Champ Bailey: Saints are “very close” to a championship


Champ Bailey doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring. But he likes his chances of getting one in New Orleans.

Bailey said after signing with the Saints today that he’s on board with what the coaching staff told him, which is that their sights are set on winning the Super Bowl.

“We’re all on the same page and we all have the same goal in mind and that’s to win a championship,” Bailey said. “[The Saints] are very close [to a championship]. You look at, Coach Payton took a year off, came back and they got in the playoffs, and won a game. They’re very close. I think any time you have a guy like Drew Brees calling the shots on offense, you’re always going to have a shot. Then, you put a good defense in with that and you give yourself a better shot. They’ve got all the pieces, so hopefully I’m another piece to help them get to where we want to go.”

Although the 35-year-old Bailey isn’t the same player he once was, he thinks his experience will be valuable to the Saints.

“I have a little more to my game, I believe, especially mentally,” Bailey said. “I can see things a lot easier, a lot of things come up that I’ve had experience with. That only helps your game.”

Bailey believes he can help the Saints win the Super Bowl.

88 responses to “Champ Bailey: Saints are “very close” to a championship

  1. Very close is right……So are about 5 other NFC Teams and 3 AFC Teams…….Hope you come in second in the NFC and not First, but still wish you well.

  2. Oh yeah! Now that is a crazy good back end to Ryan’s d! The saints are gonna make some noise! With newton throwing the ball to himself panthers took a step back. The falcons have no line on either side of the ball and Tampa is running an old d that was figured out a long time ago without a great middle lbr that d is just a joke.

    Looks like the race for home field is on Seahawks!

  3. Even a shell of his former self would make him a serviceable corner and he’s right, the experience is big. He’ll also probably get used as a safety sometimes for his ball skills. Add Byrd and probably a linebacker in the1st round to the defense, and on offense the experience for Armstead at LT, a healthy Joe Morgan, and hopefully a continuation of the promise Ingram showed in the playoffs and they’re a legitimate title contender. And if they get home field, look out…

  4. The Saints’ success (just like nearly EVERY other NFL team) depends on their ability to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

    Even then nothing is guaranteed.
    As far as things “looking good on paper”. I think most people are going to think that the 49ers and the Seahawks look the best “on paper”, but THEY just like everyone else, have to prove it on the field.

  5. This poor bastard has been in a competition with Charles Woodson since they both came outta college. Woodson has a ring. Champ Bailey does not. Thats the fact. Deal with it. The Broncos just lost a superbowl to a dumb ass team

  6. Well, they won’t be anywhere NEAR champs if Champ plays like the chump way he did in The SB!

  7. Not a Saints fan, but I’d like to see Champ get a Super Bowl before he retires. He’s been a great professional for so long and you just can’t help but root for the guy

  8. I think Champ Bailey was playing for Luxor when they had that great comeback against Karnac. I think that game was delayed due to locusts and asps.

  9. I think it’s a great pick up…even if he ends up playing nickel and some safety…the 4 th best defense has definitely gotten a lot better this off-season…they’re d will be right up there with the hawks…Denver was close, but they don’t play physical like the nfc does….nfc hits….afc hugs….defense travels, so the saints have done a good job seeing that and addressing it….home field is huge, but I think they can take this show on the road, but I hope Seattle comes to the dome….we always play there….the dome…there’s just something about it..

  10. Bailey’s had a HOF-caliber career, but he’s been playing with a giant fork stuck in his back for the last couple years. He’s done. The Saints need a good corner, and, sadly, that day is long past for Bailey.

    The guy’s skills are gone.

  11. if the saints can secure home field through out the playoffs they might have a chance. the minute they have to play outdoors there is no chance.

  12. Hopefully he isn’t playing CB because he has been getting burned!! I guess you have to take what you can get when you’re in salary cap hell.

  13. Saints, 49ers, Packers, Seahawks, and Eagles seem like the contenders in the NFC right now. I wouldn’t be shocked to see any of those 5 teams in the Superbowl this year..

  14. I guess Champs idea of “close” is playing 8 quarters if football against a team and losing by a combined 57-22.

  15. Ummm ….. didn’t the Donks get closer to the SB than the Saints, last year, Champ?

  16. Champ Bailey: Saints are “very close” to a championship.

    Well after signing an aging corner who can’t cover anybody anymore, I’d have to say they just got a little further away from any chance at a championship.

