Marqise Lee plans visits to Carolina and New Orleans

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One of the more intriguing prospects in this year’s draft pool comes from USC.  Receiver Marqise Lee, the Biletnikoff Award winner in 2012 with 1,721 receiving yards, dropped down to 791 in 2013.

That has caused him to possibly drop down the board as the draft approaches, with many putting him behind Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans.

Lee, expressing confidence that he’ll regain his 2012 form at the next level and accepting the fact that he has no control over where he’s drafted, told PFT Live that he will visit the Panthers and Saints in the coming weeks.  He’s also had two private workouts in California, but he has declined to name the teams.

(By league rules, workouts may happen only on or near campus; visits to team headquarters cannot include workouts.)

Lee said his numbers dropped in part due to injury (he dealt with a knee problem in 2013) and changes at quarterback.  Regardless of what happened in 2013, the talent he displayed in 2012 is undeniable.  Someone will be getting a guy who could become a very good receiver at the NFL level.

10 responses to “Marqise Lee plans visits to Carolina and New Orleans

  1. Grim, you hit it right on the head, as a panthers fan, Cam’s athleticism is unquestioned, and he relies too heavily on that and doesn’t become a student of the game. knowing several panther players personally as well as spending time with Cam, I can tell you that he doesn’t put enough time in studying film.

  2. LOL Cam improved ALOT from the previous year to last, he struggled just like every other QB does not everyone is Manning or Brady or Brees who are not perfect either!

  3. if Lee falls in Carolina’s lap they NEED to get him ASAP. he can be the perfect replacement for Smith, with that said, i doubt he goes past the Jets or Eagles. as for the Saints, they seem to go with WR by committee, so they dont really need Lee that badly.

  4. As a USC fan I love this guy. He is so talented and has a good work ethic. His floor is as an NFL starter, which is worth a 1st round draft pick in my opinion.

  5. with the 30th pick in the 2014 the San Fransisco 49ers select….Marqise Lee, WR Southern Cal

  6. I think the Saints go CB, or OLB with their 1st. This draft is so deep at receiver we can find one later.

    Heck, we got Kenny Stills, Marques Colston, and Lance Moore all in the 5th round or later.

  7. Uhhhhh, can we Agree!!!!!! D Jarrett part 2
    With a gimp leg….. No so cal wr’s thank you!

    Benjamin is a ringer and he will be there …..add another vet , cut during camp, and they are good

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