Donovan McNabb thinks Cam Newton’s plight sounds familiar


Donovan McNabb is worried about Cam Newton.

Primarily because he sees so many parallels to his own career.

The former Eagles quarterback, who rarely had sufficient weapons around him in the passing game, said the Panthers are running a huge risk after releasing Steve Smith and letting the rest of their receivers walk in free agency.

“Oh, I would be worried,” McNabb told David Newton of “First of all, I didn’t have a top wide receiver until pretty much T.O. [Terrell Owens] got there.

“For him, I’m just wondering what they are doing to build around him? You lose Brandon LaFell, you lose Steve Smith, Ted Ginn [Jr.’s] gone. All you have at this point is Greg Olsen.”

It was then mentioned that the Panthers had signed Jerricho Cotchery, and McNabb replied: “Greg Olsen.”

Panthers coach Ron Rivera has downplayed the need for a true number one receiver, but McNabb wasn’t buying that.

“I hate when teams [say] that,” McNabb said. “Who are they, Bill Belichick and the Patriots now?”

“But you’ve still got to give him some help,” he said of Newton. “The quarterback is only as good as the people around him. If you don’t ever want him to throw to a player that can create big plays out of the passing game, it’s not going to go well.”

So there you go, Panthers fans. Sign Owens, and it’s all better.

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  1. If it were anyone other than McNabb, I’d agree. But McNabb is a big baby and will use any opportunity to cry “woe is me.”

    –Eagles fan

  2. For once #5 is making some sense. The Eagles blew three shots at reaching the SB because Reid insisted that Thrash and Pinkston were good enough. No coincidence that they got over the hump when Owens arrived.

  3. Being an Eagles fan, I love McNabb for what he did in midnight green, but I also find him so infuriating almost every time he opens his mouth. This time, however, I have to agree.

  4. Hahaha….All you patriot haters out there….Even Mcnabb knows Tom brady, belichick and the patriots are the gold standard of the NFL…Respect to the Seahawks though the current champs big ups to them

  5. Mcnabb is right. Cam needs some help, Carolina should of made a run at Nicks. It looked like the Panthers were on the rise, but they have nose dived this offseason…Atlanta/Chicago will take their spot in the playoffs.

  6. So now LaFell and Ginn are quality receivers and their loss should be mourned? McNabb is still an idiot. The Panthers are also idiots for getting rid of Smith without having a backup plan, but let’s not pretend that Newton would have been set with LaFell and Ginn.

  7. mcnabb forgets it was jim johnson and the defense that made the difference those years he was racking up wins with lesser wideouts. and of course duce staley and brian westbrook, who caught more passes than any reciever most years.

  8. Almost all receivers are the same. Given the same number of starts for same team, receivers will basically put up the same numbers. There are of course exceptions – Rice, Moss, etc.

  9. While there is some validity to having proven receiving weapons, I can think of several great quarterbacks (Favre, Brady, Manning) that have made adequate receiving talent look great.

    Bottom line, McNabb wasn’t a great quarterback. Good, but not approaching great. Now he is just Bobby Bitter.

  10. McNabb is all about McNabb all of the time.

    As for Newton, he’s not really a QB anyway so it doesn’t matter who his WR’s are.

  11. A little disrespect to Jerrico Cotchery, there. He’s had a pretty nice careeer, and caught 10 TD’s for the Steelers last year.
    I do see McNabb’s point, to a degree. However, the saying goes that a good QB will make an average team good, and a good team great. It’s more on the QB than it is the receivers. That’s why QB’s are the most important position in the game, and get paid like they do. Remember that, Donovan?

  12. Rarely agree with McNabb, but I do here.

    The motive behind the situation in Carolina isn’t what I think Donovan would say it is though.

  13. Another opportunity for DM to let the world know he could have been the greatest ever but the ownership kept that from happening.

  14. Another opportunity for DM to let the world know he could have been the greatest ever but the ownership kept that from happening.

