Tom Coughlin: Offseason changes are stimulating


The Giants signed cornerback Zack Bowman, tackle Charles Brown and defensive end Robert Ayers this week, bringing the number of free agents signed from outside the organization to 13 since the start of the offseason.

Assuming all of them make the team along with members of the draft class, it will make for a change of more than a quarter of the roster from the 2013 season. They’ve also overhauled the offensive coaching staff, starting with the hiring of Ben McAdoo as the team’s new offensive coordinator. That makes it hard to argue with coach Tom Coughlin’s take that 2014 will be “a year of transition” for his team.

Coughlin acknowledges the challenges that come with that amount of change, but he also thinks that all of the change will serve as stimulation for him and the other members of the organization that are sticking around.

“I said all along that the stimulation here, even for our veteran players, for Eli (Manning) to re-focus and to be energized by new, the new learning, the new presentation of material, the different terminology, the things that must be mastered before you even get out of the huddle. I think all of those things are stimulating,” Coughlin said in an interview on the team’s website.

The Giants have done their most extensive work on the offensive line and in the secondary as they attempt to snap a two-year absence from the playoffs and the results of those moves will go a long way toward determining how the Giants fare in the coming season. Should they not work out, next offseason may feature even bigger changes for Coughlin and the rest of the organization.

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  1. “I said all along that the stimulation here, even for our veteran players, for Eli (Manning) to re-focus and to be energized by new, the new learning, the new presentation of material, the different terminology, the things that must be mastered before you even get out of the huddle. I think all of those things are stimulating”

    Hint, hint, Eli. Hint hint!

  2. Tom Coughlin will win the Super Bowl if you start talking about firing him.

    SEE: 2007 season and 2011 season

  3. If the Giants somehow don’t make the playoffs again, Coughlin and Reese will be gone. This is a playoff caliber team, especially in the bogus NFC East (yes, the Eagles are mediocre too; Foles is about to have a rude awakening)….the Giants have zero excuses in 2014 short of Eli missing the season to injury.

  4. They have imported a lot of new players and will have even more after the draft.It will be stimulating for Coughlin also because it will be his job to get his message about team first across to them and for everyone to be on the same page.If he can do that I have no doubt they’ll contend.Eli must stay healthy because if he goes down the season goes with him.

  5. I really laugh at people like football talk and supreme commander.You obviously are fans of the other teams in the division because no one can be that stupid.

  6. Giants fans always overrate their team, I knew David Wilson was a joke, no Bradshaw,Brown, nicks. Prince is bad, and they no longer have tuck to help JPP .no line backers and 1decent safety. No way this team is playoff caliber. Sheli needs to stop throwing so much in order for them to win. When you reduce his attempts the team is better. No excuse for 25+ ints.

  7. The low class Giants dream of 3rd place while the Redskins win Super Bowl after Super Bowl. The best players in the NFL, like DeSean Jackson, want to play for the Redskins. The Giants only can sign lousy backups as free agents. #RedskinsDominateEveryYear

  8. You know I’m reading some of these comments & it is amazing how much backlash the NYG have gotten over the years. Think of this; they have won 2 SB in 6 years which is a lot in this day and age of Free Agency. Now what is fair is fair; they have not played well the years this group, under Tom Coughlin, have not won a Superbowl. (With the exception of 2008– see P. Burress shooting himself). But I will say this much, at least they are trying to better themselves by acquiring free agents that fit their need for the most part.

  9. And one more thing. Is Eli a great QB? Well, not in regular season. But I will say this he is more clutch than his brother in the playoffs, who is a 1st Ballot Hall of Famer. NYG beat Pats twice in SB and that says a lot considering the Pats are probably the best team in the two decades since Belechick has taken over as the head coach. If you doubt what I’m saying, well, remember the last Superbowl we just had. A Hall of Fame QB got slaughtered.

  10. its funny how the redskins sign desean jackson and now they aee super bowl bound. the same bs that was said when they traded for another former eagle donovan mcnabb. just like the cowboys the deadskins havent done anything relevant in over 20 years and now 1 wide reciever his own team didnt want is suddenly gonna be the savior? they some people need to stay off the crack. rg3 is soft and fragile and jay gruden is not gonna all of a sudden change that, also nothing has changed “defense wins championships” and the deadskins havent made any improvement on that side of the ball and haslett’s defense will continue to get shredded for 300 to 400 yards thru the air on a daily basis. so why your hitting the crack pipe enjoy watching the giants get a super bowl ring for the thumb!!!!

  11. Giants vs. Eagles for the NFC East in 2014. Should be fun. Skins fans are funny. Their Desperate “look at me” posts are classic.

  12. Best case scenario they compete for a superbowl this season. Worst case, (assuming relative health) they’re better than last season and have a new foundation to competer for a SB the following season…

  13. #RedskinsDominateEveryYear. Yup. Every offseason. #haynesworth #shanahan

    I am looking forward to seeing a new offense. I thought Gilbride’s offense seemed a little outdated the last few years. Unfortunately, I have felt the same way about the D too, and no changes there. Then again, I was yelling at the TV for the G-Men to fire Coughlin during the first half of the Cowboys game in 2011. D’oh. They look 8-8 going into every season anyway.

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