Panthers bringing Thomas DeCoud in for a visit

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Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman did good business last year, sifting through to discard pile and patching together a secondary.

It appears he’s looking to do the same thing, with nearby discards.

After signing former Saints safety Roman Harper, the Panthers are bringing in former Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud for a visit next week, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

DeCoud’s a former Pro Bowler who fell out of favor in Atlanta in a hurry, leading to his release last month.

If the Panthers added him, it’s probably not a good sign for Charles Godfrey, who would either be on the way out or in line for a pay cut from the $5 million he’s scheduled to make this year.

Godfrey’s coming off an Achilles injury, but has some positional flexibility. The former college cornerback could play the slot corner role vacated by Captain Munnerlyn if he can get his cap numbers down.

16 responses to “Panthers bringing Thomas DeCoud in for a visit

  1. Carolina saw this guy “play” 2x/yr the last several and are still interested? Have at it boys… he is positively awful.

  2. DeCoud did ok in Atlanta, fell off last year but I would like to see him rebound like D. Hall and C. Houston. Good luck where ever you may play next year.

  3. I believe Charles Godfrey is as good as gone. I appreciate his play, however, it was proven last year that the front 7 can turn mediocre at best db’s into coveted free agents. Robert Lester is the future, showed signs of being a brilliant steal for an undrafted rookie. I say bring in DeCoud.

  4. Sign him up cheap and jf he don’t step up in preseason cut him loose..
    Godfrey isn’t a top notch safety but Hurney paid him like a top notches.. He should give up about half to remain a Panther.. If he won’t take less then I’d let him go and look for another diamond in the ruff..

  5. So the strategy in Carolina is to get all of the cast offs from their division rivals.
    Great blueprint.

  6. “DeCoud’s a former Pro Bowler who fell out of favor in Atlanta in a hurry, leading to his release last month.”

    The key word being FORMER. We’ve signed a bunch of FORMER star players under DG. I hope to God he isn’t looking at the Panthers during the George Seifort years and saying, “Now that’s a plan to follow!”

  7. Let’s see…Smitty burned him at 78 years old last year and now we are going to look at him…seems like I would have kept Smitty, did a re-do or release on Godfrey and instead of drafting a 2nd and 4th round wideout I would have drafting a 1st round guy like Benjamin or possibly (with luck) maybe Cookson then take a CB in the second cut Godfrey and sign a safety after the pre-season.

    Gettleman wow

  8. What about the wide receivers and the offensive tackle position? All of these huge holes for the Panthers will not be filled in the draft. Again, as we all know…..Gettleman has a plan.

  9. The contracts of players like godfrey, Stewart and Williams are what has this team shackled right now. I thing DG’s approach is great given the Panthers current financial situation. Bring in veteran players and make them compete for that paycheck. This team is gonna be hard to handle as soon as this cap situation eases some.

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