Giants bring tight end Kellen Davis aboard


The Giants have been one of the league’s most active teams this offseason, but they’re just getting around to adding a tight end.

A league source tells PFT they’ve agreed to a contract with tight end Kellen Davis.

Davis is a good blocker who has just 50 receptions in his career, including three last year for the Seahawks. But the 6-foot-7, 265-pounder should help them improve the pass-protection, which has been a major focus for the Giants this offseason.

They still need to add at the position, after starter Brandon Myers left for Tampa Bay, with Bear Pascoe still unsigned as a free agent.

20 responses to “Giants bring tight end Kellen Davis aboard

  1. He’s just a decent blocker with hands of stone. Not much help on Special Teams either. Pretty much survives in the NFL because coaches love his size. You’re welcome for the free scouting report, Giants fans.

  2. I’m a little puzzled about this free agency pick up. Hopefully , they give him just a 1 year deal, draft a TE, i.e. from North Carolina, and this drafted TE learns from Kellen Davis’ experience. They wanted someone who can block as well, which previous two TE couldn’t.

  3. I think his most notable play as a Seahawk was deflecting a pass that hit him square in the hands right to Derrick Coleman for a TD.

    I’d peg the odds you can find better in the fifth round of the draft in the 60-40 range.

  4. The Giants will have a hard time winning 7 games without a spectacular front 4. We all know Eli is overrated. I bet he breaks the record for most picks in a season.

  5. wow bear pascoe must really suck if the giants signed this stiff over him. he has hands of stone and as for his blocking, he sure did a great job helping keep Cutler upright didn’t he? the answer to that is a emphatic no!

  6. This dude may just be camp fodder. Bigger picture, the Giants are having a terrific off season, filling the roster with depth and solid & productive pros. They are putting the pieces in place for another run at a ring in the Eli era. Last year’s team was very weak from the get go and lacked quality depth and still finished 7-3 in the last 10 games. Credit the coach. That momentum will carry into this year and we are no doubt 2 games better on paper. Do not be surprised if the Giants make a real run this year playing their best ball in December. Good work. Real Giants fans have lived through the Danny Kennel, Kent Graham, Dave Br.. Dave Br0… I can’t even say it… eras. Eli is great. He’s a gamer. We don’t need pretty. We need rings. 2 and counting. Everyone else can step off!

  7. If he makes the team it will be for blocking purposes.I read where Ebron isn’t much of a blocker so this guy may help.We may not take a tight end in the first round and pick someone later in the Kevin Boss and Jake Ballard mold who can block and catch passes.We are not counting on this guy in the passing game.

  8. Kellen Davis was rendered superfluous after the Seahawks signed their new 4th TE, Travis Beckham, away from the, um, the New York Giants.

    Well played sir.

  9. Giants also signed a wide receiver named Travis Harvey from Florida A&M.He caught 67 passes for 808 yards and 7 tds.his senior year.He’s 6ft 2in weighs 188.He was not drafted.That’s all I know right now.

  10. People seem to forget about our new offensive coordinated favors TE’s & could just be what this guy needs . & if not then it’s just a depth move & he’s just as good as any other TE we have .

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