Manziel applies for “The House That Johnny Built” trademark


Vikings coach Mike Zimmer is concerned that quarterback Johnny Manziel wants to be “the celebrity man guy.”

There’s a chance that will be the next phrase for which Manziel tries to acquire a federal trademark.

With Manziel already attempting to secure the rights to “Johnny Football,” Darren Rovell of confirms that Manziel has applied for other trademarks, including “The House That Johnny Built.”

There’s no problem with a guy trying to maximize his revenue, from whatever legitimate and legal source.  But at a time when Camp Manziel is trying to get everyone to believe he’s all about the steak and not about the sizzle, it would be smart to at least defer the sizzle until after the card with his name on it is turned in.

On one hand, it’s smart for Manziel to strike while the iron is hot.  On the other hand, he may have trouble making the iron glow any more brightly if teams inclined to take him think he’ll be less concerned about building the house and more concerned about selling it out.

167 responses to “Manziel applies for “The House That Johnny Built” trademark

  1. Trademarks usually apply to good ideas or something ppl may actually want to use..And what house is he planning on building? He’s not Jordan ..Ruth..or Bryant. And who actually uses the phrase “Johnny Football” sounds really corny if u ask me.

  2. Wow wee and he hasn’t played a down in the NFL. What arrogance!

    Way to drop yourself to the 3rd or 4th round Johhny House.

  3. Tim Tebow could have made himself some Lebron type endorsement money before and after the draft… but he wanted to put away that to concentrate on being the past nfl qb that he could.

    Had to respect that, not so much this stuff Johnny is doing.. you’d think he’d been advised to run away as far as possible and try to appear you want to be the best pro qb ever…

    But all to those who maximize their value and cash in on every little thing that they can.. I won’t begrudge them.. if anything he’s staying true to who he is.

  4. Man that guys got some serious confidence. Not gonna lie I wouldnt even be mad if my bucs took him with their first pick.

  5. If the Cleveland drafts this joker, I will kick my own ass for being a Browns fan.

  6. Irks me that these guys get paid kazillions for shoe contracts and other fluff before they’ve even been drafted, started an NFL game or won anything.

    REE-DIC-YOU-LOS!!!!! (sez Judge Judy)

  7. “The House That Johnny Built” turned out to be a 400 square foot structure made largely of salvaged items. Johnny had plenty of time on his hands and not much money. But it kept the rain out, and there was more than enough room for him and his dog.

  8. That’s what he’s about. Hype and fame. Some team is going to learn the hard way about his priorities.

  9. He should also see if he can trademark ‘ the pictorial definition of self absorbed

  10. He’ll, Johnny will be outta the NFL in 3 years and step into Don Draper at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce & Manzel.

  11. so…he doesn’t mind dropping a bit in the draft and going to a better organization? Worked well for Rodgers.

    Kid is smarter that we thought.

  12. At first I thought it said that he was apologizing for his “The House That Johnny Built” trademark. Which I thought was mature of him. Then I realized that it was the opposite. Opinion unchanged.

  13. Jeeze what a tool, as a respectable Vikings fan I sure hope they don’t even have a chance to take this hot dog

  14. This makes me think that he is perfect for the Vikings, neither have won a championship, they both think they are better than they really are and both are destined to fail, time after time, after time.

  15. Oh boy…has the college ranks inflated his ego. What until he steps on the field in the pros where everything is running at “top notch, full speed!” That’ll bring him down

  16. wow this guy is a piece of work. he hasn’t built anything yet. and it presumes he is going to a team that is getting a new stadium.

    i wouldn’t touch this guy with a 10 foot pole. if i needed a qb in this draft, i would roll the dice with bortles.

  17. Soooo…you have no idea what to think…you just think that you should have an oppinion…yeah.

  18. Zimmer is blowing a smokescreen in Johnny manziel is there at. Pick#8 Vikings can’t pass on him personally I think they trade up to 2 just to get him…..

  19. Oh Lord, it’s starting already Maybe he needs to hang out with Gene Simmons to learn how to pimp himself out to the max! Johnny Toothpaste, Manziel Man Thongs, Etc. Let the circus roll into town, for whomever drafts Glitter Boy.

