DeSean Jackson will “clear up everything” in ESPN interview

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DeSean Jackson abruptly backed out of an interview on the Dan Patrick Show this morning, but Jackson does plan to get his side of everything that has transpired in the last week to the public.

Jackson has instead taped an interview with Stephen A. Smith of ESPN, according to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

A Jackson spokesperson told McLane that the interview “will clear up everything” and will air Friday.

Jackson issued a statement vehemently denying that he is in a gang after published a story about his supposed gang ties shortly before the Eagles cut him. But other than that, Jackson has been mostly quiet about the circumstances that led to him getting cut by Philadelphia and ending up in Washington. Perhaps by the end of the day on Friday, we’ll have a better idea of what went wrong for Jackson with the Eagles.

95 responses to “DeSean Jackson will “clear up everything” in ESPN interview

  1. Desean wasn’t ready to clear up everything earlier. He had the meaning of life and the origin of the universe pinned down, but he wasn’t certain at that time where Jimmy Hoffa was buried.

  2. Right, Stephen A. Smith a bastion of unbiased journalism will do a _*fantastic*_ job revealing the truth. ::: eye roll :::

  3. Does anyone think Jackson will take any blame for anything? If you do then I have a brand new Philadelphia eagles Dicsean jackson jersey I would like to sell you.

  4. Wow a DJax interview on ESPN?

    I’ll be sure to be doing something else during that time.

  5. Oh good, Steven A Smith is as unbiased as they come.
    No way he’ll have an agenda….nudge, nudge, wink, wink

  6. What we’ll get is Jackson’s perspective, which is worth something but not very much otherwise. This kid is still pretty immature and I suspect what we’ll read is that any problems he had in Philly were everyone else’s fault, not his.

  7. Smith is giant blowhard that I’m sure will be soft balling questions for this misunderstood young man…

  8. sure. he will clear up everything with the polish of the NFLPA and ESPN’s filters. Journalism doesn’t go hand-in-hand with ESPN.

  9. I’m sure he’ll say he’s not IN a gang, which I would probably believe. But, being associated with a gang to the point where investigators have contacted you about said association multiple times is almost as bad. You don’t have to be in a gang to be an associate. And I’m willing to bet a pay check he isn’t questioned about his simple association.

  10. He plans on complaining about his contract by week 4. Likely because he’ll be broke by then

  11. Philly has been taking the high road the entire time. There was so much more going on behind the scenes with DJax. It takes serious integrity to drop a guy who just had a career year and keep the real details secret. Too bad people will watch this interview, Jackson will lie, Eagles will take high road and everyone with believe Jackson’s BS.

  12. Jackson issued a statement vehemently denying that he is in a gang after published a story about his supposed gang ties shortly before the Eagles cut him.
    Gang membership is not what’s a concern. If you’re a pro-potential youth athlete, a gang may “protect” you in exchange for you “remembering” them when you make it big. Being affiliated/associated with known gang members today (when you’re supposed to be a mature, successful professional) gives some support to that possibility. The streets don’t forget.

  13. The story that won’t go away. Washington I hope you enjoy this overrated selfish jackass!

  14. I doubt we’ll learn much from Stephen A. This will be two friends talking. If there was anything Jackson really wanted to dispute, he should interview with They are the ones that started this, and would be the ones to ask the questions we’d like to hear answers for, if there are any answers.

  15. Can’t wait till week 4 when 10 and 11 are arguing on the sidelines because 10 can’ t get 11 the ball enough! As a Ravens fan stuck in DC sportstalk land it’s gonna be another awesome season!


  16. For their next trick, ESPN has Skip Bayless interviewing Tim Tebow in the next segment.

    Advertisers….it’s not too late to buy up that “premium” air time.

  17. I enjoyed watching him in philly. I do hope he fixes his life. Unfortunately his associations won’t go away, it’s where he grew up. By fixing his life I mean don’t miss meetings be late or fight with your coaches. Somehow I want to believe he will do that but I doubt it. If he wasn’t happy with 10 mill a year then he won’t be happy after this year. The skins have a bad o line and a bad D/ST. I don’t think he’ll match his numbers from last year but if he does, he’ll want to renegotiate.

