NFLPA wants to know if Eagles smeared DeSean Jackson


NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith says his union will investigate whether the Eagles smeared DeSean Jackson before cutting him.

“We’ve been in touch with DeSean, and first and foremost he is a tremendous football player and great young man,” Smith said on Mike & Mike. “On the issue of how he was released, whether or not there were comments or leaks from the team, misinformation to the media coming from the team, that’s something that we’re going to look at. We’ve always been aggressive about protecting the integrity of our players.”

An story published shortly before the Eagles released Jackson suggested that Jackson had gang ties and also quoted an anonymous source within the Eagles organization as suggesting Jackson could be a bad influence on young players. Smith compared the situation with Jackson in Philadelphia to the situation for Josh Freeman in Tampa, where the players’ union is investigating whether Buccaneers executives or coaches peddled defamatory information about Freeman.

“We went into a deep investigation that’s continuing about Josh Freeman, and the comments that we believe came from team management or the coaches, and that’s an investigation that’s ongoing and we’re going to aggressively pursue it,” Smith said. “If we believe that someone at the team did something impermissible we’re going to be seeking significant discipline against those individuals. We look at that situation as similar to this one.”

The NFLPA investigation may explain why the Eagles have been so tight-lipped about Jackson. At least publicly.

70 responses to “NFLPA wants to know if Eagles smeared DeSean Jackson

  1. It is never a good business move to smear anyone . Try that in real business world and you would have instant lawsuit. Best apps roach is always no comment lol

  2. The Josh Freeman investigation will never see the light of day. Why would it? The NFLPA found out he and his agent forced their way out.

  3. So a story written by an independent news source comes out about DeSean, the Eagles cut him because they don’t want him anymore for whatever reason (it’s their prerogative) and suddenly they’ve “smeared”him? Gimme a break, NFLPA.

  4. Personally, I think the eagles did desean a favor by being so tight lipped about was he was doing behind closed doors as I would wager that most of it has been kpet from the media.

    I think the NFLPA will also find the agent was trying for a new contract.

  5. The case looks more like the Eagles saw a convenient cover for a move that was going to be unpopular but they planned on making anyway than an active attempt to smear. No, they did not come out and clarify, but is it really necessary for the team to do so? The may have gotten wind that the story was going to run and timed their release to coincide, but feeding that info to the media once it became clear that they couldn’t trade him and were going to have to cut him makes no sense.

  6. Maybe they should ask if the LAPD smeared him since they were the ones that provided the meat of the allegations. The Eagles didn’t make anything up here.

  7. I would like to thank the Eagles for the smearing. It caused other teams to be hesitant on him. Hail.

  8. Hopefully that Freeman investigation ends sometime before Freeman retires because if anyone has a case it’s probably him. Desean? Not so much.

    The Eagles haven’t said a word about Jackson’s release. Nor has any information come out that could only have come from the team.

    Makes for a great soundbite thought and reminds everyone that DeSmith, who is up for reelection next year, is out there fighting for the players.

  9. boy the nflpa sounds real tough. they might want to be reminded that eagles have said absolutely nothing and are getting a bit abused by the philly media for not giving them anything for stories.

    i doubt the eagles were the source even behind the scenes of the alleged gang ties. anyway, go to youtube and search “desean jackson deangelo hall” and the crips sign during last yr’s 1st gm between phila and wash is obvious. even if the gang ties aren’t true, jackson’s own behavior gave the rumors substance.

    the nflpa and jackson are both jokes.

  10. so he flashes gang signs in games, employs a known gang member and homicide suspect on his rap label, and the Eagles smeared him?

  11. Timing of cut suspicious. Eagles could have presented the media a statement saying the reasons why he was cut along with a statement that gang suspicions were not a reason for his cut. They did not. In the scheme of things they were not obligated to respond to the news article but should have to protect the integrity of Jackson and the Eagles. So was it malicious, only the Eagles management knows and an investigation will show they were only guilty of not disclaiming the article and that’s their choice.

  12. Hopefully DeSean will open that door with his Stephen A. Smith interview and then the Eagles can unload the truth about him to the proper outlets.

  13. Good God Smith is an idiot. His time to protect the players was with the CBA and he failed so now an independent story comes out about the malcontent Jackson and he suggests conspiracy.

  14. It’s sad that these days all unions seem to really do is protect the members of the group that are lazy, using drugs, or are criminals. Maybe they won’t have such a bad rap if they expelled those members that hurt their negotiating power.

