SS salute in the endzone though

    But you did see the video of him threatening to fight every N***** in here!

  85. If it was a salary cap issue they would have cut him next year since DeSean is still costing them a 6 million dollar cap hit.

  86. People like to forget that our constitution guarantees Cooper his opinions and the right to voice them, even if they are unpopular and small minded.

    There was nothing illegal about what was said. There was no punished needed other than what the Eagles felt the damage to the teams image was, and the contracts that Cooper signed agreeing to accept those punishments.

    Is Riley Cooper a racist… maybe. Did he get drunk and say something moronic that someone filmed, yes. Should we push to ruin his career over one drunken mistake? I think half the players in the game need to be retired if the answer to this is yes.

    If the NFL is going to fire any white person who says the N word, they must also fire all other races of people who say the N word. If they fail to do that, the white people fired can and should sue them for racial discrimination.

  87. Richard, if you and every other African American who uses the “N” word, want others to not use it, then set an example and stop using it yourself. It is crazy that a word that was derived from such hate and ignorance is thrown around by a culture so freely but when others use it, it is an outrage. Don’t even respond with “It is a term of endearment” or “We can use it but no one else”. It is either a word that can or can not be used. It is hypocritical that the word is used in everyday life all the time by the same very people who are appauled when “certain” people say it.

    P.S. I absolutely do not condone the use of the word, just can’t stand when someone freaks out about it but is the SAME person using it every other sentence.

  88. I am so sick and tired of hearing race card! Hey Richard…….No one of color gets help in the league……….. WAIT…. SEE ALSO: RAY RICE, SEE ALSO MICHAEL VICK, SEE ALSO ODELL THURMAN, SEE ALSO CHRIS HENRY, SEE ALSO DONTE STALLWORTH (HE KILLED A PERSON FOR CHRIST SAKE) SHALL I KEEP GOING. SHUT YOUR STUPID TRAP. How about white people start screaming that there are not enough white players on the field at one time during the game…..UHHHHH THAT IS BECAUSE WE DON’T CARE…WE WANT THE BEST ATHLETES OUT THERE NO MATTER WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE. GOD DAMN THIS PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH.. SO TIRED OF IT!

  89. Its funny how Cooper can shout he’ll fight every N in here but people will try to say that doesn’t make him a racist. I agree that don’t make him a racist but there is at least something people can hang on to if that proves their point. Now some of the same people will say DeSean is a banger while not giving him the same benefit of doubt that they give Cooper. So what, Jackson is throwing up his set that’s the same as Cooper shouting the N word it proves nothing more then they’re both idiots for doing such things.

    Now if DeSean was cut due to attitude and on field antics that’s another thing and probably what Philly fans should put their focus on. Most football fans know he’s a cancer in the locker room and we’ve seen when he “limped” up the field when he was playing “hurt”. Most of us will accept that as a reason to NOT pay someone 10M. To those who say they’re ok with him being gone due to his attitude and antics I say thanks for keeping it real. It’s easy to say he shouldn’t be there because he’s a “Gang Banger” (who uses that term anymore). It’s real talk to say as much of a fan of his you are, you’d rather your team cut ties and get someone who is better for the team overall and not just out there for himself.

    In Cutler I trust…. Bear Down.

  90. @ Richard Sherman:

    Reason #3-
    See::: the Philly Eagles starting center tweet after Djax was cut, PRAISING the release of Desean Jackson. Do teammates usually praise the release of other teammates?? I rest my case.

    You lose, Sherman. Sherman is a quick example of how “you could go to school, but you CANT buy class”. LOL

  91. tennesseetitan78 says: Apr 2, 2014 10:53 AM

    Keep talking and acting the way you are Shermon and you might find yourself in the same position..

    Thats right Sherman (correct spelling) you better stay in your place. You peolple used to amaze me but it is becoming so common that it is the norm.

  92. Also… if DeSean stupid ass would act like a normal person and not have friends who are part of gangs……..HE WOULD STILL BE ON THE TEAM. GROW THE F up and accept responsibilty. Everyone saw what happened in New England and they will protect themselves going forward. DITCH YOUR LOSER FRIENDS DeSean!!!

  93. It’s one thing to get drunk and say something stupid, Mr. Sherman. It’s another to live a lifestyle around gang members. Also, he was getting paid what?…$13 mill this season. Also, he missed meetings and was late to meetings.

    Riley made a mistake and tried his best to make amends. D-Jax never did that, and his team wasn’t very disappointed that he was cut.

  94. Chip is a straight laced my way or the highway guy. The release didn’t seem race related but more attitude related. Cooper got caught saying a violent racial slur, but he seems like a toe the line do whatever the coach says guy. Chips kind of guy. Maclin too, who is black.

  95. The problem with Mr. Sherman’s comments is this:
    Six or seven days ago, DeSean Jackson was on the verge of being cut due to salary, work ethic, selfish me-first attitude. After he was cut, the gang talk started, along with the interesting story about the PD and his robbery amount, reward amount, etc….Now that he’s been cut, and all that came out, Richard wants to make it about race, and a supposed double standard.
    I love watching Mr. Sherman play, AND listening to him talk, (he has a command of the language like Dennis Miller, extraordinary)…But while he’s entitled to his own opinion, none of us are entitled to our own facts. He can get many to buy what he’s selling, but that doesn’t make it so.

