Adrian Wilson says goodbye to the Patriots

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Veteran safety Adrian Wilson expressed an elemental NFL truth on Twitter this afternoon, followed immediately by a realization of that truth.

Moments after sending out “Can’t make the club in the tub,” he tweeted out a goodbye to the Patriots organization.

According to Mike Reiss of, the team informed him of his release Friday.

The 34-year-old safety didn’t play a snap for the Patriots, after tearing his Achilles in the preseason finale.

He signed a three-year, $5 million deal with them last offseason, but was made expendable when they brought back Patrick Chung this week.

There were reports that he’d be healthy enough to start offseason conditioning in April, and if that’s the case, he’s going to have to do it somewhere other than Gillette Stadium.

27 responses to “Adrian Wilson says goodbye to the Patriots

  1. Come on over to DC, where you can make the club in the tub – but we do need to let our young DBs learn from the best.

  2. if only they had him for the title game losses they suffered. they certainly would have won with him playing at the level he was back then. thats all in the past and was impossible. i’m just throwing that out there. I for one was excited to get him even at an advanced age. him playing in nickel and dime sets would have helped out even if he was slightly slower

  3. Raiders should pick him up (No, this is not an old man joke, he’d actually be a great fit).

  4. Was a HOF level player.

    ….but as the league becomes more pass heavy even Strong Safeties have to be able to cover TE’s and RB’s.
    With Age and the achilles injury he’ll be a camp invite and little else.

    Love to see him fight for a spot at OLB for the Ravens…..

  5. Come to NY unlike Reed last year this guy still has a little left in the tank.

  6. love to have him take a look at Atlanta, let William Moore move to his natural FS spot. IF Wilson can return to play at a high level it would be a good combo.

  7. Adrian, I hear they’re hiring a cameraman. Hours are good. Only problem is that travel is extensive as you will be required to visit every team on the upcoming schedule.

  8. Adrian thank you for your service. Bill Belichick has to maintain his standards of excellence. Better to hurt somebody’s feelings now than later. Being a Patriot means that you have higher expectations and accountability.

  9. “The question:have the patriots won a Super Bowl since spygate? Answer:…..NOPE.”

    Right, but… have the Vikings *ever* won a Super Bowl? Same answer!

  10. The question: Have the Vikings EVER won a Super Bowl? Answer:…..NOPE. NEVER!!!

  11. To bad Wilson’s career ended this way. I was looking forward to seeing him at SS for New England but he never made it on the field. Sounds like he is still hurt. Can’t make the club from the tub.

    Great player for the Cardinals.

  12. The question:have the patriots won a Super Bowl since spygate?

    They didn’t win one in the three years prior to spygate either.


  13. A 34 year old safety, coming off a year-long Achilles injury ……..????

    Good luck shopping that around. 😉

  14. Wilson, Haynesworth, Ochostinko, Waters…I could keep going but I think most of you get the point, at least hope ya do.

    Keep up the excellent signings, Pats.

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