  17. Strange, but didn’t Jared Allen say the exact same thing about his new team about a week ago?

    Fact of the matter is the NFC is stacked and the Bears and the Saints are in very similar positions… likely to be competitive this season but still at least another year away from running with the big dogs of the conference.

  18. Its a good time to be a Saints fan. Even if champ is the weak link in our secondary hes not about to break. I truly ferl we a good dragt away from a championship and the pundents wont disagree. Homefield advantage is almost a forgiven conclusion.

  19. Saints fan, but with all the talent they’ve unloaded(Sproles) I just don’t see them going as far this season. Plus, right now in the NFC you can’t expect a Superbowl trip if you can’t win a game in Seattle.

  20. The cap has hurt the Saints. So as you look at what Carolina has lost, and what the Bucs lost, you can’t just look at what the Saints have added while ignoring what they have lost.
    You also can’t ignore what the Falcons have added via FA, having both WR’s return from injury, and unless they blow the pick, they should also add another player that should make a difference game 1.
    So while Champ’s addition could be a good extra piece, you cant celebrate it like he’s the only change from last year’s roster.

  21. Champ will likely be the Nickle Corner or play as the third Safety. He will be more of a ball hawking safety or play the slot receiver. Saints play a lot of three Safety formations. If Champ can get 3-4 INT’s he will have done his job. The one weak spot of the Saints Defense last year was turnovers. This weakness has been addressed so far, plus they will get a highly rated CB in the draft.

    Those who overlook the Saints as an NFC favorite do so at their own peril. Seahawks will take a step back this year and the road to the Championship will go through New Orleans.

  22. All you keyboard warriors knocking Champ crack me up. He’s been an All Pro cornerback for damn near his whole career. He has one bad season due to injury and you Madden superstars want to knock him. Put the controllers down, take a shower and go get some sunlight.

  23. Champ’s off the field presence is enough to justify his current contract. If he can stay healthy he’s an above average CB 2 in this league, and certainly has value at safety. Missing him in Denver, as he’s one of my all time favorites, but so happy for him and NOLA. Enjoy having one of the all time greats!

  24. He’s probably right. But how helpful will he be?

    Seriously, didn’t he have the best QB ever last year and that game…well…wasn’t even a game.

    Most of us watching thought Denver was still in it at 22-0 only cuz the Seahawks had never done it before. But looking back….yeah…the Broncos were fortunate to score.

  25. Let’s see the Seahawks play the Saints in the Superdome. Playoffs go through New Orleans.

  26. “Someone get this man a drink”Get used to that line champ.. U gonna hear it when u attend the next seasons superbowl party..

  27. uh Champ, werent you on a team last year who was close to a championship?? sure the Saints have a great team, but Champ just left a team that played in the title game. with that said, Champ’s best fit is a slot corner or 4th corner. if he starts, teams now throw at him which is unlike it was years ago when he was the best in the league.

  28. Enjoy your only SB win as much as you can She-hawk fans, cause its human nature to not be as hungry as you were the year before. Teams don’t win back-to-back SBs anymore. There’s too much parity in the NFL now.

  29. And another thing Seattle fans, stop trying to act like your team is leaps and bounds better than everyone else cause we were one drive away from sending that divisional game to OT had Ingram not fumbled on our own 26 and pretty much gift wrapped you guys a TD, we would’ve won that game. And San Fran clearly outplayed you guys the following week but somebody must have payed those refs off cause that was the most poorly officiated game I’ve ever seen. You guys will be lucky to even win a playoff game next season. Better hope y’all get to play at Century Link with all your manufactured crowd noise.

  30. All they need is an over the hill CB who can’t cover anybody….

    The Saints would have been better off signing Beetle Bailey….

  31. “Yes, so are the Vikings, Denver, and New England.”

    LOL Vikings? The team with an empty trophy case and no quarterback? Adrian Peterson should demand a trade!

  32. Chump Bailey?

    Before pontificating about what it takes to win a SB shouldn’t you have won one?

  33. I like Champ… but if the Saints think adding the 35 year old improves their starting or nickel defense, then the Saints are worse off than I thought.

  34. They are if the top 7 or 8 teams in the NFC fold their franchises and they restart the bounty program and wire tapping, oh and get a qb that can make a play outside the pocket 🙂

  35. The saints will be Superbowl champs this year we have a steller offense which will be way better this year and we have a defense that has the potential to be a number one defense .

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