  96. They didn’t cut him for gang ties. There were team reasons like work ethic, getting along with the coaches and salary. Chip believes in system more than player especially when the player is a negative locker-room presence. No teammate stood up for him even before the release, that speaks volumes. It’s questionable who leaked story to since everyone assumed that the Eagles did it. If so then that was slimy. But it would have been a public relations maneuver to assuage fans not their actual reasons. I choose to believe that they aren’t that petty but who knows!

  97. Chip Kelly,you owe Richard Sherman an explantion… Seriously,why does Sherman always have to shoot his mouth off about things that don’t concern him? I wonder when the Seahawks will get tired of his act and cut him loose.

  98. Let’s all remember that last year, when Roddy White was tweeting that the Zimmerman jurors should kill themselves and Victor Cruz was tweeting that “the hood will catch up with Zimmerman” that Sherman had nothing to say about them.

    He wasn’t openly wondering why 2 black football players who were advocating murder on social media while sober still had jobs. I guess Sherman’s vocalized opinion is highly dependent on skin color.

    A white guy who is drunk at a concert is held to much higher standards than men of color who intentionally tell the world while sober who should kill themselves and how a man is going to die.

  99. I’m pretty sure they got rid of him because they don’t like him. I seriously doubt the alleged gang ties were involved in the decision to cut him. And as far as Cooper goes, I believe you could walk into an NFL locker room (yes, even the Seahawks) and hear the n-word being used by players of all races. Cooper got drunk (not an excuse in my book) and said something stupid in public, then produced on the field after giving what seemed to be a sincere apology. I doubt the gang ties would get Jackson cut even if they prove he is a high ranking member. It wouldn’t even surprise me if an NFL team signed Hernandez if he walks.

  100. Irsay is going to be punished, so that comment makes no sense. I guess Aldon Smith didn’t get help? Pacman Jones was given a personal escort to keep him out of trouble. Donte Stallworth get another shot after killing someone with his car? Think it through Richard, you idiot.

  101. Actually Sherman it is quite simple . One guy acted like a jerk but made very little money and besides the incident try’s to be a team player . The other guy always acts like a jerk makes a ton of money and doesn’t think he needs to change

  102. Richard, you went to Stanford for FREE and now make millions, but you are still NOT THAT BRIGHT!!!! Quit playing the victim and forget the RACE CARD. DeSean is a “me-first” punk and Cooper is simply a loud mouth. I think the Philadelphia Eagles “get it” – unfortunately YOU DON’T. BTW, have you ever uttered a racial slur? If so, does the mean the Seahawks “don’t get it”?

  103. sherman is an idiot. i’m wondering how he thinks his act after the niners game reflected on his team.

    he sounded like one of the kids on the street corner with the bandanas talking about how bad his crew, set, or clique is. only thing different was he didn’t flash signs or guns. showed the same anger though. he’s a fraud.

    and if he played desean one on one, he would punk him like so many did, knock him off his route and take him out of the game. desean’s only chance would be to slip the contact, which comes and goes depending on which physical corner he faces.

  104. This was probably mentioned here before, but what team mate of Jackson even complained about his release?

  105. It’s a pay back for not having one person vote for Romney for President in Philadelphia.

  106. Come on Richard. You know how it works. It comes down to this. Riley Cooper doesn’t cost $10 Mill a season. It’s about the bread. Always will be and it doesn’t matter what Cooper says. If Cooper starts trying to re-work his contract after one season, fakes injuries and has possible ties to gangs that conjures images of Aaron Hernandez, he’ll be shown the door too. Right now he’s productive and more importantly – relatively cheap. Go ahead, get drunk and make your racial slurs. Just don’t DARE ask for more money. Works the same with the players. They say one thing – like wanting to play for a ‘winner’…but only if the money talks. It’s all about coin. No one should have to explain this to Sherman who will be due some coin of his own soon enough. Then we’ll see if the Seahawks “Get it”. Or will Richard be saying they ‘did him wrong’ like that frumpy RB from Jacksonville?

  107. Bigotry has clouded your judgment. You claim there is no racism, yet you can’t stand to even look at the possibility that racism plays a part in why you think the way you do.

    Many are culturally conditioned to accept what makes you feel comfortable. The 6 degrees of DJax makes him bad, but the racist expression of Cooper, makes him OK. To prove how OK, we’ll fire Jackson and give Cooper a raise.

    That sounds fair.

  108. What a moron..once again bring race into the discussion. Guess what Sherm I am sure their blacks and the eagles who mock whites. Finally if the stories on jackson are true I would take a racist over a gangbanger all day long.

  109. I’m trying to figure out what Sherman said that was inaccurate.
    Seems to me that some of the posters here can’t figure it out, so they’ll take shots at Sherman.
    I would have rather heard the Eagles were cheap & Jackson was costing them too much. The team floated the gang banger thing as an excuse to keep their $$$.

  110. Good point, Richard, everything you do is indeed “reflective of the organization.” Who would have thought such a quote would come from Richard Sherman — wow.

