Bills acquire Mike Williams for a sixth-round pick


Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams has had a run of bad headlines associated with his name over the last few months and it appears he’ll be heading home to Buffalo to see if he can put his career back on the right track.

James Walker of reports that the Bills have sent a sixth-round pick to the Buccaneers in exchange for Williams’ services. PFT has confirmed the trade pending Williams’ physical with the Bills.

Williams grew up in Buffalo and stayed in upstate New York to attend college at Syracuse University. Williams played for Bills head coach Doug Marrone at Syracuse until Williams left the team during the 2009 season, Marrone’s first at the school.

Williams’ 2013 season came to an end in October because of a hamstring injury, but he kept finding his way into the news because of an arrest, lawsuits stemming from his conduct at a rental home and a stab wound in the thigh that was the result of an attack by his brother. The first two things led new Bucs coach Lovie Smith to say that Williams’ pattern of behavior was disturbing, the first sign that a parting of the ways might be in the cards for a player who signed a six-year extension with Tampa before last season.

There’s no cap charge for the Bucs in the trade as Williams had no signing bonus in that deal. He has a salary of $1.8 million for the coming season.

The Bills had Stevie Johnson, T.J. Graham, Marquise Goodwin and Robert Woods at receiver before making a move for Williams and they were reportedly interested in DeSean Jackson before Jackson signed with Washington. There’s been some question about whether Johnson remains in the team’s plans after a rough 2013 season, although the Bills have said that they are excited about his future in Buffalo.

75 responses to “Bills acquire Mike Williams for a sixth-round pick

  1. Any question about Stevie Johnson in Buffalo is more a question about the inquisitor. He is a stud.

  2. Lovie is cleaning house!! We should have traded for Stevie Johnson and the pick. I don’t think a 6th rounder is a fair trade, but Lovie is making a statement about the kind of players he wants on his team.
    #character #housecleaning #GoBucs

  3. Bye Bye Stevie, maybe when you get to your new team you’ll realize that the IE should have been left off your name starting in third grade.

  4. Wow. What a steal for the bills. This will definitely create more opportunities for Stevie Johnson. Guess the bucs just figured he wasn’t worth the headache

  5. Mike Williams to the Bills for only a 6th rounder ??? Wow they fleeced us… solid #2 wr . Was injured last year, and had a ton of off the field issues while suppose to be rehabbing.

  6. Worst case scenario you blow a 6th round pick and 1.8mil. Best case scenario you get a 26 year old playmaker that had 2,700 yards and 23 TDs his first 3 years in the league. Playing back in his home town for his college coach. I’ll take it.

  7. Mike Williams spent a couple years bound and determined to prove he wasn’t a head case and that him slipping to the 4th round was a huge mistake. I really enjoyed those years as a fan, and the guy was a phenomenal talent when focused.

    Sigh. A year ago everybody was talking about how the guy was one of the best #2 WRs in the league, then he hurt his knee and went into full idiot mode.

  8. Players: if your place gets burglarized or if you get stabbed…you’re out. We have a zero tolerance policy for victims of crime and will not accept that inappropriate behavior in our organization.

  9. Great move. I would rather have him then take a WR in the 1st or 2nd and hope they blossom and have to wait for the learning curve. Doug Marrone must have his sources to make sure he is a good fit. I know he played for him and is tight with Greg Schiano who had for a couple of seasons.

  10. He will end up in jail before he sees a field again. He is in trouble every week. Getting stabbed, cops at his house..etc.

  11. This means one thing. Tampa wants a WR as well as the Bills. Both knew Watkins wasn’t falling to them. Tampa had the intentions of getting Mike Evans and notified the Bills. The Bills gets that potential #1 receiver that can go up and get the football, all while only spending a 6th round pick. All sides win here. Tampa can get their rookie receiver to compliment Vincent Jackson. Buffalo gets their WR without spending a top round pick, and they get to focus on either drafting a TE or building their O-Line. Mike Williams gets a fresh start on a bumpy career so far. He reunites with his former head coach at Syracuse. It really was a good deal all around.

  12. Bills have a nice group of wr’s. They still don’t have a QB though. EJ ” check down ” Manuel…Still think the Bills will ahead of the Jets and possibly the fish. For the sake of NE, I hope the Bills stay in the division. Gives us two extra bye weeks every season.

  13. Wow, love it. Plays well when he has to “prove it”. Stevie in the slot with Williams and Woods on the outside? TJ Graham, we barely knew thee. A possible trade down in the works?? I’d love it if they grabbed CJ Mosely. Shane Skov would be great as well, obviously in the 3rd. Don’t be surprised to see them pull the best DB off the board at 9 though, that is the only hole they have to fill. It would be disappointing if they go O-line to be honest, You don’t go RT top-10 unless the plan is to switch him to LT at some point, Cordy Glenn is solid on the blind side. EJ makes or breaks this season unfortunately, stay healthy and work hard.

