NaVorro Bowman: I felt pain in my knee and told the doc, “It’s torn”


The instant 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman went down in a heap in the NFC Championship game, he knew it would be a long time before he played again.

Bowman said on SportsCenter today that the pain of having his knee ligaments ripped was intense, and he didn’t need an MRI to inform the doctor that he was going to need reconstructive surgery.

“I knew the position I was in. As soon as my knee went in, I felt a hot flame in my knee and I told the doc, ‘It’s torn,'” Bowman said.

Bowman suffered the injury while making a great play, stripping the ball from Seahawks receiver Jermaine Kearse and holding on despite the pain. Unfortunately, the officials wrongly ruled that Seattle had recovered Kearse’s fumble, and under the since-changed NFL rules, the referee wasn’t allowed to use replay to fix the mistake. Bowman says he thinks he could have saved himself a lot of pain if he had known the 49ers weren’t going to benefit from his fumble recovery.

“I know it’s already popped out,” Bowman said, describing his thoughts about his knee as he was on the ground. “Rolling over, trying to hold the ball, just hoping that they give us the ball, because I know exactly what just happened — I tore my knee and I’ve got the ball in my hand. So knowing we didn’t get the ball, I just felt like it wasn’t worth it, and I could have let the ball go and maybe saved my knee.”

Bowman said he’s hoping to be back to full speed in time that he doesn’t have to open the season on the physically unable to perform list, but he realizes that’s a possibility. He may be paying into the 2014 season for that great play he made at the end of his 2013 postseason.

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  1. This isn’t really news is it? An experienced athlete knew he tore his ligament after an incident. I’m not an athlete at all and when I tore my ACL thats the first thing I said to myself was “yup, I freaking tore it”. Obviously I didn’t say freaking…

  2. There have been a lot of bad calls by NFL officials over the years, but I don’t know if a greater injustice was ever done than this one. Dude makes a great play, tears up his knee, and they can’t even get an obvious call right to make it close to worth it.

  3. such a rare talent at LB with his coverage skils as well. what a sad thing to see, anyone who has had a knee injury can tell you that it is pretty awful, and his in particular leaves a really long and frustrating recovery that in the end never leaves you the same.

  4. Heart of a champion. That was a hell of a game.

    Can’t wait to see these two teams play for a long time to come.

    Richard Sherman was right when he said that that game was the Superbowl. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  5. Geez, I thought he must have retorn it since that is really really old news that everyone already knows. This just in…..LeBron leaving Cleveland.

  6. Injuries happen every week in the NFL, but this guy is sure adamant about letting us know how devastating his was. #getoveryourself

  7. Bad calls go for and against teams all the time. Seattle had its share of very bad calls against them (lets not forget the Superbowl vs Pittsburgh).

    Keep in mind that call did NOT result in a TD for Seattle, so it was not game-changing.

  8. Boo freaking hoo. How about he address the fact that Lynch’s fumble gave them BETTER field position on the very next play, only for Krapperchoke to throw a horrible INT on his next pass? Did the refs blow that too?

    Whiners gonna whine.

  9. The ultimate piece of coaching footage for any WR…there’s no reason to ever come down without the football.

  10. That was the best play I had seen in a long time, maybe since the original beast mode. His knee was gone when he stripped it, but the football gods were watching and the outcome was the same (no TD, ball back on goal line).

  11. If SF would have had the ball 6 inches from their own endzone, there would have been a safety coming. The Seahawks ended up getting zero points off of that possession as Lynch fumbled.

    Anyway, I’m a Seahawks season ticket holder and I hope Bowman has a speedy recovery. The niners are my least favorite team, but I never want to see any player go down to injury. I always want to see the best players on the field.

  12. you know what meatcarroll, when you sustain a potentially crippling injury that threatens your livelihood and future, and you complain, it ain’t whining.
    Navarro, hope you recover fully.

  13. Horrible what happened to Bowman’s knee. He’s an electrifying athlete and a difference maker. He should be thankful that the refs blew the call though. Instead San Fran got a fumble on the very next play with much better field position. Unfortunately, Kaepernick was still their Quarterback.

  14. Next time just let the ball go and protect yourself. It’s just a game. And we all know niners will dump you if you are unable to perform regardless of reason.

  15. This play still looks close enough to be ruled an interception over a fumble recovery. Absurd that they couldn’t see him with the ball. Poetic justice caught up on the next play but that shouldn’t be an excuse for the refs. So perhaps you need some better things to do with your time Meat.

