Rolando McClain wants to rejoin Ravens

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After a season away from the NFL, Rolando McClain reportedly wants back in.

McClain, the ex-Raiders linebacker who retired last May as a member of the Ravens, would like to resume his career with Baltimore if he receives the OK from G.M. Ozzie Newsome, he told Matt Zenitz of the Carroll County (Md.) Times.

“I’m excited about the game again. I’m excited to play,” McClain told the Times in a story published Thursday.

McClain may meet with Newsome on Friday in Alabama, the Times reported.

McClain, whom the Raiders took eighth overall in 2010, has recorded 246 tackles and 6.5 sacks in three NFL seasons, all with Oakland. His time with Oakland took a turn for the worst because of off-field issues and a two-game absence imposed by the club after a dispute with coach Dennis Allen.

If in good form, McClain would seem capable of bolstering the Ravens’ linebacking depth. According to the Times, McClain is now 253 pounds, which is six pounds lighter than his last listed weight.

45 responses to “Rolando McClain wants to rejoin Ravens

  1. If I’m an employer making a hiring decision, a candidate who says, “I know I have an abysmal track record accumulated over many years, but this time I really want to ball out. This time, I really mean it!”

  2. let him play on special teams and let him work his way up to some game time action maybe its just me but I always like long shots and under dogs if his mind and body is right I don’t c why not get him in camp n let’s c what he got n if nothing cut him n b done

  3. the whole league wishes they could join the ravens, who they kiddin?


  4. “I’m excited about the game again. I’m excited to play,” = “I’m broke and I’m excited about getting some money, so I want to play again.”

  5. Rolando McClain wants to rejoin the orange julius he used to work at back in high school. Dude needs a job.

  6. If Ozzie doesn’t sign this cat it will be a mistake. With that being said, I hope he doesn’t… We could use him on the cardinals.

  7. yea after he got paid he laid a big goose egg for the Raiders…the Raiders drafted him 1st round thinking he was the stud line backer he was at Alabama…he played lazy was not making tackles and very disappointing seemed always out of postion to make tackles…if i sound bitter its cus i am i cant stand the SEC with JaMarcus Russel then McClain as 1st rounders those guys have no pride for there game…he wants to come back and show he can play thats good for him but so does guys like Colt Mccoy and Robinson from Michigan so good luck ..Raider Nation for ever

  8. “I’m excited about the game again. I’m excited to play,” McClain told the Times in a story published Thursday.

    In other words, he’s flat broke now.

  9. Hey, give the guy a shot. He did it the right way; he left without screwing anybody to get his life in order and Ozzie let him retire rather than cut him. He announced his desire to return at the right time and isn’t making a circus out of it.

  10. Money must be running low funny how football sounds good again when that bank account gets to about $100.00 and your boys still want to run the town

  11. Eh, we already have a few in legal trouble what’s the harm in one more who has a knack for it? Can’t make us anymore of the bad guys in the league… Just the way we like it in Baltimore.

  12. Huge Ravens fan here. Enthusiasm tempered. Show and prove Rolando, you’ve got youth on your side…..for now. Be thankful Ozzie hearts Bama.

  13. This guy is an embarrasment. He did not even play good when he was in. He continually went to the wrong holes, arm tackled and got outrun by slower RBs. Good Luck Baltimore.

  14. Dang.

    Another high-upside, low-downside move by the Ravens. This guy had the talent coming out of college to be great, and if he’s focused he is still young enough that he could be really good. And of course he plays for a division rival.

  15. We may tolerate a lot from our guys off the field, but the first inkling of laziness or poor work ethic in the weight room or on the practice field and you are done-zo as a Raven.

    I hope he’s got his act toghether.

  16. Give him a go. He will constantly be watched. If he’s focused through off season program and preseason and he stayed clean then maybe it can work out. He’ll be paid a lot less than Jameel would have been paid if he stayed.

  17. Kid has all the talent you could ever ask for and not a lick of common sense. He could contribute if he is able to pull his head out of his rear and put in the work. He needs someone to give him the Singeltary treatment to get his head on straight.

  18. As reflected by other Raider fans here, he was a major disappointment st LB. He just seemed out of it, and just blew too many tackles. The one hit he made whete he picked up a Chargers player (so long ago and such a sorry season I cant remember who) and smashed him earned him the lame ‘Death Ro’ moniker in S&B Pride blogs.
    Too bad he couldnt live up to it.
    Sadly, he will probably be signed.

  19. The bills will give you a 7th round pick for him and couple buckets of chicken wings?

  20. If he wants to prove himself worthy of being in the NFL he should be asking to rejoin the Raiders…ya know the team he got paid millions of dollars from and wasted the 8th pick in the draft for him….that would prove he wants to make it right. Going to the Ravens just proves he still isn’t wanting to put in the work, he wants to ride some coattails.

  21. Forget the Ravens, please rejoin the Raiders.

    the rest of the AFC West.

  22. The Ravens look like the biggest idiots, they tried to replace Ray lewis and Ed Reed with Rolondo McClain and Michael Huff. lololololololol

  23. “I’m excited about the game again.” During my year off I discovered I haven’t got a single job skill in the real world…oh yeah, I’m also BROKE.

  24. I’m all for giving the guy a chance. EVERYBODY makes mistakes in life. At least he recognized that he was having problems & removed himself. It’s better than some of these guys who just keep getting worse & worse. He isn’t making that much money off of us so I say bring him on. If he messes up again, we’ll cut him. I think being in a stable organization like ours will only help him. For all you naysayers who just don’t want to give a guy a break, give it a rest.

  25. Gotta agree with my fellow Raider fans, as we experienced this guy’s BS firsthand. We expected him to be a stud LB and he ended up getting in trouble with the law and apparently threatened Coach Allen. I wouldnt sign this guy for free. He’s a timebomb. Dont do it.

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