  111. Ok Sherm, call the Eagles a bunch of racists. I dare ya’. That’s where you wanna go, right? – Retard. D-JAX is a CRIP w/ a poor work ethic. Kelly doesn’t want to deal w/ it anymore. Plain and simple.

  112. The main point Richard is trying to get across isn’t about racism per say. It is about people who come from rough situations, like Watts, and become successful in business or sports but choosing to remain in their communities. Just because you are a millionaire, doesn’t mean you didn’t grow up there. Chances are you have friends that joined a gang, that is the reality of the neighborhood you are from. Seems wrong to expect someone to disown everyone they grew up with because the come from a bad part of town.

  113. Reason No 10000+, the fact that one goes to an Ivy league establishment doesnt mean they demonstrate common sense. Book smarts is one thing, but common sense may not be common to common people.

  114. Sherman you are a hypocrite. You beg the world for forgiveness for your mistakes but refuse to lend the same to others for their mistakes.

  115. Richard, Pete’s number 1 rule is, “Don’t hurt the team.” With your impulsive statements, you are hurting the team. You make the Seahawks look bad. Stop It!

  116. Isn’t this the same knucklehead that said that it’s ok for a certain colour to say something that another colour can’t. Isn’t judging someone on their race and having different rules for different races the definition of rascism? Or is it Websters that’s confused

  117. Rich can say what he wants. He will always be remembered for the incredible play in the infamous “Tip Game” against the Santa Clara 49ers.

  118. That right there is why Richard Sherman has not only become my favorite football player, but also one my favorite people in life… he never stops to seem to amaze me… Kobe needs to take some notes from Richard…Indeed…

  119. Hey Sherman, you’ll have a job waiting for you when you finally retire. By that point Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will be ready to retire and the country will need a new race hustler, someone ready to play the race card at the drop of a hat. I think MSNBC already has a time slot for your new show.
    Isn’t it exciting to already have a career waiting for you?

  120. This is also the same organization that gave Michael Vick his second chance after incarceration. Last time I checked, I do not believe he is white. Jeff Lurie is very public about his favorite Eagle of all time, Brian Dawkins… also not white…

    The Eagles let go a player who ‘gave up’ on the team 2 years ago from a contract dispute. A ‘me’ first personality (displayed by his taunting and rap label). There has only been 1.5 years where he has not been ‘a problem’. First year, and half of this year…

    That being said, his talents are going to the rival team. Only time will tell how good a move this really is… Chip, you need a top DB and Safety. This guy will want to prove you wrong.

  121. If DeSean was cut because of bad worth ethic then they wouldve traded him. The Eagles cut him because of the gang ties and that’s it so Sherman is right because it’s just alleged but the Eagles know Jax is a moron and they want nothing to do with him but man it sucks for Eagle fans.

  122. All you have to do is look at the INT Foles threw in the Minnesota game to Desean. Desean was right there, and instead of playing defender on a poorly thrown ball he made no effort to stop the CB from making an easy INT. Cooper (who was 10 yards past Desean in the endzone) managed to actually run the CB down from behind at about the 40 yard line, and Desean wasn’t even within 20 yards of the tackle. It’s little things like that which made their decision easy on who to keep, and who to cut.

    Desean is a “me first” type player. If it doesn’t benefit him he gives no effort. Countless times you’ll see plays that aren’t designed for him to be the first or second read he “Randy Moss” the route by barely running faster than a quick jog.

  123. What has Desean Jackson done in big games? People seem to forget how shut down he was until Keenan Lewis’ suspect concussion. DJax is small and fraile.

    He was expendible, plain an simple. Im glad he signed with the Redskins. The Eagles secondary is improved and Im not afraid of playing him twice a year

  124. Get over Riley Cooper already. You have the mentality, do as I say not as I do. I grew up playing ball in the streets and I cant tell you how many times I was called the n word, and I am white. When everyone around you uses the word, sh-t grows on you, but it doesnt make you racist. Riley Cooper is the least of the black community’s problems. Stick to your pyscho rants after winning a game. Your cred is shot right now but guess what, in a year or 2 everyone will get over it, thats how the NFL works.

  125. My guess is that both players were given a season to get their acts in Kelly’s line. One did. One did not. One was budget friendly. One was not.

  126. If DeSean got cut because of his salary and work ethic why can’t we let that be? Did the Eagles say they cut him due to gang ties? NO! they cut him and didn’t explain why nor did they have to explain. If gang ties never came about we’d all say it was his work ethic but since some news or website said it’s due to gang ties fans have to go after each other. Some people choose to justify using the N word or some will say being a racist isn’t worse than being in a gang. Now the media has us picking the better of the two evils. Who amongst us want to be a racist? Who amongst us want to be in a gang? Hardly any of us but we’ll have some on one side justifying the actions of an idiot and some on the other side justifying the actions of another idiot. One thing we can all agree on is shouting the N word is idiotic and throwing up gang signs is just as idiotic.

    In Cutler I trust…. Bear Down.

  127. Response to all of the people mad about what Sherman said: He has a Super Bowl ring, more money than you’ll ever see in your lives and will be in the media even after his career ends so you will NEVER be rid of him. LOLOLOLOLOL

  128. The eagles didn’t want to pay Desean $10 million. Simple. And they were right, he only got $8 million on the market. Riley Cooper performed well and is far cheaper.

