Ravens sign Justin Forsett

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The Ravens have picked up a running back.

Justin Forsett, a 28-year-old veteran who spent last season in Jacksonville, has signed with Baltimore.

The Ravens need depth in their backfield, both because their running attack was terrible last year and because of concerns that Ray Rice could be suspended as a result of an aggravated assault charge for allegedly punching his wife. Forsett joins Bernard Pierce behind Rice on the depth chart.

Forsett previously played for Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak in Houston, so he will arrive already knowing the playbook. Last year Forsett didn’t do much of anything, carrying the ball just six times before suffering a season-ending broken foot. But he has shown promise at times, with 347 carries for 1,692 yards and eight touchdowns, plus 115 catches for 850 yards receiving. He’ll have a good chance of making the Ravens’ roster and contributing to the offense.

31 responses to “Ravens sign Justin Forsett

  1. Is Jax in some sort of financial trouble? First MJD goes to Raiders and now Justin For sett to Ravens. Who is the #1 RB now?

  2. With Ray Rice being arraigned and this guy as your possible new starter….lol……. The team is clearly going backwards. The offseason meltdown continues.

  3. Ozzie has ruined the market. Now every average Joe will demand a 100m contract, even if they throw more picks then td’s. Also gives mediocre Tight Ends big contracts.

  4. No one would argue that Blount is better than Forsett, but unfortunately you’re comparing apples to oranges. Forsett is depth Blount is probably going to start if at the very least take a bunch of carries from Bell when Jimmy Smith and Courtney Upshaw knock his block off again.

  5. Gotta love the fact that any signing is seen as the starter right off the bat from trolls.

    Forsett is the third back right now, just like Daniels is the second TE, and Steve Smith is the third receiver.

    What you fail to realize is we already have a talented roster, and these guys help compliment it.

    So please just remember the Ravens historically build through the draft. That thing Steeler fans try to forget happens after such wonderful pickups as Shamarko for your third this year, who was just replaced in FA.

  6. who is running the team now??kubiak another former texan! fyi all these players on texans never won anythign there!!!! people will be calling for kubiaks head midway thru the season!

  7. Just another first class move, by a first class GM, in a first class organization.

    In Oz We Trust

    2x Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens


    Joe ‘Montana’ Flacco Super Bowl XLVII MVP

    where you at Dalton?
    where you at Romo?
    where you at Newton?
    where you at Rivers?
    where you at Griffin?
    where you at Stafford?
    where you at Vick?
    where you at Ryan?
    where you at Luck?
    where you at Kaep?
    where you at Palmer?
    where you at Bradford?

    Super Bowls>Regular season stats


  8. Is Shahid Khan making a push to move the Jaguars to L.A.?

    Exactly what Georgia Frontiere did to the Rams before moving to St. Louis.

  9. Steeler fans; FYI Baltimore won a World Championship; LAST YEAR. I understand the Steelers have won 6 Super Bowls and I respect the hell out of that organization, but don’t diss the Ravens. If there is a team that was a shell of what they used to be, it’s Pittsburgh. They haven’t won one in awhile.

  10. ^^^ Georgia Frontiere dumped players who signed free agent deals and then didn’t contribute?

  11. Forsett realized he could revitalize his career and join the best team in a division with Steelers on free fall decline, Bengal who choke when it matters, and Browns fighting their way up but long way to go.

  12. I’ll take all of those Qb’s over Flacco except for Kap, Bradford, Vick, and Griffin.
    120m for a guy who throws more picks then td’s? seriously??? flacco’s ” cannon arm ” can barely break 3000 yards.

  13. The Steelers cleared a great deal of deadwood and attitude trouble first and then re-stocked with better players than what left at each position. That tired old needle of ‘age’ and ‘decline’ may have been appropriate for anyone who has been asleep for the past few months, but if you’re looking for a team with troubles on both sides of the ball, look no further than your own front yards, Ravens fans.
    It’s going to be a long season.

  14. Eddick, I’ll give you Blount over Dwyer but I just don’t see how you can call the receivers an upgrade. Steelers will be competitive but let’s be realistic. I’m sorry you feel it will be a long season for you. We’re pretty stoked!

  15. I don’t know bout this one I guess cj2k is out of the pic for us now have ur fun with this signing steelers fans but he’s still a better pick than DHB we know what he is but the jury is still out on forsett but time will tell he’s on the team so I’m pulling for him go Ravens! 4 life

  16. How do Steelers’ fans have the balls to talk about the Ravens?

    You haven’t been to the playoffs in years, and big free agent signings of Plax, Max Starks and DHB aren’t exactly savvy business.

    Maybe Mike Mitchell or Brice McCain?

    Just stop. Blount had 1 good year, that’s it. He’s average at best, has a bad attitude and won’t do dick for Steelers.

    One upside…Steelers giving Cleveland fans a reason to be optimistic.

  17. In Lance Moore, you have a reliable slot receiver whereas with Sanders, you had a guy who was known to fumble without being touched. In LaMarr Woodley, you had a guy who signed a huge contract and spent two years dogging it as he did nothing but push journalists around. In Arthur Moats, you have a guy is a solid LB with a strong work ethic.
    In Blunt, you have a Bettis-type of pounder needed to spell Bell…and a guy who is a prototype back in the Steeler tradition. And if I have to smile at the additions on the D-line and D_backfield.
    DHB is intriguing if for only that the guy has 4.2 speed. This was an easy chance to take.
    And to me at least, most of the attitude problems have been jettisoned.
    Now, if we can just bring back James.

  18. There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    I hope some team gives this quarterback a try-out, even if it’s for third string…
    GM/Coach, sit down and talk to this guy…I think he can help….

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