  16. I don’t know if I’ve felt worse for a player, blown knee and the injustice that went along with it…

  17. Horrible injury but do we really have to hear 8 different accounts of what happened all from the same guy?

    Wish him a good and speedy recovery.

  18. this was the greatest single-handed defensive play I’ve ever witnessed, and it wasnt even registered on the freakin stat sheet because the nfl employs such inept officials.

  19. And we knew the second we saw it on replay. He’s a joy to watch, I really hope he can come back strong next year. When I saw that play live, I thought his career was over.

  20. Shermans intentional tip interception was much better than a strip fumble. Those happen all the time. Perfect defensive position and the recognition that a fellow player would be there for a tip interception to send your team to the Super bowl is by far much better than Bowmans fumble. Unfortunately he tore his knee up. That doesnt enhance the play. I love to hear the excuse that if it was one yard longer the 9ers would have won the game…Come on Man! Sherman was in perfect position for the interception but Kaep thru it so it was behind both players. Kaep has no touch. That is why he throws so many Interceptions vs Seattle. Tall corners in perfect position. NO Excuses already…Maybe next year..right?

  21. It’s time to eliminate the PUP. When a player is ready-to-go, they should be activated at that time.

    They shouldn’t have to wait the first six weeks or permanently be placed on the list even if there a possibility of them coming back.

    Each team has 53 roster spots and all these players should able to participate. No reason to reduce it to 46 for game day.

    You’re either on the team or not, you’re either healthy or not. You shouldn’t have to ‘play’ games with your roster.

    The NFL could learn from collegiate and high school football on this matter,

  22. These were two great teams last year and I believe this was the 49ers’ best chance of returning to the SB.
    2014 will be harder because this guy won’t be back or won’t be full speed and the seahawks lost a lot of players plus they’ve got a bullseye on their back the size of Washington state. Yes I know everyone knew they were good last year but it’s a lot different being the superbowl champ.
    Not that they’d trade it for anything but I think the talk about a Seattle repeat due to the young players is not paying attention to history.
    It’s been a decade since a superbowl winner returned to the superbowl the following year.

  23. I tore my ACL/PCL and MCL in a one time first time skiing experience….. I am lucky that I am not in the professional sports area but I will say that it hurts, it hurts very badly!!! I wish him a speedy recovery and a fulfilled career!

  24. clg82 says:

    Apr 3, 2014 2:43 PM
    Welcome to being a Green Bay fan! Another blown call the seahawks got away with…
    Actually, it was the right call, per the rules of the NFL. Seattle benefited from a bad rule, not a bad call. Due to that play, the NFL competition committee changed the rule, and the owners approved it. Did you miss the memo?

    As for the GB game, that was a bad call but, GB also had a phantom PI call on 4th down against Seattle that helped GB to sustain there last TD drive. You won’t discuss that though, right?

    Additionally, how many drives were kept alive when a defensive player was ‘accidentally’ within 3 yards of Mr. Favre, and roughing the passer was called? You could spend hours tabulating that total.

    Bad calls happen. It sucks. Other than cracking open another beer, there’s not much that can be done.

  25. poweri26 says:

    Apr 3, 2014 4:58 PM
    Perhaps if Bowman had been an adderall user he wouldn’t have sustained the injury.
    So you’re saying if he had a higher awareness capability during the play, he’d have Matrix like reflexes to remove himself from injury?

    Adderall certainly doesn’t prevent injuries. Maybe he could have smoked some weed and been suspended. That would have been a better dig on Seattle than Adderall.

    Good day, sir.

  26. Best of luck. Heal fast and heal well. Looking forward to your playing again at a high level in the best rivalry in the NFL.

    – Signed The 12th Man

  27. He’s basically saying that if the refs had given him the fumble, it would have been worth it to rip his knee to shreds.

    I couldn’t disagree more strongly. It’s never “worth it” to suffer a life-altering injury to make a single play out of the thousands of possible plays on a football field.

    Better to say “I wish I had played better defense during the drive and made a play earlier and kept them from ever getting that deep into the red zone. AND not shredded my knee”.

  28. He made game changing plays all year which seams harder to do from a mlb then say a corner or pass rusher. Should have been defensive poy. Shame his year ended that way and without that award.

  29. I tore my Knee plying Hockey… Worst pain I ever felt in a 10 second span. The Fact that man cared more about a ball (HIS TEAM) than his own body… Doesn’t matter who you root for…. If Navarro Bowman is on the field… I’m a life time fan.

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