  14. lovie will be no better than 8-8 the entire time he is there…Richard Sherman calls him “mediocre”

  15. Lovie trades away a guy for character issues and he’s doing a great job cleaning house. When Schiano did it he was a dictator trying to make his team a college team.

  16. I don’t know much about his personal problems but as a player great value for the Bills.

    The most surprising thing was that Tampa was not a bigger player in trying to land DeShawn Jackson.

  17. good low risk/high reward trade for the Bills. if he pans out and stays out of trouble, he can be a huge boost for EJ Manuel’s growth, but if he fails, then it wont cost them much.

  18. This has “fail” written all over it for the Bills… usually these guys need to get away from their hometown to mature.
    This guy has a whole lotta growin up to do, and it certainly wont happen now.

  19. Maybe the best move the Bills have made in the past 15 years. I’m a Dolphin fan and if this guy fails you only lose a 6th rounder but if it works out oh my goodness what a steal.

  20. Watch him tear up coming back to area where he is from. I’ll be laughing when he puts the ball in the endzone over your team.

  21. Williams is only due $1.8 million this year and DeSean Jackson was due $10.5 million this year. Thats why a trade was made for Williams but could not be made for Jackson

  22. Don’t kid yourself, Mike Williams is not a #1 receiver. That being said, getting a young, #2 for a 6th-rounder is a good deal any day.

  23. Bill acquire low character, athletically successful syracuse wide receiver mike williams… NOT high character, fat, athletic failure usc Mike Williams.

  24. I have always felt with this particular mike Williams, that if he was a different person like say an AJ Green in personality and in how he works, he would be arguably a fringe #1. maybe the bills can get him under control, they need to keep him out of trouble and find a way to refocus him off the field.

  25. Living in Syracuse, I can tell you, Mike Williams didn’t “leave” Syracuse. He was kicked off the team by Doug Marrone. Probably the last place I’d expect him to go. But there is no doubt he has talent. Tons of it. Just a ton of issues to go with it.

  26. Smart move by the Bucs, they can find another WR in the draft and get rid of the headache.

    For the Bills they pick up a WR able to line up next to Stevie Johnson and push Woods inside.

    Don’t know if he will be able to get in much trouble over in Buffalo.

  27. who else when they heard the news thought it was mike williams out of usc?! i did and then i remembered its the bills….jesus is orchard park becoming a retirement community for nfl free agents born in buffalo now? between graham and williams who’s next? maybe gronk will come back to the nest, errr circle.

  28. if he would have went to Raiders for a 6th it would have been the worst pick up of all time.

  29. Buffalo has a lot of talent at the Wide Receiver position…
    Stevie Johnson, Mike Williams, Robert Woods, T.J. Graham, Marquise Goodwin, Ramses Barden, Kevin Elliott, Brandon Kaufmann, Cordell Roberson, Chris Summers, Marcus Easley and Chris Hogan.

    My prediction for starters:
    WR1- Mike Williams/Marcus Easley
    WR2- Robert Woods/Ramses Barden
    Slot- Stevie Johnson/Marques Goodwin

  30. No receiver named Mike Williams has ever been worth a damn in the NFL. The streak continues.

  31. Seriously… between the Bucs and the Panthers are there any WRs left in that division?

    Not to worry though Bucs fans. With Lovie, WRs are strictly optional and if things get really rough he’ll press a returner into service to do the job.

  32. @wecj

    Actually, that is entirely false. Williams voluntarily left the team, after he learned he was going to be suspended due to his floundering academic scores. This has nothing to do with Doug Marrone other than the fact that he was doing his job as a coach. Great move by the Bills no matter how you want to spin it. You won’t find a receiver with as much talent in the 6th round of any draft, but usually with about as much baggage. If it doesn’t work, um, who cares?

  33. Lots of speculation here that this is the end of the line for Stevie Johnson, I see it as just the opposite. I think this is more reason to think Stevie will be sticking around. Stevie is a great guy to mentor Mike Williams as he tries to rebuild his career. I know a bunch of people’s eyes just bugged out of their head but stay with me here:

    1) Stevie matured a LOT last year. His numbers may not have been fantastic but he was playing with a first year WR and was being nagged by constant thigh, ankle, and groin injuries that he’s played through for several seasons but just couldn’t fight through again. There were no boneheaded penalties, though, and that was an important development.

    2) He’s a natural and vocal leader whose teammates genuinely love him as a locker room presence.

    3) While his on-field issues with drops and penalties are well documented, Stevie is the definition of a model citizen off the field. He never gets in trouble, he does tons of charity work around Buffalo, and he knows how to handle himself with the media.

    They can do a service-for-service trade. Mike Williams shows Stevie how to catch the football and Stevie teaches Mike how to not be an idiot.

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