Chris Johnson to take (and possibly fail) physical today

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Yes, Chris Johnson will be at the Titans’ facility on Friday.  Yes, he’ll take a physical.

Given that he had offseason knee surgery, there’s a chance he’ll fail the physical.  And then the Titans would release him with the “failed physical” designation.

That ultimately won’t matter, since the minor knee procedure he had earlier this year was more of the clean-up variety.  The 2011 CBA, however, gives all players protection against an injury that resulted in a release the following season under the “failed physical” designation.  Under Article 45, Johnson will be eligible for $1.05 million from the Titans, if he can’t find work with another team.

For the Titans, it’s a simple analysis.  Keep him and potentially owe $8 million, or cut him and potentially owe $1.05 million.  With Johnson widely expected to land with a new team, the Titans most likely will be off the hook after cutting him.

As the inevitable release of Johnson approaches, it’s becoming more clear that, even though Johnson will find a new team, his compensation likely will be closer to the current veteran running back market than the short list of proven game-changing running backs.  At a time when lesser players have gotten $3.5 million per year, it could be a challenge for Johnson to get much more than that.

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  1. What is the point of contracts now-a-days? Neither side honors their agreement. Teams cut players with high cap numbers and players hold out.

  2. He is just not as good as Jamaal Charles. And Jamaal will make $5.233 mil for 2014. Don’t expect CJ0K to top that at the end of his deal. The only team that I could see paying more is the Raiders. And they already signed two RBs this offseason.

  3. Depending on your perspective it could be in either the team or the player’s best interest to figure out a way to restructure the deal so that the team can get some cap relief for the present year and defer having to find a way to move him in the future which could give them a trading window at some point down the road. If these 2 sides can talk then they might be able to find a sweet spot where it is in both parties’ interests to repackage these contract numbers into something else.

    The Titans should be able to figure out a more favorable option than flat out releasing him. If they would have thought about this several months ago or some other time earlier than that, then they probably had a better chance of finding a deal to close, but they waited to long to assess their options and stay one step ahead of the game.

  4. I am really starting to feel that they should fully guarantee NFL contracts, but limit them to 2-3 years.

  5. Isn’t this the ideal Bronco signing … a guy who consistently gets 1,500 to 2,000 yards from scrimmage, for a team who wants to win now, and has a hole at the RB position.

  6. The Jets will pay for him…They need something to go with vick/smith. They’ll take CJ2k and pick up a decent receiver in the 1st round.

  7. Why do people say he isn’t a good RB? He has only continued to get at least 1,000 yards EVERY year. even when teams KNOW that he is the Titans only weapon. Ray Rice & Bernard Pierce could barely get 1,000 yards together and we had far more weapons than the Titans. I don’t see why people say he is bad.

  8. .

    Wherever he lands, I’m sure his contract will be described as “incentive laden”.


  9. Bo Jackson is laughing at him right now – all the skill in the world, but no push.

  10. Actually, if he fails the physical, won’t the Titans be able to safely keep him on the roster for another couple months or longer? They won’t have to release him as soon. (After all, right now, Jake Locker would fail his physical.) Point being, if he fails, he can’t take full part in full team workouts and can be given a limited (extremely safe) workout regimen … thus no need to lock him out of the facility for risk of injury like they did with Steve McNair. Am I right?

  11. Only back who’ got 1,000 yards every year since he entered the league yet no one wants him? He’s a suprisingly capable blocker, he’s one of the fastest players ever, something’s missing…

  12. tennesseeoilers, if he walks into the facility and drops a dumbbell on his foot, the Titans would have to pay him fully (and take the full cap hit).

  13. Everybody kicking him, when they oughta be kicking a sorry OL that doesn’t make a hole for a man to start with. Knee scoped? Not a big deal… Don’t want to pay him the 8M, fine. Maybe he goes to someone in the conference, and burns you for 200 and 3 TD’s, and you miss the playoffs because you cut him. Not a Titans, or Johnson fan, I’m all Steelers… But karma has a way of coming back and eatin your arse, right before it eats your lunch! Panther’s cut Steve Smith, and how long did it take B,more to pick him up… about 3 dam minutes. smh

  14. The comments about “teams not honoring contracts” when they cut a player are astounding to me. In fact, the team is fully complying with the contract. The contracts typically provide an upfront signing bonus (CJ certainly has collected all of that) plus a number of year-to-year contracts that apply if the player is still on the roster.

    By cutting CJ, the Titans will be fully complying with the terms of the agreement. They have fully paid the signing bonus and the guaranteed years. They have the contractual right to cut him and will do so. These comments of “not honoring the contract” are simply incorrect.

    One other thing to think about. Free-agent or second contracts usually have a signing bonus, some level of guaranteed years, and then some “fake years” on the end of the contract. Really big money years that let the agent claim that the player signed $100M contract or whatever. Everyone knows the players will get cut or renegotiated when the money gets ridiculous (CJ $8M). That’s why Florio always breaks down the “true” value of contracts.

    Bottom line…Titans are simply exercising their contractual rights. Not “breaking” the contract. Just terminating per the pre-agreed methods.

  15. Cut him I hope the Ravens get him he would b great in kubs offense that would make a nice 3 headed monster in Bird land for the next 3yrs or so you scene what foster use to do with kubs over the yrs this could b our last significant signing to give us a lot of wiggle room in the draft make it happen Ozzie go Raven’s we want the north back n the Lombardi

  16. Alright I am a big Titans fan and have not missed a game in the past few seasons. When CJ came into the league he was amazing showing his speed and flash but the past 2 years although yes breaking 1000+ in both seasons has just been a different type of player. It seems like after he signed the big contract he was more worried about staying healthy rather than fighting for extra yards, too many times he would just go down with out a fight for yards. His catching skills are very suspect especially when we tried to run screens for him in open space it always felt like he would peak and make sure nobody was coming to hit him first. I do still think he has a few of his home run hitting runs left in him but will never be a work horse running back he cant play every down. We will always have the memories of the 2000 yard season at least lol, if somebody can get him for 2 million or 3 million at the most a season I would consider that decent.

    Go Titans! From Toronto

  17. If there was a better option than simply releasing him, I am sure the Titans have tried to do that. I don’t know if the player or the team are the one who don’t want to renegotiate, but either way, it is in the best interest of both to part ways.

    He was an electric player at one point, but you can get rookies to rush for the yards he has lately. If he gets revitalized because he is on a new team, then good for him and the new team, but he just hasn’t been the same since the contract. I don’t think it is physical, I think it is emotional, and I don’t trust those kind of players.

  18. Everyone acts like this guy will be “amazing” if he joins their team. Nevermind the fact that he stopped trying after he got paid.

    Team players win team sports.

  19. Everyone can trash the guy, watch his offense the last two years. The o line wasn’t doing their job and they weren’t a passing threat. Ap is the only guy to destroy defenses that consistently want to shut down the opposing running back, but at least him line helps him. Cj will find another team that will give him the tools to succeed, just wait.

  20. Best of luck to CJ2K with his next team. I think he is a serviceable back when cuffed with a power runner. Ultimately, his inability to shed an arm tackle was what led to him no longer being able to be a number one back. I think he would be fantastic in Green Bay or Seattle as a compliment to a possession rb.

    I think he would be greed

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