  15. So now LaFell and Ginn are quality receivers and their loss should be mourned?
    I don’t think McNabs is saying that, what he’s saying is Newton lost his receiving corp. Maybe not great receivers but at least they had chemistry with Newton. Letting their best receiver Smith, then, Lafell and Ginn go was too much to backfill at one time. Who knows, Newton is an experienced QB now, not a rookie and he can build the trust and chemistry with his new receivers during camp and preseason.

  16. Doesn’t matter who the WRs are when DM is bouncing the ball off the turf, five feet in front of them. Cam doesn’t have that problem

  17. The Falcons had 2 very good receivers and the anointed one, Matty Ice, and what did it get them? What it takes to go far is very complicated and involves many different aspects of the game. Once in a while, things work out. Brady and Manning are the finest QBs of their time and yet…

  18. i saw McFatt in the title of the article and immediately though “oh boy, what is this idiot going to be whining about now.” a little bit of whine in there, but I absolutely agree with him for once.

  19. This guy took the Eagles to 4 NFC championship games with NO receivers or real talent around him except Westbrook. When he had talent, he took them to a SB. When Philly fans trash what may be the most successful QB in Eagle history just confirms what the rest of the NFL already knows about Eagle fans. You guys deserve the championship drought more than any other sports fans. #1960LOL

  20. True. D.McNabb.

    For years you had scrubs at WR then the year you got a quality WR you took them to the Super Bowl…where you got beat by a QB on the other side of the field who threw to the likes of David Givens, Troy Brown, David Patten, and eventual Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch. Combined all quality WR’s but alone on other teams would be scrubs.

    Stop the excuses.

  21. I was having this discussion online with friends. Taking Steve Smith away made no sense if the GM wasn’t willing to bring in someone better. This is subtraction by subtraction because there was no addition. Who, Jericho Cottchery? And he replaces Steve Smth? So if Cam falters this year one could blame no one but the GM and his arrogance. And the argument that Tom Brady hasn’t had receivers is weak. His receivers could catch the ball, and the Panthers have had an impossible time filling that #2 spot across from Smith, now they have signed a few #3 receivers to play #1 receiver. Sorry, Cam, but this one isn’t on you.

  22. I see the handwriting on the wall…Cam will eventually leave the Panthers for greener pastures. Sadly, Carolina isn’t a big enough stage for him to shine. In 2 years, it will come down to Dallas or Denver. Romo will be DONE, Manning will be DONE. Jerry World will open its check book, Cam will stand on the Star to shine…you read it here first!

  23. Phillip Rivers is a better QB, as of now, over Newton and look what happened to him when his receiving corps was decimated by injury and traded away by the lord of no rings… He turned average guys into high yardage “starters” but also paid the price with what some considered declining performance. If Cam can make it through the rough “no weapons” phase the team is obviously going through now, good on him, it will make him better but will not result in playoff wins/appearances…

  24. Amazes me that people can’t just say the Man is right without having to add some negative comment about him along with it. Does it really matter who the truth is coming from when it is indeed THE TRUTH? The Panthers are about to invest a LOT of Money in Cam as a Franchise QB and they’re sending him out there with NO Weapons! that’s a recipe for failure!

  25. To Donovan the soup salesman I’ll offer some succinct facts. 2013 season. Seahawks 13. League 3. Superstar receivers on team:……Uh, can I get back to you on that?

  26. The Panther’s offense will be fine this year.. But everyone knows that’s not the strength of their team.. Their front 7 on defense is down right nasty, and that will keep them in most every game in 2014.. If the offense can find a way to 21 points each week, Carolina will be fine.. Also remember this, free agency isn’t over, and there are still a few role type receivers out there unsigned.. Plus the draft.. I don’t expect to Carolina to have a true #1 WR in 2014 (but face it they haven’t had one in about 3 years now, even with Steve Smith).. Carolina has a solid #2 WR in Cotchery and a decent #3 WR in the kid they signed from Tampa Bay.. Find another good WR in the draft and the Panthers are looking at another 10 win season

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