Doug Marrone wants to leave Mike Williams-Syracuse story in past

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Bills coach Doug Marrone knows Mike Williams from their few days together at Syracuse, but he wants to leave that topic alone.

In a statement on the team’s official website, Marrone began the process of backing slowly away from Williams’ ugly departure from the Syracuse program.

“With regard to our time at Syracuse, I feel that is in the past for both of us,” Marrone said. ” Mike has an opportunity to get a fresh start to his career here in his hometown and regain his form as a productive player in the National Football League. We look forward to getting Mike into the facility and start our work preparing for the 2014 season once the players are free to report on April 22. . . .

“Mike Williams is a competitive, tough wide receiver who has the size and athleticism to add competition to our receiver position group. We feel Mike is a player who has the ability to help our team improve.”

Williams’ departure from Syracuse came after he was suspended for the 2008 season for cheating on a test, then had a curfew violation. Marrone apparently tried to reach out to Williams to offer him a chance to come back, but they never connected and Williams was dismissed from the team.

That was five years ago, which is apparently enough time for forgiveness, if you’re good enough at football.