Danieal Manning finishing up a one-year deal with Bengals


Danieal Manning wasn’t out of work long.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the former Texans safety is finalizing a one-year deal to join the Bengals.

Manning was offered a pay cut from the Texans, and when he didn’t immediately accept, they replaced him with Chris Clemons.

That enabled him to reunite with secondary coach Vance Joseph, who joined the Bengals this offseason.

He was going to visit the Chiefs if he didn’t take care of business with the Bengals, but that appears to be a moot point now.

17 responses to “Danieal Manning finishing up a one-year deal with Bengals

  1. Very valuable pick up for them; he’s a lot like some of their injured guys that are coming back (Vincent Rey; Emmanuel Lemur) and Dontay Moch who they liked but was always injured – fast, versatile guys who are kind of hybrids and can move around in a defense. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out through the draft and other less-flashy signings (which have been great for the Bengals in recent years – see Wallace Gillbery, for example)

  2. Show me…. Didn’t stay in Chicago. Didnt stay in Houston.. its a depth signing, is familiarity with Vance J but still want to see the fit. Can he tackle in run support or is he just playing the pass? Also Houston gave up some TD’s in the pass game last year… We will see…I will reserve the excitement for now.

  3. Question: Thumbs up if True. Thumbs down if False.

    Manning will not count against the Bengals’ 2015 Compensatory Pick calculation because he was cut by Houston. True or False?

  4. The Ravens? They’re too busy doing their victory lap after winning the Super Bowl.
    Oh. That was last year.
    Guess someone forgot to tell Ozzie, Harbaugh and company. Looks like they’ll be battling Cleveland for the bottom.

  5. As weak and vulnerable as the Bengals secondary was at the end of the season (Leon Hall OUT and Terence Newman OUT/injured)… they could use some help.

    Good signing… not like re-signing Jonathan Joseph (which is what mike brown refused to do)… but… typical mediocre to moderately above-average move by mike brown (when he makes moves = rarely).

  6. He is probably making about double the minimum salary, but that won’t hurt the Bengals on compensatory draft picks because Manning doesn’t figure into the formula since he was released and not an unrestricted free agent.

    As per Cincinnati Bengals website.

  7. JJoe was offered a contract from Mike Brown, Cincinnati. He even later said it was similar or the se amount of money, and years. He just wanted to play somewhere he thought they would win. How is that working out for him?

  8. To those bashing the Texans D…did you see our offense last year? We were 3rd in passing D and 7th overall. If you signed one of our linebackers you could be upset…not one of our best players. Try watching him play before you rag on him.

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