    Also, how does Sherman now say someone should be condemned for using the “N word” after stating that the NFL banning the “N word” would be a racist move against black people?

  129. Yes Mr. Sherman you are correct. The Eagles front office is completely racist and are actively trying to purge their team of all black players, except for the whole re-signing of Maclin and trading for Sproles, I haven’t figured out how they fit into their master plan just yet. But I will! And when I do, you and I are going bring a class action lawsuit on the Eagles organization and eventually the entire NFL!!! Then we’ll create our own team and have only malcontents and unreliable players who like to show their lack of respect for our management team, and we’ll promote them showing gang signs on their personal social media accounts and on live tv during games. Then we’ll really have stuck it to the man!!!!!

  130. Maybe the intelligent and articulate Sherman would be better served using his influence writing about and warning young people about the dangers of gang activity. Possibly touching on his own experience growing up in a town notorious for gang activity and how he was able to find success and get out through studying and hard work on the field.

  131. Wasnt Sherman the one who said that the NFL should not try to impose penalties on players saying the exact same racist word on the field?

    There certainly is a double standard here.

  132. Just for the record, LAPD has said that DJax is not involved with gang-related activities.

    But a lot of lazy, ignorant people here are accusing him of – or implying with a wink – that he’s gangbanging.

    Why the hate?

  133. Thats easy Sherman, aka smart guy from Stanford. The reason the Eagles kept Cooper while cutting Jackson is that Jackson has an attitude, doesnt run out routes, does what he wants and costs the Eagles 10 m a year.
    Signed University of MD Baltimore County guy

  134. This is what happens when you give the keys to a billion dollar team to a socially awkward college coach. Chip will be back Iin college after this year’s disaster.

  135. RACE CARD

    maybe Desean is over paid and gets hurt a lot has something to do with it? Maybe he is just a loud mouth and no one likes to be around him, maybe the new coach didnt like what he saw out of him last year

  136. I’m a Seahawks fan and love Sherman and have defended at every turn. Until now. Seriously, Sherman, shut up. Even if your opinion on this was right (it’s not), just shut up. What do you think the chances are that DeSean Jackson has said racist things about white people in his life, especially if he’s a little gangbanger? I’d say chances are pretty good. But because it’s socially acceptable for black people to be racist toward white people, it’s totally fine, right? Is Cooper a gangbanger being a headache to management and a nuisance in the locker room? No. Ok, shut up. Seriously, Sherman, even when you’re right, your act is a little annoying. But when you’re just flat out ignorant and dumb, it’s impossible to defend you and justify your actions. Just continue to be a beast on the field and keep your opinions on crap like this to yourself. You’ll be much more likable.

  137. there might be a little bit of a grey area, but it’s pretty clear that its black and white….lol.

  138. People stop already with the Eagles and Djax being a pretend gangbanger……he was making too much money and he’s one-dimensional. End of story.

  139. I thought Richard Sherman was a smart dude. Because comparing using a bad word to being a part of a criminal organization is apples to oranges. Riley Cooper should have been punished harsher, but he is not participating or encouraging drug sales or executions.

  140. Rather than attempt to reflect on what MeSean could have done, and evaluate his impact on that locker room let’s instead go with the easy RACE CARD.

    Because in today’s game a team would rather be racist than win ball games. Riiiigghht.

  141. This team forgave Cooper, and also fully supported the decision to rid themselves of DeSean so what does that tell you?

  142. Of course it’s a racial thing. Just like every other thing you don’t like. It’s all racial.
    Always. Completely.
    Or…. Jackson is a little pain in the butt that wasn’t worth what they were going to owe him.

  143. Using the “N” word and having gang ties are not comparable. Mr. Sherman, sorry you cannot play the race card, it has already been used up.

  144. White folks, here’s reality: most of you wouldnt even think of using that word, some of you have and an even smaller subset would do so in public.
    A drunken Riley Cooper had likely used that word multiple times before that one on-tape occurance. If you can shout it in public, you’ve used it before.
    And black folks, stop using the word; it has no place in modern society.
    If/when its time to let Cooper go because of $$$, the Eaglets will use the racist word as an excuse. They surely wouldnt want fans to think they’re more concerned about money, right?

  145. He apologized for running his mouth like you did. We forgave you why not him you dip stick?

  146. Hey Shermy! A double standard just like with Leonard Little?

    Hope Irsay get’s what is coming to him. But enough with the black and white already…..

  147. So did the Eagles officially come out and say they cut DeSean because of his gang affiliation? If not then what is Sherman complaining about?

  148. So…the Seahawks ” get it” huh Richard Sherman? Really? They “accept” alleged or actual behaviors which were purported by the Eagles regarding Jackson? If that’s the case…and Mr.Sherman has this all figured out…why then sir didn’t Seattle offer DeSean Jackson a contract or at least bring him in to show interest… If nothing more than a show of support? Please…don’t tell me your offense has no use for his skills, nor is there a roster spot available. I am not familiar with Seattle’s cap situation, but if there were interest in Jackson, the contract could have been structured “cap friendly”. Also…very telling that Andy Reid doesn’t want him in KC. So STOP IT with the double standard. Get over yourself!

