Several receivers have had a big first year with new team

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When it comes to veteran receivers changing teams, the ability of the player to make a big impact in his first year with a new team depends on a lot of factors.  From scheme to quarterback to the presence of other weapons, many variables will influence whether the player does better or worse with his new team.

The Redskins, by signing DeSean Jackson five days after he was cut by the Eagles, surely are hoping that the player will duplicate or build upon a career-best season of 1,332 receiving yards in 2013.  Overlooked in that assessment is the fact that Pierre Garςon did even better in 2013, with 1,346 receiving yards.  That gives the Redskins a potent one-two punch — assuming they can distribute the ball to both players on a sufficient basis.

If Jackson has a strong first season in Washington, he’ll be joining a fairly short list of big-name wideouts who changed teams and made a big impact right away.

It happened nine years ago in Washington, when Santana Moss arrived via the trade that sent Laveranues Coles back to the Jets.  Moss gained 1,483 receiving yards in 2005.

It also happened exactly 20 years ago in Washington, when Henry Ellard joined the Redskins after a strong career with the Rams.  Ellard generated 1,397 in 1994, his first season with the Redskins after 11 with the Rams.

The player to generate the most receiving yardage after changing teams was Brandon Marshall.  In 2012, his first year after being traded from Miami to Chicago, Marshall accounted for 1,508 receiving yards with the Bears.

Other receivers to make a big impact in the first season with a new team include Randy Moss (1,493 yards and 23 touchdowns with the Patriots in 2007), Vincent Jackson (1,384 yards with Tampa in 2012), Anquan Boldin (1,179 yards with the 49ers in 2013), Terrell Owens (1,200 in 2004 with the Eagles and 1,180 in 2006 with the Cowboys), Plaxico Burress (1,214 yards with the Giants in 2005), Wes Welker (1,175 yards with the Patriots in 2007), and Jerry Rice (1,139 yards with the Raiders at age 39).

For Jackson, the value will come not only from his stats but also from his ability to stretch the field and draw safeties deep, opening running lanes for Alfred Morris and Robert Griffin III and underneath routes for Garςon and Andre Roberts.

Regardless of how it turns out for Washington, their latest former Eagles arrives for no draft-pick compensation, already making the move much better than the failed trade for Donovan McNabb from four years ago.

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  1. One good thing came from the McFlabb trade for the Skins….they were able to trade him to Minnesota for a 6th round pick that turned into Alfred Morris.

  2. Not mike Wallace ! For a cheaper price they could have brought a better albeit older receiver! Boldin would have been perfect for the throws Tanny is good at

    ! Instead fins are paying top five money to a wide out who isn’t a top twenty right now

  3. I still feel like Pierre Garςon is the best receiver on this team. He has some chemistry with Griffin, granted, when Garςon isn’t questioning his leadership.

    I just feel like it’s going to be Jackson squawking for the ball. If they end up not throwing to Garςon it will be a shame.

  4. Not a skins fan, but signing Djaccs makes them a dangerous team offensively, assuming Griffin returns to form (and can get some decent blocking). Three #1 quality WRs, 2 young strong RBs, and assuming Reed gets over his concussion issues, a very good TE. What NFL team is now demonstrably better, across the board in, at the skill positions?

    It’s not looking good for the Chipper. He damn well better be a genius – or the Eagles may now be just the 2nd best team in the division, at best. Could be worst-to-first 3 consecutive years (Wash 2011-22, Phila 2012-3….) in the NFCE .

  5. Thank you Bruce Allen. And the draft has now gotten easier with Jackson and Clark onboard.

    Let’s not forget that Kelly’s offense has been scouted and game planned this offseason throughout the league and I’m sure Jackson will provide yet a couple more nuggets.

  6. Jerry Rice doing what he did with the Raiders at age 39 was just unbelievable. Had he had Rich Gannon for a full season in 2003 instead of being subjected to pitiful Notre Dame QB Rick Mirer he likely would have had more than one 1,000 yard season after 40. I haven’t researched it, but I believe that he is the only player to have 1,000 yards after 40.

    Five will get you ten, but I think Desean Jackson’s stats will fall off this year. Either way, paying him $8M/season is much better than the near double that amount that the Dolphins paid for Mike Wallace’s 930 yards and <13 yards per catch average.

  7. Alfred Morris and Pierre Garcon should see increased production.

    they should be sending DeSean thank you checks all season.

  8. DeSean could definitely have a HUGE impact on the team, even if it is a completely new offense.

    He has talent and should fit in real quick with all the weapons.

    I say this because when Bears traded for Brandon Marshall, that very first season, he had one of the best of his entire career and broke practically every Bears WR record.

    Yes, we have a history of having terrible WRs, but that shows that he had the talent to not be one of them. That was with Lovie as our head coach too.

    So good luck ‘Skins, have fun watching him.

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