Antrel Rolle, Bradley Roby coming up on PFT on NBCSN

We’re closing out the week on NBCSN with another one-hour edition of Pro Football Talk.  And, as usual, there’s plenty of stuff to discuss.

Apart from catching everyone up on the news of the day, we’ll review the free-agency efforts and preview the draft needs of the Giants, Redskins, and Bears.  We’ll also be talking directly to veteran Giants safety Antrel Rolle and former Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby.

So join us at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN.  Chris Johnson’s name may be mentioned once or twice.  We’ll also mention the results of today’s poll question.

7 responses to “Antrel Rolle, Bradley Roby coming up on PFT on NBCSN

  1. They don’t deserve that much credit. These were the last 2 people standing after everybody else shot themselves in the foot. They would have done the same if everybody else wasn’t so quick. They both made some mistakes in their respective roles that leaves them room to get better in case being pretty good isn’t enough to win the Super Bowl next time. Let’s see how they handle themselves when other teams start becoming really good at building a football franchise.

  2. The credit is equal between Schneider and Carroll. Pete identifies the best 53 of what he’s given. The hiring process was done so that the best coach the organization could find would have a general manager who was completely on the same page in terms of how the organization should be run. Similar football philosophies. Schneider is in charge of the scouting departments. He hires the director of scouting, who hires regional svouts, etc. Pete is the chef, and Schneider the shopper. Carroll isn’t scouting guys. He doesn’t have time for that. He’s coaching a team during that time. Schneider has found talented players at every level of the Draft (including undrafted players), and Pete and his coaches have gotten the most out of those players.

  3. Only a matter of time until he takes over the packers. Schneider has said it time and again: he would love the big chair in Green Bay. He certainly has an eye for talent. He still has a vacation home near GB.

  4. I would say the coach for getting the most out of talent that some thought were not good enough like Micheal Bennet for example. Or getting the most out of picks from rounds 4 or higher.

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