Eagles linebacker suspended for PED violation

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The Eagles proved this week they weren’t tolerating bad behavior from stars. Let’s see how they handle a fringe player.

The Eagles announced Friday that linebacker Jake Knott would be suspended without pay for the first four weeks of the season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

The former undrafted rookie out of Iowa State played in 12 games last year, mostly on special teams.

He’s the kind of player it’s easy to make an example of, if they choose to.

Knott will still be eligible to go through the offseason work and training camp and the preseason, if they want him around.

UPDATE 4:33 p.m. ET: The Eagles issued a statement in Knott’s name this afternoon:

“Several weeks ago, I was shocked to learn that I tested positive for a stimulant that is banned by the NFL. I have never knowingly ingested a banned substance, but like most players, I take nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, I now know that supplements are not regulated and thus may contain things that are not listed on the label. The NFL policy is very strict, so I have chosen to take immediate responsibility.

“I look forward to participating in team workouts, training camp and the pre-season with my team. During the suspension, I will work extremely hard to stay in top football shape and be ready to contribute immediately upon my return. I sincerely apologize to my teammates, coaches, my family and fans for the impact of my mistake on the team.”

40 responses to “Eagles linebacker suspended for PED violation

  1. Example? Example? He will be suspended per NFL Policy and what would cutting him do to set anything? Everyone would know that if the Starting CB, QB, etc… were to be suspended for a first offence PED Violation that they would keep them.

    Nothing about example to set here.

  2. He’s too young and lowly paid to make an example out of, that is if you mean asking him to take a big paycut in order to facilitate a trade to a division rival in exchange for nothing in return like they do with some of their premium veteran players.

  3. The really sad part of this player’s story is that he doesn’t know how to read.

    I read responses from athletes every other week who blame supplements that contain banned ingredients that are not listed on the label.

  4. I find it funny MLB suspends more people from PED’s than the NFL, and when they do they make an “example” of a special teams guy but that drum has been beaten plenty.

    This is a major risk of taking workout supps- even for civilians or anyone who is subject to drug test by their employer. It’s very important to know that they are not FDA regulated and can contain almost anything under the sun. It’s only when people start dying (1-3 DMAA) that action is taken.

    Check the label to make sure this ingredient is not in your supplement!

  5. macdaddyspeed April 4, 2014, 4:04 PM CDT

    Haters: Love that my Seahawks are in your head. Get used to them being there.

    haha lmao. Seahawks will go nowhere this year

    also.someone better checkout shady McCoy cuz there’s something shady about him too. lol

  6. I’m shocked he’s shocked and that he didn’t ever knowingly ingest any illegal substances. This is my incredibly shocked face. Just. Shocking.

  7. Yeah. Pretty much had the ‘blame it on the stimulants’ thing called in the very first comment and before the update….I guess I must have inadvertently broke a story so my comment was deleted.

  8. Seahawks will go nowhere this year?! Talk about haha lmao. Riiiiight, buddy. And obviously they are in your head as well as everyone else commenting about them on an EAGLES thread! Because…ya know, Seattle is the only team in the history of the league that’s had a player suspended for PEDs. Haters just need any excuse possible to wrap their heads around the fact the Hawks are the best team in the league and their teams are nowhere near comparison.

  9. He should use the Sherman defense, ” If the cup is cracked I didn’t take jack”.

  10. For once I would like to see a player who gets busted and blames a supplement or Adderall show us his test results.

  11. “I now know that supplements are not regulated and thus may contain things that are not listed on the label”

    It’s just a little hard to believe this is the first time he ever heard this, or that the NFL or NFLPA never warned players before.

  12. PED & Substance abuse are not the same thing. Now I have NO IDEA what he was suspended for. If you’re going to report it, report it correctly.

  13. He should have cracked the cup so it was leaking urine and told the person collecting the sample to pour the urin into another cup. Then he could have used the Sherman ruling to get out of a positive test. There must be some class these guys can take to get their test disqualified if they think the might still have drugs in their system when they are tested. If not, I think I might start one up and charge these cats 10 grand to attend the “How to go in dirty and come out clean” seminar.

  14. Everytime a player uses the excuse of “I didn’t know what was in this supplement” they fail to mention that the NFLPA has a list of approved supplements that will not trigger a positive in your screenings. Deviation from the list means that you are using suplements that have either not been tested for banned sustances or have been tested and failed. If you go off the list, you go at your own risk.

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