  15. Given the Eagles history of cutting players one year too soon rather than one year too late, this fell right in line with that. The article was a coincidence and was a convenient cover for the Eagles, but nothing more than that.

  16. I’ve been a big critic of Smith and their sue-first ways in the past but I have to agree with him on this one. They should look into it because it’s not fair to the player if the team did that.

    I’m not saying the team did smear him and I’m not making any judgements about Jackson one way or the other. But I’ve seen this happen where people in power use their personal bias to intentionally hurt someone and it is flat out wrong (if it did happen).

  17. Trust me, the NFLPA does NOT want to look in to this too much, if they do they will find the dirt the Eagles have on Desean (which is sizable) and thank the Eagles for keeping quiet. They have to do their due diligence, but they don’t want to go down this road without making themselves or Desean look bad

  18. The NFLPA is doing what any union has to do, protect the bums.

    This will come and go ………. just like Jackson did.

    It seems that all involved would better benefit from this just going away asap

    So glad he is a redskin now.

  19. Eagles are scum for what they did, if he was such a problem why was he on the team when free agency droppped … Woulda been top Wr available .. All they had to do was say ” we dont like his attitude at this pay” everyone would understand ..

  20. Yea he flashed gang signs at D.Hall and same D.Hall hosted and hung out with him this week? Yep makes sense.

  21. Interesting about the smear allegation by NFLPA. Around Philly the eagles are being blasted by news media types and fans for not disclosing why the let him go, and without compensation. The eagles have been one big no comment. Only thing being seen are DJax’s own pictures with the DC rapper etc.

  22. Lol… of course they smeared him… He is no more associated with gang members then they say he was drafted !!!
    & Riley Cooper?

  23. The NFLPA should have hired Troy Vincent when they had the chance. A former All-Pro, who has integrity, and would have done a great job for the players. Instead they hired a lawyer, who only is a self-promoter.

  24. Of course they did.

    The NFL Coaches / GM / Owners are some of the most crooked, two faced, mud slinging, bold faced liars you will ever see.

    They didn’t get to where they are in one of the most competitive jobs in the country by being choir boys.

  25. They could have cut him without the need of entertaining the gang story. Whether it was his me first attitude or salary cap issues that would be justified. This gang involvement story would make things messy with the NFLPA and others for that matter.

  26. Tough talk that will result in nothing.

    1) If they leaked info to a reporter there is no chance the reporter would give up his sources.

    2) Some of the info– he is friends with people known to be in gangs-is public knowledge and Jackson confirms it.
    3) The notion that he is not a good influence on younger players is confirmed by the disrespect he has displayed towards his position coach.

    4) Part of the reason for cutting him is due to his large yearly salary. The idea about he was overpayed was supported by the fact that be signed a contract for 3 years at a total of $24 million (averages out at $8 million per year).

  27. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the Eagles leaked that “story” to People who disagree are simply naive. This is, and will continue to be, the way the NFL front office works. Player’s agents operate under the same mantra. Leak stories out to the press to spread your agenda. For the Eagles, they had to make it painfully clear to the public that their was no trade value for Desean and avoid PR hit by releasing moments after the “gang ties” story.

    Anyone who follows Desean and the Eagles knows this his gang ties are pretty common knowledge. “Jaccpot” (no CK next to one another), crip signs ETC. This didn’t stop the same front office sans Chip Kelly from signing him to a multi-year deal. It wasn’t until his cap number became an issue that this came to fruition. He didn’t follow Chip’s ideology and they sent him packing.

    All that being said, good luck proving it NFLPA. The Eagles, probably under legal counsel, have remained tight-lipped and as long as their puppet at protects his sources this will be a non-story by the time the draft rolls around.

  28. Smeared? He is the one dropping gang signs everywhere. Go search Desean Jackson gang signs on google images. Some of the pictures with Snoop Dogg and others can be nothing else other than a gang sign.

    That said, even if he was a gang member, it doesn’t mean he’s the next Hernandez. He has never done much wrong legally and his biggest offense seems to be locker room issues.

  29. The media is complaining that the Eagles offered NO EXPLANATION for why they cut Jackson…how does that warrant this idiot coming out and saying they are investigating them smearing Jackson? What planet did he just land from?

  30. This is strictly a PR move and not even a smart one at that.

    DeMaurice Smith can say anything he wants, the Eagles simply respond by saying, “Prove it”

    Case closed.

