Morris Claiborne says he’ll be ready for offseason work


Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said recently that the Cowboys have to get cornerback Morris Claiborne healthy and stronger so that they start realizing more of a return on the price they paid to move up and get Claiborne in the first round of the 2012 draft.

Claiborne has dealt with a variety of injuries since coming to Dallas and missed six games last season while getting dropped behind Orlando Scandrick on the depth chart. He’s had surgeries on his shoulder and finger since the offseason got underway, but says that they will not keep him from participating in the team’s offseason work. He also said that he feels like he’s making good on Garrett’s desire to see him get stronger.

“I’m feeling great,” Claiborne said in an interview with Gina Miller, via the Dallas Morning News. “I feel like my mind is getting stronger as well as my body. Just rehabbing every day and trying to get stronger. I’ll be ready for when we start up our workouts and on to OTAs and minicamp.”

Claiborne also told Miller that he’s tired of hearing questions about his failure to live up to the expectations created when the Cowboys dealt their own first-round pick and a second-round selection to go up and get him two years ago. Claiborne is only going to be able to put a stop to them by producing on the field, something that would be made much easier if he can avoid being a constant presence in the trainer’s room.

18 responses to “Morris Claiborne says he’ll be ready for offseason work

  1. Morris Bustborne wouldn’t even make the active roster of the Seattle Seahawks. We have world champion standards here, fitting for a team with a kingly stature in the NFL.

  2. Never, ever trade up to six to take an injured player that wont even be able to participate in OTAs much less training camp. The NFL is too fast and has already passed him by.

  3. What does “feels like” he’s getting stronger mean? Either you ARE stronger or you AREN’T. There are very simple, affordable and well-known ways to test strength — have been since the original Greek Olympiads of 2,500 years ago.

  4. I awake, thankful for each day that my Bucs passed on Mo Claibourne.

    We picked Mark Barron, but should’ve taken Luke Keuchly. At least we got Lavonte David in the 2nd round of 2012.

  5. Mo has more to him than what he has shown, but he was also the by product of tyronne mathieu being on the field with him at LSU…

  6. The way we have no pass rush, it doesn’t matter if he’s healthy or not. But he’s not, never has been, and probably never will be. But hey, I have hope! 🙂

  7. Tired of hearing it? Isn’t that too bad?! DO something about it then! Otherwise you’ll be asked that question while WATCHING games from a seat in the stands!

  8. Words cannot express how happy I am that the Vikings took Kalil over this guy. Way to go Jerry, I hope you are the “general manager” for the next 45 years.

  9. I’m sure he is ready for the “off season” part, its the “work” part he struggles with.

  10. I bet everyone of you would love a gm that had 5 pro bowlers last year that he drafted. BTW that’s what “Jerrah” did. Hate all you want, but he’s not a bad gm when it comes to player personnel.
    As a die hard I will say I wish our coaching moves were not only better, but less often.

  11. I’m pretty sure that all of you that are calling Mo bust are the same ones who wanted to let Dez go after his second season and Tyron Smith after his second season. Let the guy do what got him to the league. Press man. He had a decent rookie year in a more aggressive scheme. The Tampa two is so outdated. That means that the whole defense is a bust because no one did anything last season. Get an understanding of the game before you past judgment, all of you General Managers from your recliners!

  12. Mo has shown flashes of play that would make him worthy of a first pick like picking of a Peyton Manning pass last season. But overall a disappointment.

    This is the year where he silences the critics or gets labeled the proverbial “bust”.

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