  18. hoss408 says:Apr 3, 2014 7:54 PM

    I’m sure he’ll say he’s not IN a gang, which I would probably believe. But, being associated with a gang to the point where investigators have contacted you about said association multiple times is almost as bad. You don’t have to be in a gang to be an associate. And I’m willing to bet a pay check he isn’t questioned about his simple association.

    OK, that I can agree on

  19. Yeah , he’s gonna tell us which affiliation he’s beholden to — the Bloods or the Crips.

  20. Yeah this makes sense I woulnt do an interview with Dan Patrick but chose to do it with the cough couch totally unbiased Stephen A Smith who is basically so not racially biased himself ….this should be good. This guy is a turd

  21. I don’t know why this is becoming such a big deal. He didn’t get along with Chip Kelly so they cut him loose. He has gang ties? OK. Let me know when he gets arrested so we can start the “wide receiver” jokes.

  22. The Redskins were afraid to do a normal signing press conference yesterday, so I’m sure this will be a tightly scripted useless interview.

  23. He better tread very lightly and choose his words more carefully then his homeboy Richard Sherman or the Eagles may be forced to respond

  24. Stephen A used to be fine a decade ago when he just stuck with basketball, now he just likes to hear himself talk on and on about nonsense.

  25. i can only hope after the interview he piss’s the Eagles off enough to tell the real story. I do know that he and his entourage have been banned from several night clubs in Philly.

  26. Steven A Smith interviewing DeSean Jackson is like your b-hole interviewing your taint.

  27. Love Stephan a smith and skip bayless. I think it’s the best combo in all of television.

  28. He is an unbelievably talented athlete, and some of the plays he made were just jaw dropping. What was rightly considered the greatest play in the history of the NFL “the Miracle of the New Meadowlands” for example.

    Unfortunately he is also an immature jackass, NOT a complete football player, and not a good teammate. The fact that he tanked an entire season because he was unhappy with his contract is incredible. Apparently he wasn’t all that well liked by his Eagles teammates, nor by most of his coaches.

    I could be sarcastic about the quality of the Redskins organization (but lets face it they haven’t been relevant since the 1980s) But the truth is putting a player like him on an unstable team is asking for trouble. I also think it’s telling that the teams with the most stability (Giants, Pats, Broncos, Ravens, 49ers Packers etc.) didn’t want anything to do with him.

  29. Lol Chip Kelly will be fired after this year when the “close your eyes and hope” Foles crashes to earth and Maclin is out by week 3 and Riley Cooper catches 30 passes because DeSean Jackson is no longer drawing double teams.

  30. Strange Jackson owns a house in Philly but spends most of his time in L.A. with childhood friends who are known gang members and declines to work out in Philly at his former employers facilities. Now signing with the deadskins his first choice is to go clubbing in D.C. getting to know a few of his new teammates and the local hanger on rapper.

    Here’s an individual the nation needs to here from with Stephen A Smith as interviewer on the nations source of sports exclusive news. The only thing which could add to this event is Adam Schefter adding his views.

  31. The Iggles taking the high road HA they have every right to not want him but to throw out the GANG ties for the reason n now go quiet can’t wait to watch Chipper hang his head twice a year for years to come HAIL

  32. Good, so he plans to tell the truth, that he tried to be as much of a PITA as possible in the hopes that he would get cut so that he and his new agent could cash in with more guaranteed money?

  33. Dan Patrick is well-spoken and credible. Since he’s not owned by ESPN, he’d be the best interviewer for the person honestly wanting to clear the air.

  34. Screaming A. Smith will brother law him & ask him layups like a riley cooper question

  35. Stephen A Smith was the guy that got the TO ball rolling when he was injured on how the Eagles were treating him back them. A philly beat writer from NYC gotta love it any chance he can get to stir the pot.

