Major Wright agrees to terms with Buccaneers

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Earlier this week, safety Major Wright tweeted that he was headed to Tampa and led some people to think that he’d signed a contract with the Buccaneers.

Wright was actually only going to meet with the Buccaneers about the possibility of signing, but the end result has turned out to be the same. Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports that Wright has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the team.

The move reunites Wright with Lovie Smith, who was the head coach in Chicago during Wright’s first three years with the Bears. The 2010 third-round pick moved into a starting role in his second season and remained there through 2013, although the Bears didn’t make much effort to re-sign him while bringing M.D. Jennings, Ryan Mundy and Danny McCray into the organization.

A starting role probably isn’t in the cards for Wright in Tampa as Dashon Goldson and Mark Barron are both returning to the team for the 2014 season. Wright only turns 26 this summer, though, so there may be another starting role in the future if he does well in his reunion with Smith.

30 responses to “Major Wright agrees to terms with Buccaneers

  1. I understand that Lovie can’t evaluate a safety to save his life, but hasn’t he seen enough of Major Wright to know he can’t play? Then again, this is the same guy that hadn’t seen enough of Adam Archuletta.

  2. Let’s see now….. Major Wright to Tampa Bay, Captain Munnerlyn to Minnesota, where was Lieutenant Dan going again?

  3. Good luck in Tampa! He was a big part of that awful defense last year so I’m not upset to see him leave the Bears. Maybe he’ll be better with Lovie, but I doubt it…

  4. More like Major Wrong for going to a team that won’t win anything. Not that the seahawks wanted him. He’s not good enough for the dynasty train.

  5. Safety play for the Bears last year was an unmitigated disaster. Between Major Wright shipping out and Chris Conte going on the shelf with surgery, that abomination of a defense has gotten better simply by subtraction.

  6. Lol at Bears fans, your entire defense was bad. He had a down year just like everyone did. Wright was a good player when Lovie was there, and you weren’t throwing him under the bus then.

  7. @flafan15
    Marjor Wright was among the back half of the league among safetys (accournding to PFF) the year before last too. It’s not just last year

  8. Just want to point out one thing… Dolphin fans would murder Sam Madison saying that he couldnt cover the ground if he had a picnic sheet. Not reazlizing he was facing #1 WRs all year long. After he left and went to the Gaints to help them win a championship I say to Bears fans…you dont know what you got til its gone…

    If the defensive scheme will be the same for the Bucs he will be a good fit in Tampa.

  9. He was a depth signing. I understand ya’ll hate him in Chicago, but he knows Lovie’s system and he’ll be a decent back up. He’s still young enough that he could turn a corner. But Chicago fans acting like he’s coming in to be our starter…no…he’s depth. He did ok in this system before, so this is a good depth signing to me.

  10. Now that he’s reunited with Lovie, he can go back to the system he had where one of the coaching assistants would hold up flash cards to remind him to find the guy with the football and tackle and stuff like that.

    He was pretty successful under that system.

  11. Wright was below average, at best when Lovie was here. He was the worst rated starting safety in the league last year. Same old coach, with the same worn out Tampa 2 defense. Good luck with that…

  12. Only the Bears could throw as many draft picks at the safety position as they have the last few years and have all of them turn out so badly. And I say that as a Bears fan. We haven’t had a guy who could truly play that position since Mike Brown left.

  13. Bear fans slamming Lovie’s defense? Seriously? After that abomination you put out there once Lovie left?

    Wright is still young and won’t start unless there’s an injury. He’s depth, nothing more.

  14. The Bears safeties were awful last year – it’s undeniable – but injuries to their top 3 DTs and then injuries to DJ Williams, then Lance Briggs then Charles Tillman rendered the defense useless. He’ll be a good depth guy and special teamer for the Bucs.

  15. Not sure why the hate on Major Wright. If Tampa signed him cheap, he’ll be a solid backup capable of starting (if need be).

    He is also going back home to a state he grew up and had success in.

    People are quick to blame the players and injuries last season but I am still not sold on Mel Tucker running the defense.

    From the first game with the Bengals last season, the Bears had issues with teams marching the length of the field and scoring with them- multiple times during the game. And that was when everyone was still healthy.

  16. Many are pointing out how bad the D was after the injuries…and it was. Without capable DTs…all that was exposed is how BAD Conte and Wright really are. So to defend Wright with that rationale comes up very short from reality. The Bears chose not to resign him because he is a dime a dozen Safety. The Buccaneers signed him, because he is a dime a dozen Safety who happened to have played in Lovie’s system. Every team needs those guys…the Bears did it by signing Craig Steltz again…a guy, who can play special teams and provide some Safety play if needed. Good for them, they get to keep cashing NFL checks for being mediocre Safeties.

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