  149. Cooper wanted to fight people… Jackson would rather shoot them (or have his boys shoot them). Philly would rather have a drunk redneck scream slurs all day than another Hernandez type situation. On a side note: I wonder how many times Cooper has heard “cracker” come out of a black players mouth on the field?

  150. The reality is the Eagles didn’t care about either one’s racists comments or another’s gang ties. This was about business.

  151. When I have a desire to read hundreds of comments from anonymous people on the Internet who pre-judge another person they do not know for his opinion and viciously criticize or even call that person a racist, and the majority of others agree with those poorly worded and misspelled Internet posts, I simply look for articles about Rush Limbaugh or Richard Sherman.

  152. The NFL and all its media know what goes on in the locker rooms of many NFL teams, because of the Martin and Incognito stories..

    Cutting Riley Cooper for the N word? I’ll assume if your gonna do that for that reason, you’d have to probably cut Jackson and 20 other players for the use of the word also…Right? Because we all know this type of “language” is used on the field and in locker rooms…
    If they were to cut Cooper, the Eagles would have a huge lawsuit on their hands. Freedom of speech is still in our constitution, and the use of the word could be proven in court that it wasn’t used in his work place. Doesn’t mean it has to be accepted by his team, but they obviously accept him…Right? Lets drop it

    Finally…The use of a word and being affiliated with potentially dangerous criminals is a whole different story…Especially when your investing millions on someone who could go to jail…Last time I checked you can’t go to jail for using negative comments…

  153. Here is how you guys have to make the connections. I believe Cooper was comfortable saying what he said was because of the people he was around. But we are judging him about his actions. Desean Jackson was throw to the wolves for not his own actions but because of the company he kept.

  154. Man, I am a Sherman fan but this seems like a really poorly thought out comment. The price tags on the guys were so different they are uncomparable. Sherman isn’t there, he doesn’t know to what level Jackson is a pain in the butt. I am just a dumb white dude without any sort of racist inclinations so maybe I am naive to it but it seems like pro athletes are so determined to make everything racial when aren’t most players in both the NBA and NFL black? There is black coaches, Black announcers, black cheerleaders (which are nice) even the president is black, I mean like I admitted I am naive but it just seems like a pretty level playing field now-a-days but obviously thats not the consensus of everyone.

  155. Put it back in the deck Rich. As a black man, I firmly believe that the one industry in the country where we can absolutely rule out race as a factor in decision making is professional sports. I’ll admit, I agree that it’s an interesting situation to consider, I just don’t think the situation has any real weight, or significance. And there’s certainly no double standard in the league, everything cuts both ways:

    The NFL offered counseling to both Irsay and Vince Young; overlooked Cooper’s racist remarks, but suspended Incognito before the situation could be fully investigated. The league blocked Rush Limbaugh from investing in the Rams simply because of his opinions, but pointedly ignored drug, DUI, and weapons violations by Aldon Smith. Johnny Manziel has caught far more heat for possibly drinking at QB camp than Marshawn Lynch caught for three DUIs or Donte Stallworth for running an old man over. I personally have friends and family who don’t respect Robert Griffin or Russell Wilson to be toms because of their attitude and mannerisms.

    At the end of the day I don’t believe white players hold any true animosity towards Us, or vice versa. Nor do I believe the league office or ownership see things in terms of color. The Philly situation is interesting, but at the end of the day, Sherman should check himself before pulling out the card.

  156. So many people here claim racism is non-existent. They need to get out of their white-suburbia, and go into the real world. There may not be any more lynching or curbings, but that doesn’t mean discrimination, personal or institutionalized, doesn’t happen. Open your eyes!

  157. Sherman should know better, the gang/n-word sideshows are trivia.

    The question is what the player brings the team, not just on game day but in the locker, meetings, practice etc, and is that worth the money he costs.

    Any club stupid enough to discriminate against black players would be at such a talent disadvantage they could draft a white guy first overall every single year.

  158. Tell Sherman stick to the Seahawks After his rant on national tv he’s lucky he has a job. Jackson is a punk and disrupts the locker room. He’s a me person not a team person. Leave Coop out of it. He has nothing to do with this.

  159. I have to say that I agree with the underlying point. If you are going to use the smokescreen of alleged, ie UNPROVEN, gang ties to justify cutting a star player to your fan base that would be enraged if it was all about money but give a short vacation and giant paycheck to someone that has proven misdeads, it is a double standard.

    Race comes into play with it, but not necessarily where Sherman points it out. The factor is when the double standard is presented to someone their race colors their reaction to it. I noticed a lot of guys that I assume are white on here talking about how it isn’t a big deal that Cooper dropped the N-Bomb. He was drunk. It was a one time thing. He’s a good team player and Vick said it was okay. But the same people are up in arms because DeSean knows guys that are in a gang. I can understand that reaction to an extent. If you’ve never had to deal with someone being racist towards you, and you’ve never spent much time in a neighborhood where you are more likely to meet people in gangs than not, you would certainly find one more concerning than the other. That still doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore the other side of the issue.

    Riley Cooper’s actions shouldn’t have been swept under the rug, and honestly, it looks like DeSean’s have been largely exaggerated.