  20. The steak! The sizzle! The iron! The glow! Johnny football! The house Johnny built! I don’t feel old but I have a definite get off my lawn reaction to this guy

  21. I’m torn. Do I want him on my team for his ability or do I want them to stay away because of his diva-ness.

  22. I believe the reason he’s loading up on trademarks and endorsements is much like jamarcus russell and tim tebow who were both out of the league after 3 years. Tryin to strike while the iron is hot and he’s still relevant.

  23. If this guy doesn’t end up panning out as an elite QB, nobody will ever let him forget it. People will forget about your Ponder’s/Gabbert’s/Clausen’s… but nobody forgets a Ryan Leaf.

  24. Shouldn’t there be a house built before you claim you were the one it was built for…?

    That’s just…weird.

  25. I think Johnny Feetbawwl is overrated. As far as how he may translate to the pro game. I will say this about the guy, he is NOT afraid of failure, and I kind of admire that about him.

    Trademarking that is pretty silly, unless he knows the Vikings will trade up and draft him and he makes it more than few years in the league.

    Still its super silly in my opinion.

  26. I think MOST players want to earn money. Some are just more creative than others.

  27. This guy has “bust” written all over him. Any team foolish enough to draft him will get exactly what they deserve.

  28. His career is going to be interesting to watch. If he goes top three and doesn’t perform he’s going to get killed by the media and fans. At the same time he could end up being a Tim Tebow that can play.

  29. as ive been sayin all along… i have NO CLUE What ppl see in this guy… i agree w ron jaworski when he says hes just a decent prospect… 3rd or 4th round kinda guy. teddy bridgewater is the real deal… a dynamic passing qb with the passing skills of guys like drew brees and the running ability of RG3 or michael vick cam newton etc… im telling yu guys… MARK MY WORDS : Johnny Manziel = next Ryan Leaf…
    were gna look back on him n say “oh all the spotlight was on him, hes the next big thing” and then were gna talk about how he was one of the biggest busts ever if taken #1 overall… hes got ryan leaf written all over him.. the desire for fame n fortune the off the field issues n wild partying but i never see any1 talk about his work ethic n perfecting his craft like manning n brady. watch n see.. BUST

  30. I’m sure Johnny is sitting there for hours figuring out the trademark paperwork. OR maybe, just maybe, someone is taking care of this business stuff on his behalf?

  31. That kind of arrogance should get your far in the NFL Johnny. Just look at Todd Marinovich.

  32. I disagree. What’s the point of applying for a trademark like this if he doesn’t fully intend to “build the house?” He’s trying to presecure an earnings opportunity that he obviously has a vision to fulfill. Shows intelligence and future planning. I like the confidence. I bet it will be positivevand contagious with his teammates if kept in check.

  33. I see the point as a long-term projection of building a brand right now, at the same time, this is a fast moving industry in sports. No team will care if he has leadership and the electric playmaking to go with it. When we really think of it, some teams need that brand influence to change the state of their organization (Texans, Browns, Vikings, Raiders.. you reading this?).

  34. He should think about trademarking “Johnny Fauxball”, it’ll come in handy when he’s out of league in 3 years!

  35. Play a game in the NFL before you say you own the NFL.
    If he changes his name to Johnny Football I will laugh my arse off..

  36. Ok, it’s like this, Johnny football is playing it smart, all the same teams year after year are at the top of the draft, he is trying to get drafted in the later part of the draft to go to a powerhouse with an aging quarterback. Remember Arron Rodgers slipping? enough said.

  37. Don’t get ahead of yourself Johnny. Your house won’t even get built in the NFL if you keep worrying about the benefits of your “brand” off the field before you even succeed on it. This isn’t a sport played for fun or competition by kids in college. It’s a business where men hone their craft b/c that’s their livelihood and how they support their families. I have a feeling you’re in for a rude awakening.

  38. Cant wait for that NFL linebacker to rock his world. This kid is a head case and will be lucky last 3 years before he gets destroyed. Talk about putting a target on your back.

  39. Talented but set to become the biggest show pony the NFL has ever seen. It took Chad Johnson a number of years to embrace the concept of self promotion and Manziel’s ego is totally out of control before he gets started.
    To the team that drafts him next month, you do so with your eyes wide open. Very high risk, possible high return.

  40. Somebody is going to waste a high draft pick on this clown. He makes Tim Tebow look like Johnny Unitas. He and Russell Wilson can compete for the “Best there ever was”. A legend in his own mind.