  31. He’s been dragged through the mud by the media not by the Eagles. Correct me if I’m wrong but I still haven’t seen a statement by the Eagles with the words “gang affiliation” in them.

  32. Here’s an idea…. Why don’t you see if you can get your players to protect their own integrity.

  33. Frankly I think all of this is garbage however the Eagles have only themselves to blame. Their silence has given rumor mongers carte blanche to run off in every direction. While I loathe the whole ‘guilt by association’ mentality, I would be very surprised, even disappointed, if anything contained in that article was news to the Eagles and/or the NFL. Bottom line from my perspective is the Eagles drafted a tempestuous Jackson, experienced first hand his destructive impact during the 2011 season because he wanted more money, foolishly rewarded him only to hear similar comments about money immediately after this past season. He is a tremendous talent with the psyche of a 12 year old.

  34. The Eagles clearly smeared him. However Jackson is clearly connected to a gang. You don’t throw up gang signs IN A GAME and have no gang affiliation… just sayin.

    This was obviously a cap clearing move by the Eagles and they should have just went with that narrative. This is horrible PR for the Eagles and their chances of signing future FAs.

  35. DeMaurice Smith says: ‘We’ve always been aggressive about protecting the integrity of our players.’

    Nothing against DJAX but a person must first have integrity in order for it to be ‘protected’.

  36. Let’s see let’s bad mouth a player so we reduce his value and can’t possibly trade him anywhere?
    And to help with this scheme let’s have him pose for pictures flashing gang signs. On top of this let’s get an LA cop to say he was questioned about his gang associations.
    This script was written by Joe Banner. lol

  37. For all of you people who say the Eagles must come out and say why they cut him, I think on the 3rd day of the GM meetings they did–Chip Kelly said any conversation he had with Jackson was private between him and Jackson. That’s all the explanation that is needed.

  38. “We’ve been in touch with DeSean, and first and foremost he is a tremendous football player and great young man”

    umm… ya may wanna double-check that phone number you called, DeMaurice; if that WAS DeSean, we need you to clarify your criteria for ‘great young man’.

    If you really need something to do, you could investigate all the teams who chose not to draft the great young man – he’s obviously a 1st round talent so it must have been a conspiracy! (Or maybe the Eagles control everyone’s scouting departments like you apparently believe they control the myriad media outlets contributing to the smearing).

    …am beginning to wonder if the De in front of these names is supposed to be spelled Duh

  39. Shut it, DeMaurice. This story doesn’t even make sense. The Eagles have said absolutely nothing about DeSean other than “we just released him.” In fact, their lack of explanation says more about his problems than anything. The lack of talking tells me there is way more to the story than we know. Leaking info wouldn’t help them anyway…they released him, which they can do whenever and wherever they want. Leaking info on gangs or locker room issues doesn’t aid them in any way.

  40. The Eagles were tight lipped to give DeSean a chance to sign elsewhere. DeSean was blatantly insubordinate, selfish, not a team player, and openly cursed at Chip Kelly in front of the team many times.

  41. Does anybody keep up with the NFL? We had heard for weeks that Jackson was on the market in Philly. Then the team kept saying no thats not true. Nobody traded for him because of the contract he had in Philly. When they realized they couldnt trade him, they smeared him to devalue him for two reasons. One , so he wouldnt land in the division and Two goping he wouldnt land anywhete with big money so they may have a chance at resigning him for a lesser price. Duhhh. All these comments about why would they do that. Well thats why they did it. Damn!

  42. To start off Im the FURTHEST thing from a Philthadelphia fan…however who can blame them?? Did this clown DeMaurice Smith actually infer he doesn’t know what gang affiliation is?? simple breakdown= affiliated to or with members of a known gang..I don’t blame them one bit for letting this kid go. Smith and his cronies at the NFLPA are pathetic and in complete denial of the problems that plague these kids and their new found fame and riches

  43. The fact is Philly has become a toxic environment at least that seems to be the feeling from players. Much like Tampa was with Greg Schiano players avoiding Tampa until he was gone, the Eagles are going to be in a similar boat. Like Richard Sherman said, a pretty large percentage of players in the NFL grew up in some pretty bad neighborhoods, and a majority of them have known, or currently know people who may not be the best of people. If the Eagles are going to cut you and trash you in the media for that, I’ll say good luck if it comes down to signing with the eagles or with someone else. To already after 1 year of Chip Kelly there be this perceived culture of backstabing from the Eagles front office is not a good sign.

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