  160. Richard Sherman thinks the NFL is the WWE. He is the classic example of the Heal Wrestler. Say something that makes people mad, then get mad at them for being mad with you, then yell “SHUT UP!” at the fans as they boo you; all the while, you keep your stock as high as you can, because people know your name; you are loved by your select few, who purchase all your merchandise; and you revel in the fact that you know you are relevant and see yourself all over the news. Now we just need that Face Wrestler to come out and kick his butt, while eating his vitamins, dieting and exercising, brother.

  161. re Irsay, he’s mixing up the problem…

    Irsay gets special treatment because he’s a billionaire owner, not because he’s Caucasian..

    If a rich African American NFL owner was caught in Irsays’ situation, he’d use his money, power, influence the same way Irsay most assuredly is.

    justice has 20/20 vision for those with cake.

    You should be happy Shermy, because you’re part of that club. So is Ray Rice and so was Ray Lewis for that matter. Just a fact of life

  162. Sherman obviously doesn’t understand the salary cap, which was the primary reason Philly had to let him go. There is also a secondary reason: conduct detrimental to the football team.

  163. This entire soap opera is tired and over until the next chapter in a day in the life of… Everyone got what they wanted here, so what’s the big deal?
    The pundits need to create drama for the people with no lives to feed on.
    The Riley Cooper racial slur drama got quickly swept under the rug once it was clear that the Eagles had a shot at the playoffs…only to be replaced by the Richie Incognito drama, also swept under the rug (more or less) as long as the Dolphins “were in the hunt”.
    Now Sherman is raising reasonable questions, that we have all wondered about at some level and he is getting bashed because…he’s high profile and good at what he does or because he raises the race issues (which seems to be a consistent thread in all of this).
    Bottom line, Jackson is a better talent than Cooper but more expensive and he probably doesn’t hit it off with his Irish coach for whatever reason so a parting of the ways will likely benefit both parties. Jackson has better career opportunities with the Skins, a young team with a QB he has a chemistry with. At the end of the day it’s about winning games and everything else is hyperbole and BS benefitting the pundits only!

  164. Where are the people flogging the suggestion that Jim Irsay has “ties” to drug trafficking, as he was caught with laundry bags full controlled substances and $29,000 in cash in a metal briefcase?

    That’s a reasonable question that’s gone unasked, somehow.

  165. Then I guess A. Smith (49ers) is white, when Sherm’s logic is put into play. Sherm just can’t stay quiet for a minute!!!!

  166. If you think it’s just a word say it to the wrong person of color and I assure you it will become a very harsh reality for you. By the way I hope you keep you white sheets washed.

  167. Richard Sherman is an intellectually challenged pompous donkey. Of course he does not understand the salary cap and a disgruntled player who may go through the motions even though he is paid $10 mil a year.

  168. with you all the way Sherman. people in this country want to act like color doesn’t matter, however is the one thing that matters most in everything we do in this country.

  169. Who cares why the Eagles let him go? They didn’t want him around so they cut him. They get to pick their personnel. That’s how pro sports works. End of story.

    Guys need to worry about their own careers and their own images. Ya dig, Sherm?

  170. Sherm makes a point…which I thought when I heard they were shopping Jackson. But you really have to look at the situations. Yeah Cooper did what he did but I hadn’t heard of anything else he’s done before that incident and haven’t heard of him in any trouble after. And it wasn’t an incident within the orginization/team..although it did effect his teamates/orginization. Jackson on the other hand….Chip Kelly had a problem with. yeah it’s messed up they got rid of him around the same time he was being linked to gangs…but he also was missing meetings, late, etc. Which is not the same thing as saying you’ll fight every N here on a drunkin day away from work. It was probably best they let Jackson go if they were going to keep Kelly to keep teamates from choosing sides. Look forward to seeing who made the right choice…Eagles or Redskins

  171. I’m glad someone called out the Irsay stuff. Funny how it’s a non topic now.

  172. Chip Kelly defamed Desean Jackson to the fans to make it a smoother transition to cut him for the money and salry cap. End of Story.

    Kelly wants to be the head cheese, by letting Vick go, and cutting Jackson he now has that. It will be all about him and his system like he wants it.

    Just remember there was a coach in Washington that thought anybody could run his system to. So slide over Ole’ Ball Coach Steve Spurrier, you may have another failed head coach returning to the college ranks soon!

  173. Sherman is the best corner in the NFL….. People hate him because their “star” receivers become a joke when matching against him… He will help the Hawks on the path back to the superbowl as they solidify their Dynasty.

  174. Hey Richard,
    You should see it from the perspective of the average citizen. We watch the rich and famous, politicians, businessmen, entertainers, athletes, get away with all kind of transgressions with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. The rest of us would be looking at beau coup jail time. Sorry, but your whining is getting old.

  175. Sherman is on the team. He knows the real sentiment on that team and a lot of folks have not embraced the Coop but they are in sync with Jackson. He is one of them.

    Riley should ask for a trade. Obviously bitterness still exists and it will continue to exist so why would you want to bust your ass for those kind of team mates. Time to move on muchacho.