  41. this guy is a smurf sized QB and the minute he takes his first hit from a DE in the NFL, it will bring him down to earth.

  42. Maybe you should prove yourself in the NFL because becoming a trademark.

    Don’t do it Cleveland!

  43. How can you take this guy seriously anymore. Its clear he cares more about his image and making money than he does playing football.

    The last quarterback to “coin” a phrase was RGKnee, (operation patience), how did that work out for him?

  44. This is why he comes across as a joke. He is too focused on trying to make his name and not his game great.

  45. Egotism, arrogance and narcissism are sure fire ways to get your locker room to look elsewhere for leadership and direction. Rookie.

  46. Well, I am sure that Manziel’s teammates will appreciate in advance of them playing together, that he is announcing that he is so great. Hasn’t done a thing in the NFL, yet is focused on trademarks praising himself. I guess it doesn’t matter what team drafts him or how any of the other players perform; as long as a team has Manziel they will be the greatest. They better draft Mike Evans to catch all the wild jump balls Manziel irresponsibly lobs up. Manziel is all talk. Never been on a team at any level that has even gone to a conference championship. So, if his team is only about him, yet he has never won a team award, he is in for a rude awakening.

  47. If this guy gets any more red flags he won’t be joining a football team but rather a marching band’s color guard.

  48. I don’t think there has ever been a player more about ME before he has thrown a pass in the NFL. He should remember that there is no Johnny in football.

  49. Reads like “The Cart Before The Horse” I’m sure he has plenty of advisers (waiting for a piece of the action) We will all have to see how he shakes out. Big step from A&M to NFL..I’m a doubter..

  50. Honestly teams should pass on him until the second round. This kid is more into glamour then playing football. You know NFL players are not gonna put up with his crap, they might even pounce on him.
    Attempts to place trademarks before the draft, LOLOLOL. Really llooooosssseeeerrrrr !!!!

  51. Why not? Very smart move on his part (and the people who are currently and those who will be on his payroll) from a business perspective. Better hope he’s successful in the NFL but even if he’s not, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this guy on television in some capacity for years to come….

  52. Get ready for those “Welcome To The NFL” Hits…Because I know a few players are already salivating at the opportunity to blow your house down.

    Might as well trademark “Johnny Hit-Stick”

  53. This is EXACTLY the kind of stuff Mike Zimmer is concerned about, and quite frankly, I don’t blame him or any other coach for expressing those concerns.

    Not saying Manziel won’t be a good or great QB, but you have to wonder about a guy who spends his time worrying about this stuff five weeks before the NFL draft. Not a smart move….

  54. How many other players do this , Did deon get the rights to Primetime as a soon to be drafted rookie, I don’t remember someone doing this before. I’m sure his agent and advisors are all over this. Hope he applies fora trademark for #I’mreadytoplayintheNFL

  55. The former Sportatorium in Dallas used to be referred to as “The House That David (Von Erich) Built”. Must be a Texas thing.

  56. Zim is right… This guy is a “me” player… Going to be a huge distraction to the team..I’m not so sure I’d take him given all the side show baggage he brings.. Damned if you do damned if you don’t

  57. He is talented, but I have to admit the more I hear about; the more I want to bet against him. He should take the the time to shadow Russell Wilson! Seahawks fan or not, that guy is an example of skill on the field and class in society. #JohnnyFakeSwagger

  58. If anyone was perfect for Minnesota, it would be this guy. All-Hat, No-Cattle. Perfect fit.

  59. I’m going right to the website after posting this to file a trademark on “Johnny On The Spot (of the sack)”

  60. Can’t believe he’s copying Peyton Manning, but the stadium Peyton built was named “The House That Peyton Built” AFTER he built it. Kinda think that’s the way it works – not before you are even drafted. Getting to where I dislike this kid more every day.

    Maybe his Dad promised whoever drafted him that he would build them a new stadium? Wouldn’t surprise me if his family has already paid a team to draft him and he will play wherever he wants to play – but I don’t think he’ll play for long with that ego – he’s gonna take some bad hits from the “bigs” and I just can’t wait to see it.

