Tommy Smith likes where the Titans are heading

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The Titans changed coaches at the start of the offseason, firing Mike Munchak after three seasons and hiring Ken Whisenhunt in hopes of getting back to the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

That coaching change preceded free agency, which Titans CEO Tommy Smith says the team has used to bring in players that will help Whisenhunt implement his schemes while also building on the strengths already in place in Tennessee. Smith feels like “we’ve gotten better” and likes “the direction we’re heading” after signing players like Dexter McCluster, Michael Oher and Shaun Phillips.

“[General Manager] Ruston [Webster] has done an excellent job with the talent he has brought in here, and the mix is good. And it’s at positions where we needed more competition, and to upgrade. These are quality people and players, and they will bring character to the locker room,” Smith said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “Ken is bringing in a new offensive and defensive scheme, so these players that we have added will help complement the guys on the existing roster, but will also allow him to implement his brand of football. It all meshes very well.”

Among the moves Smith believes will allow Whisenhunt to implement his style of football is the signing of Charlie Whitehurst as a backup quarterback who knows Whisenhunt’s offense from their time together in San Diego and can run the offense until Jake Locker is back to 100 percent after foot surgery. The CEO was less forthcoming when it came to running back Chris Johnson, whose status Smith wouldn’t discuss amid expectations that the team will trade or release him in the near future.

9 responses to “Tommy Smith likes where the Titans are heading

  1. I’ve liked a lot of the moves Whiz/Webster have made so far with the huge exception of checkdown Charlie. That guy sucks. I’d rather have kept Fitz as Locker’s backup. I also think it’s not best to keep dragging the Chris Johnson situation out. He just needs to be gone, he’s like big black cloud hanging over the organization. If you can’t find a trade partner by now then you aren’t going to find one before offseason workouts so just cut him now.

  2. “I like where the titans are headed”, said the titans CEO, and NO ONE ELSE, EVER!!.

    Everything will be fine once we get….Wait, What… Did he say JAKE LOCKER?!?!?!?!?


  3. Locker will have a hard enough time sorting out yet another offensive scheme. What’s good for the team may be a bad thing for him.
    Can’t help but think Whitehurst will get a lot of snaps this season.

  4. Jeanoroid said: “Locker will have a hard enough time sorting out yet another offensive scheme. What’s good for the team may be a bad thing for him.”

    Jeanoroid, Jake Locker is a true student of the game. He’ll be fine. Mentally, at least. Physically, he’s got to quit being so daring. He’s not Steve McNair and defenders are even bigger and faster than they were in Mac’s days.

  5. As a fan, I am excited as well…we have pulled the trigger in FA the last two years and made some good aquisitions. Everyone is bombing the the whitehurst deal but I beleive his sole purpose is to teach locker. If locker goes down at least whitehurst knows the playbook, charlie may not be that good but he has always kept a job because of his good attitude and hard work ethic on the practice field. We took out some trash with Britt and cj wont be far behind. I agree that shonn green is not a long term answer at RB, but that signing last year doesnt look so dumb now especially with mccluster on the roster. Our defense kept us alive in so many games last season and with ray horton we can only get better. I think we have a shot to give indy a run for their money in the AFC south this year. This fan is happy with the moves we have made and i am looking forward to the draft. Go Blue!

  6. Tommy Smith? I thought that was Tommy Boy. Don’t give him too much credit. He just sits in his office reciting quotes from star wars through the fan blades.

  7. As a titan fan I’m not gonna put in an offseason grade until after the draft. Oher is not good, whitehurst is not good, woodyard is good in coverage but thats about it…

    From where I’m sitting it’s the same team as last year minus our only pro-bowler(verner), our long-time RT(big country), and the only big-time player we’ve had in years(CJ).

    I am glad we re-signed pollard though.

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