  176. Also I might add, from this very site , Richard Sherman calling the proposed banning of the word ” atrocious and almost racist”

    Asked about the proposal to make use of the N-word an automatic 15-yard penalty, Sherman told Peter King of that the NFL would be making a serious mistake if it passed such a rule.

    “It’s an atrocious idea,” said Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman. “It’s almost racist, to me. It’s weird they’re targeting one specific word. Why wouldn’t all curse words be banned then?”

    Sherman said the N-word is commonly used among NFL players.

    “It’s in the locker room and on the field at all times,” Sherman said. “I hear it almost every series out there on the field.”

    Sherman sounds racist attacking Cooper for what he says he hears on every down.

  177. Richard Sherman just stick to what you know which is playing football. I remember the first time I saw DeSean Jackson play, it was in the high school Army All American game. He had caught a bomb and was running towards the end zone. The moron decided to showboat and leapt in the air only to down the ball about half a yard shy of the goal line. This behavior continued into the NFL. The guy has always been a clown. A me first egomaniac. As an Eagles fan I’ve never liked his attitude and unprofessionalism. I’m glad they dumped him. Sherman wants to cry racism but the NFL has a history of giving 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances to rapists, drug addicts, murderers, etc. How many black vs whites players do you think you could come up with who’ve had multiple chances?

  178. Cooper’s transgression was an isolated incident.

    By contrast, the word out of Philly that Jackson’s transgressions were a never-ending stream. It wasn’t just associations with gang activity – it was the late or missed meetings and other lack of professionalism and “buy-in-or-get-out” style of compliance.

    To my surprise, no one on the Eagles seems to be having much of a problem with his departure. And that is rather telling — giving how much of a talent D-Jax was/is.

  179. I know Sherman went to a great school, and had a high GPA coming out of HS, but sometimes when he opens his mouth, he sounds so freaking dumb.

  180. I agree with Rich. This was definitely a racist move. It had nothing to do with the fact that he is an overpaid, gang banging, malcontent punk that smokes weed and ADMITTED to quitting on his team over his contract.

  181. Henry Melton this past December called a White bar owner a racial slur then bit him. It was caught on surveillance camera(check youtube) so there is 100% proof, yet, we don’t hear a word of it. You go through the NFL web articles and find nothing. You can go to the Chicago Bears website and find only a single article saying he was arrested for assault, no mention of Anti-White behavior.

    I would like to hear someone address the double standard in the Anti-White operating procedures of all sports media and sports organizations involved with Melton.

  182. Not on cooper’s side, because I can’t stand the word. but how can you punish him for using the N-word. If you did, then you would have to punish everyone that uses it. You can’t just punish him because he was white and said it. Then that would be racist in itself.

  183. Just like in life. There is always a double standard for certain people since the beginning of time hasn’t changed and won’t we just pretend it has so we can feel better about “who”we are as human beings.

  184. John Wooten (a man who has experienced more racism than Sherman ever will) wants the N-word banned in the NFL, but Sherman called that plan “atrocious and almost racist”.
    Riley Cooper did a really stupid thing, manned up and paid his penance for it, and Sherman can’t let it go.
    Forget all the cop-outs about the word ending in an “a”, or an “er”.
    Either the N-word is acceptable, or it is not.
    Make up your mind, Sherman. Don’t be a hypocrite about it.

  185. Richard if revis can get cut even tho he was the number 1 ranked corner by footballfocus metrics, any nonQB can get cut if there cost outways their teams perceptions of their value. There are several talented Wr’s in the draft for 1/10 the price (Kelly prefers Wr’s that can block in the spread running game which desean fails at)

    So Richard you should not be talking about race but about how everything in the NFL is about money at all levels (that is also why the Goddell must wait for the justice department before he suspends one of his 32 bosses)

  186. For everyone who thinks Sherman is smart just because he graduated from Stanford, think again. He got a communications degree which is what all the jocks go for because it is a joke when athletes major in it. He was a scholarship athlete.

    Has anyone listened to the guy talk? I’ve seen him speak publicly and he is a horrible debater and public speaker. A college degree these days is a joke anyway. The only thing it proves is that you are dedicated to show up to class, not if you can comprehend the information.

  187. Rich Sherman makes a great point. At what point do we stop attaching labels and tags to people that don’t fit in the living rooms of America without true facts. If growing up in LA makes you a gang banger. Then growing up in south makes you a racist. Sounds stupid huh? But statements like that are being used to describe so many athletes of color. The last time I checked being in a gang meant you destroyed your community and preyed on the community. This so called gang banger has done more in LA and the youth then all the reporters on the espn reporting staff combined. Report what you know and not what you think…you will sound more intelligent

  188. White is the complexion for protection. This has been going on for hundreds of years. We all know that. I have PLENTY of white friends. Not one would trade skin tones with me though. Lets not act surprised that Cooper got a slap on the hand. You think Irsay is going to serve major time for his crimes? Gimmie a break. Meanwhile Tyrone down the block just caught the same charges last night but he not coming out until 2017. Get real this is America.