  61. How can ANYONE be surprised by this ?? Manziel is an egotistical little dude with delusions of self importance. He is FAR too immature for the NFL , he won’t be able to handle the pressure of being the franchise QB , of having all the pressure of turning around a team and the fans jumping on him when he screws up , and he will screw up . He can trademark ALL the names he wants, but they will be worthless when he falls flat on his face . He will be a huge bust in the NFL

  62. What a target he is putting on his back for the media and specially players. If there will be one person a player will take a 15 yd penalty for a cheap shot it will against him. He is going to get killed.

  63. He isn’t being wise, he is being foolish. Copyrighting a name BEFORE he has accomplished a thing in the NFL is nothing short of egotism . WHAT HOUSE has this jerk built ?? He didn’t win any championship in college, and hasn’t even been drafted yet. That name is worthless and puts a huge target on his back and shows every single team in the NFL that he is out for one thing, SELF

  64. Lots of ignorant people on here speaking way out of turn. This “trademark” is more than anything to protect his name and that of Texas A&M from infringement and degradation. He will never make any money off of this and isn’t trying to.

    Very smart business move by the Manzeil family and A&M to protect their image and personal marks. Very smart attorneys advising him each step of the way.

  65. This has nothing to do with the future and everything to do with the $450 million being spent on Kyle Field renovations. The renovated stadium is the “house that johnny built”. Without him the donations wouldn’t be there. This is simply to keep local stores from using that phrase on t-shirts and what not without giving him a little kick back. Sounds like a good business move to me.

  66. Any Agent that represents a potential early round pick (or any round) that is NOT dreaming this kind of stuff up should be fired. Especially if they could be taken by the Vikings with a new Stadium on the way. Its not Ego, its business. This kid is on top of it.

  67. This cat is going to tumble because of dumb stunts like this. Browns take Watkins and nab Johnny Football with their second pick. Even if he doesn’t drop that far, they should still be able to grab Carr.

  68. Isn’t this the same “kid from a small town”, who tried to tell everyone at his combine that he is totally focusing on football and being the best QB he can be? Well, his actions aren’t backing up his words very well. This guy is an egotistical jerk, who wants fame more than success, was born into priviledge, where maintaining the “Rich and Famous” title is so important and you have to question his motives. If this is his attitude, he won’t be accepted well in NFL lockerrooms, where the majority of players are only trying to keep their jobs, for as long as possible and to hopefully make enough money to establish some financial security for the rest of their lives. Manzell can be what he wants to be and he controls his own destiny. He has then phsyical gifts and the competitive nature to succeed, if he uses those tools the right way. If not, he won’t be in the league for long.

  69. Texas A&M has never truly had many fans outside the College Station and rural Texas areas until Johnny the Boy came around. They’ll fade once he’s just a memory. If he’s successful at the pro level I’m going to be surprised, but pleased for him and his family.

  70. This socalled Johnny Football has failure written all over him!!!! 100% certain to be a bust in the NFL. Just look at the guy! And his actions speak louder than his words (which aren’t much better)! ……………..Probably be a good fit for Jerry Jones! LOL

  71. Don’t care about him one way or the other. But wondering why so many naysayers? Everything remains to be seen at this point. And it sure is embarrassing to have to eat your words.

  72. Aaron Murray would be a great choice at QB for the Vikings. Seriously. Cassel can do it this year, groom Murray for next year. Stay away from Johnny Football.

  73. JFF seems like Jerry Jones dream come true. Somehow, someway he will be a Cowboy.

  74. Be sure you trademark these while you are at it:

    Johnny B Goode (or you are out of the NFL in two years)

    Johnny can’t read (the writing on the wall)

    Run Johnny Run (cos you can’t pass)

    Johnny on the Spot (where every D-lineman hopes to find him).

  75. Were Johnny arguing for the use of such names, while standing in front of a bank of microphones, I might be concerned about this. As it is, all this is is his agents looking after his interests for him, which is what they’re getting paid to do. This is a nothing burger.

  76. When anyone comes into the NFL and is a little out spoken or tries to make a little money everyone is so hateful and wishes them such bad luck its very sickening. This country is backwards people support the players that do drugs and are in the news for negative things. I don’t get it, Johnny football is a young guy who is trying to live the American dream. give the guy a chance. Maybe he makes it maybe he doesn’t .

  77. Why don’t you people take a wait and see approach before you start hating on a player. You hate before seeing what a player can do in the NFL.

    All of you are wannabes…you wannbe in the position like a player(s) you hate on and never had the skill set to get it done like that player.

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