  36. Too funny reminds me of that sweet interview between JGlaz & Incagnito… A total farce.

    Can’t wait to see the softballs…

  37. Big man Desean. Would rather face the scripted softballs that Stephen A. Smith lobs him rather than the tough questions and pressure from DP. What a tough guy.

  38. People are getting mad at Djax. Remember that he has never been suspended once and Kelly cut him! He didn’t wanna leave Philly. He’s makin less on top of that now and people still wanna crucify him. He will have a chip on his shoulder, and he’ll be laughin and strutting into the end zone against that terrible eagle secondary!!! Httr the takeover will commence soon girls!

  39. You know what he will say. He is going to say how he is just friends with these degenerates. In the end it does not matter. Time will tell everything. Eventually he will be somewhere he shouldn’t be and that will be the end of anyone believing anything that comes out of his mouth.

  40. Can’t wait to see all the softballs thrown his way by his “buddy” Stephen A. SAS is a joke of a reporter and even worse as an interviewer cause he can’t ask real questions that might upset the athlete. Worthless

  41. Addition by subtraction is the biggest myth in sports. Philly is gonna regret letting Jackson go….for absolutely nothing (they couldn’t even get a 6th round pick for him??).

  42. SAS is a dope and is way most interested in getting invited to parties than he is reporting. If Jackson is smart he will pu the blame on himself. Knowing Jackson I dobut that will happen.

    The big problem for Washington will be next offseason after Jackson has had a monster year this year. And he will barring injury. The redskins will be down so much this year I am guessing they throw the ball more than nay team in the nfl. Jackson will get his stats and then want more money. Its just how he is.

  43. This interview will shed no light on anything factual in this whole situation. Desean would never incriminate himself or present the real reason he was cut which was of course his terrible attitude and lack of character. We won’t know anything unless the eagles decide to come out and give us the real reason. Very unlikely to ever happen though I just don’t think chip Kelly even cares at all anymore about the situation.

  44. Washington fans think they got a good deal… Little do they know desean will drop the inevitable “give more money” routine and he will be gone within 2 years.

  45. “It all because of where he grew up” Anyone know who else grew up where he did? Chase Utley.

    Dude is so hood. Stop with the excuses for Jackson people. He’s a grown man.

  46. If he’s going to clear things up, he needs to explain why he has flashed gang signs publicly at least 4 times. I would think he knows you shouldn’t do that if you aren’t a member. Especially when one of the photos is with an admitted member… Snoop Dogg.

    I figured Jaclson’s camp was just going to deny until the story died, and let it go away quietly but I guess he likes the publicity.

  47. I am a big Eagles fan, but have never necessarily been a Desean Fan. He has always seemed to be a “ME” guy, but the guy makes some plays. We’ll see how he acts when he only has a few targets in a game and Garcon has a bunch. Plus, I think the Saints showed the blueprint of how to shut down Desean last year in the playoffs. He is a one trick pony, and if you neutralize that, he is ineffective, although always a threat. I think Washington will be better, but Desean will not have nearly the production that he would have had in Philly.

  48. Love the D-Jax haters. Ya are sooooo stupid. Talk all this nonsense about D-Jax but are perfectly fine with Cooper being on the team who is a racist. Stop being mad that the Philly organization made a bad move and move on. #HTTR

  49. It’s telling to me that Jackson hasn’t bad mouthed the Eagles or made any “see you twice next year” or other outrageous tweets. Jackson has a chip on his shoulder so it’s surprising that he hasn’t taken the “I’ll prove you wrong” route.

    Could it be a situation where the Eagles said to Jackson, “be respectful to us and we’ll keep our mouths shut about what happened so you can try to save your reputation”?

  50. Jackson is a football player with a sketchy history with the Eagles franchise. Period!!

    He’s not Jesus Christ, Gandhi or Mother Theresa.

    Get over it, football fans.

  51. Someone please tell me when this is going to be on, I want to get the popcorn ready to see this Hollywood fabrication of an interview. Let’s face it, Stephen A. the Farrakhan of ESPN.

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