Carter hopes Eagles made their “2nd biggest mistake” by cutting Jackson

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Six days ago, the Eagles did what they’d done 24 years earlier, cutting the team’s best receiver and consciously risking the possibility he’ll play even better elsewhere.

In 2014, it was DeSean Jackson, who signed with the Redskins.  In 1990, it was Cris Carter, who also would have landed in the NFC East (with the Giants) if the Vikings didn’t have waiver priority.  (Carter didn’t instantly become a free agent because he had fewer than four years in the NFL.)

Carter, who went on to become a Hall of Famer with the Vikings, took to Twitter on Wednesday to encourage Jackson.  “Praying this is the 2nd biggest mistake Eagles made in their history by cutting their best WR,” Carter said.

And because Twitter is, you know, Twitter, Carter opened himself up to all sorts of criticism from Internet tough guys who called him names like “asshole” and “crackhead” for seemingly reversing course on his prior expressions of gratitude to the team for giving him a wake-up call by cutting.  But Carter believes the franchise gave him a wake-up call he didn’t really need.

“[T]ruth is,” he said in a separate tweet, “that when I left Philly I had been clean from Cocaine/alcohol for 6 months. They didn’t believe I would stay clean.”

If that’s the truth, former Eagles coach Buddy Ryan nevertheless deserves credit for offering up an excuse that made him look bad (i.e., “all he does is catch touchdowns”) and not one that made Carter look bad (e.g., “he’s a drunk and a drug addict”).  It’s a sharp contrast to the manner in which the Eagles handled Jackson, opting for silence (on the record, at least) in the face of all sorts of vague and irresponsible rumors about Jackson’s off-field connections.

Regardless, the Eagles of 2014 now have to deal with the receiver they cut twice per year, for as long as he’s a member of the Redskins.  And if Jackson produces like Carter did, he could be a member of the Redskins for a long time.

32 responses to “Carter hopes Eagles made their “2nd biggest mistake” by cutting Jackson

  1. Desean Jackson is the 3rd biggest mistake the eagles made. Cris carter is 2nd. Not resigning Reggie White was the #1 biggest mistake every made by the philadelphia eagles.

  2. They may have, but the Eagles are in the business of trying to win championships. While they haven’t been successful neither was CC. In fact, I can’t think of a more me-me guy than CC – was he ever really trying to win championships or just pad his stats? If the Eagles hadn’t released CC he may not have stopped doing drugs, etc which provided him with the wake up call that enabled him to turn his life around. So, viewed through this lens I can say that they Eagles didn’t make a mistake in releasing CC – it was, in fact, a great success. They enabled him to have an HOF career – albeit elsewhere. Personally, I can’t wait for CC to be silenced once and for all after he gets the boot from his television job.

  3. Does Chris Carter realize he never really did anything and just complained and has ZERO Super Bowl Rings? ZERO. So Philly didnt make too big of a mistake.

  4. It’s bone-headed moves like this that have kept the Lombardi trophy out of the Eagles hands. Giving up your top receiver because he makes too much money?

    Guess what? All top receivers make too much money!

  5. Buddy Ryan saved Cris Carter’s life, by cutting him.

    I hope DeSean, now realizes, it’s time to be an adult.

    good luck to both . . .

  6. I would say that the biggest mistake was Dawkins…then Reggie…then a lot more after them. I would say that this one may end up like McNabb…at least I hope so cause I don’t want this coming back to haunt us 2x’s per year. That would suck.

  7. If Carter is so great, how come the Vikings never won anything when he was there?

    Don’t use the excuse its because the Vikings always choke, Carter was there for the 15-1 season when they didn’t even make it to the Superbowl.

  8. Letting Dawkins walk is #1. Heart and soul of the Team, they’ve never been the same on defense. Here’s to hoping the Eagles actually value the importance of safety play in this and the coming years

  9. Everyone says the Eagles let Reggie leave but that’s not really true. He wanted out the second Jerome Brown died. Does everyone forget that he was the lead voice in NFL players getting real free agency. He didnt do that because the Eagles wouldnt pay him he did that because he wanted to leave.

  10. Man….I’m just finding out now that we lost out on a HOF WR because of waiver priority?? Boy could we have used that dude in the 90s. Our top WR then was Chris “Cab” Calloway…heid-dee-hi-dee-hi-dee-hi, heid-dee-hi-dee-di-dee-oo. Blaaaach.

  11. and irresponsible rumors about Jackson’s off-field connections.

    The only thing irresponsible is the non-factual use of the word irresponsible. The Eagles didn’t just make up this stuff. This is real stuff and it’s not good.

    And quite frankly what’s irresponsible is to just look the other way when it comes to guys like Jackson.

  12. It’s a fact that CC went on to become an HOF receiver after being cut, and that is a great accomplishment. I however, don’t think it was a mistake when The Eagles cut him, because of his history with substance abuse. At the time, CC was out of control for a large part of his career with Phil.

  13. i dont see the Eagles in the SuperBowl for another ummmmm loooooooong time and I am an Eagles Specially now that everyone knows Chop Kelly strategies. Chip Reid is already dismantling the team.

  14. So, Carter goes from praising the Eagles and Buddy Ryan in his hall of fame speech for “saving his life”…and proclaiming himself born again and bla bla bla… he chimes in on a topic he (like many other commenters..including me) knows NOTHING about…and wishes crap towards the Eagles. what a FAKE,..PHONY…TYPICAL BIG MOUTH. Chris Carter of all people, should know better.

  15. Totally Agree! Chris Carter Praises Buddy Ryan and NOW he DOGS Him! WOW! NO Class CC! If BR didn’t cut You, You wouldn’t of cleaned up!
    And here is DeSean is wanting his Number 10 at His New Home! Already starting crap at the Redskins with RGIII! Truely Laughable! Not growing up as I see it! Good Luck Redskins! GO EAGLES FLY EAGLES FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Coach Kelly coming from Oregon U. had plenty of difficult and unsavory football players as many jokers windup there. So he knew exactly what he needed to do with this Jackson saving a lot of money and making for a more wholesome lockerroom. Kelly is looking for a winning culture and a couple of defensive studs. Watch the draft……

  17. I think he gets 750 yards and 5 Tds this year… If he thought he was going to an offense that airs it out, I think he went to the wrong team. I don’t think that RGIII has that ability in his career yet. The Redskins are going to be a play-action and read-option team just like the past couple years, not the greatest show on turf.

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