Jim Harbaugh still throwing with QBs as part of evaluation

Getty Images

For many coaches, pro day workouts are passive affairs, as they watch and take notes and measure and time college prospects.

But for 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, the chance to get on the field and warm up with quarterbacks gives him a chance to find out more.

Per Kevin Clark of the Wall Street Journal (tune in later for my nuanced take on high-frequency trading), Harbaugh uses a game of catch to get a gauge on players.

You’re always sizing somebody up, . . .” Harbaugh said. “I’m not trying to look in their eyes,” Harbaugh said. “Just trying to see how they catch.”

“He saw me, introduced himself and said, ‘Wanna throw a little?'” Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo said.

The former quarterback does it partly out of habit, but also to evaluate.

“We’ve never played catch. He’s not trying to gauge my competitiveness,” said 49ers owner Jed York. “He’s a quarterback and because of that, he wants to bring another element.”

For the hyper-competitive Harbaugh, gunning the ball back and forth with players is a tool, and one he’ll continue to use.