  189. What Riley Cooper did was social in nature. He used the N-word …..AT A COUNTRY WESTERN CONCERT WHEN HE WAS DRUNK. There were likely few, if any, people of color around him. It was not inflammatory in the racial sense, rather it was inflammatory from the “obnoxious drunk guy wants to fight” sense. It was a reflection of the culture that he spends most of his time in, and that is the high end athletic culture, where the N-word is used loosely, all the time, as a general reference to people… general. This is the same culture that is largely comprised of people like Sherman, who can claim offense at the N-word, whenever it is convenient, and shrug it off as a term of endearment when it is not. Which is it Sherm? Would your time not be better spent educating African Americans in the NFL to NOT use this term so loosely, if indeed it is offensive? The pendulum on this term has swung so far in the other direction that even white people are using it loosely, rather than as a derogatory term.

    The issue with Jackson is that first off, we don’t know know what else internally has happened to make a team want to cut ties with a player that just had perhaps his best season as a pro, for no compensation. We do know he had a large contract that NOBODY wanted anything to do with. The fact that no team would even trade a 7th round pick for him prior to recent news speaks volumes, which Sherm conveniently ignores, as if it is not part of the equation. On the outside, we have no idea if there were any negatives Jackson brought to the table from a team standpoint. We just know about the contract. Then we hear about alleged gang ties or illegal activities, which is hearsay, but I suspect the Eagles already knew about this and their perception of it is that it is real. Given those things, and the fact that they are within their rights, I can’t really say the Jackson situation is the same thing as the Cooper situation.

    This is a reach by Sherman for more airplay. He sees himself as a social justice oracle. Personally, I think he may be too young and inexperienced in real/adult life to be a self appointed grievance merchant. After all, he went to Stanford and was made wealthy at an early age. He may see himself (like many young people do) as smarter than everyone else. He continues to lose credibility when he fails to note the obvious differences here. It used to be if you could associate someone with the N-word, context didn’t matter. They were done. The main stream media would see to that. People lived in fear of being painted with that brush, but people are tired of that now and they are fighting back. I understand he wants to help his friends but this just sounds like Sherman trying to make a case for his friend, using his new found fame, but acting like a child, saying “oh yeah….well….well….HE SAID THE N-WORD!”

  190. Sherman is right. I thought the same thing and so do all my friends. If the Eagle players such as McKoy, Jason Peter and others boycotted that locker room like they should have, this double standard would not exist. Certainly not with Philly at least.

  191. As far as what is the NFL going to do about Irsay, uh, big difference between the guy signing the paychecks and the players getting those checks. I’m not defending him, but that’s a reality. Owners will bend over backwards for their own. Especially since Irsay kind of repaired the image of the Colts that was trashed by his dad.

  192. No one will ever know how hard it is to be black. When I read these comments it just let’s you know. I would Keep Riley Cooper over DeSean Jackson myself personally but when the questions are raised

    its not apples and oranges,

    Richard Sherman doesn’t become racist

    It’s not a so-called race card.

    We’re not even supposed to be on this side of the world but yet we pull the race card?

  193. I love how people claim that Desean was a bad locker room guy, yet Cooper can get caught (on video) blurting out the N-Word, and somehow that has no potential to disrupt team chemistry. 70% of the players in that locker are black.

  194. If cooper using the N-word should get him cut, then shouldn’t all the black players who use it also be cut? Pretty sure dropping an N-bomb has nothing to do with the fact that desean jackson probably is involved with gang activities. I mean cmon who really has 250k just laying around in cash? People doing shady stuff that’s who. If I use a racial slur, do people die? No. If I’m running around shooting at people cuz they are from a different hood, that’s entirely different than the use of an offensive word. I like that Sherman speaks his mind but seriously get off the racial bulls— already.

  195. That sounds exactly like what a caucasian going by the handle “Chris Henry’s Wild Ride” would say

  196. Chip Kelly is slowly losing the team already…you think the players dont notice anything ?? think just proud to be a Raider Fan i feel sorry for philly ..

  197. Dear Richard Sherman,

    Take the cotton out of your ears and put it in that big mouth of yours.



  198. Rich, even a Stanford Grad should be able to understand this….It’s NONE of your business why another organization made a roster move.

  199. ya Sherm…the Eagles are racist..Please excuse the list of great black QB’s from Randall Cunningham to Rodney Peete (well good not great here), Donavan Mcnabb, to Mike Vick..ya Sherm count the years the Eagles had a starting BLACK QB..and of course the Eagles shy away from black players with troubled past. i guess they didn’t know that Mike Vick just got released from PRISON when they signed him. Not to mention they gave him 100 million dollars !!
    Riley Cooper said a very ignorant thing..but his team mates forgave him ( all except DeSean Jackson btw)..and many NFL players have said and done worst the Riley Cooper…Dear Richard favorite clip of you is getting punched in the face after the Redskins game ( please youtube this if you haven’t seen it..its well worth it)..Richard Sherman..your 15 minutes have been up..go away

  200. First off, Richard Sherman is 100% correct in my opinion. Philly is crazy, DJ had 80 + catches and 1300 yards. Riley Cooper had 40 + catches and 800 + yards. The only reason Cooper had that may yards and catches because DJ was doubled. Cooper does not even have break -a-way speed. Cooper will be totally shut down next year. Macklin has not even played a full season without being injured, so good luck Cooper. He definitely wont be on my fantasy team.

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