Report: Dolphins, Bills, Jets and Falcons discussed Chris Johnson trade before his release

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Now that the Titans have made it official that they will be releasing running back Chris Johnson, there’s no need for any team interested in his services making a trade with Tennessee.

The teams that might have had interest in a deal would presumably give us some idea of which teams might pursue him as a free agent, however. Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reported earlier that the Jets, Giants and Cowboys were on that list and Adam Schefter of ESPN also reports that the Jets discussed the deal. Schefter adds that the Dolphins, Bills  and Falcons also did.

PFT reported last weekend, via a source with knowledge of the situation, that the Falcons aren’t interested in bringing Johnson aboard although that doesn’t mean that they didn’t discuss a deal at some point. The Bills have C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson already, so a move for Johnson might lead another productive back to hit the market. The Dolphins just signed Knowshon Moreno to go with Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas, but reports out of Miami indicate that they’re in the market for another runner in the draft.

The actual market for Johnson’s services should become more clear in the coming days as teams can start to negotiate with him directly rather than trying to figure out a trade for a player who was set to make $8 million in 2014.

13 responses to “Report: Dolphins, Bills, Jets and Falcons discussed Chris Johnson trade before his release

  1. Bills sign him and package him or another back Freddie or C.J with a pick to move up .Leaves them still with 2 good backs . Just dreaming here .

  2. I bet the patriots make a big play for him, their moves this offseason smack of desperation. If they don’t get a “legitimate” SB victory under Brady they go down as only being able to win when cheating. Beantown is bracing for the end of their elite QB era.

  3. No running back is worth trading down for.

    The Bills would get him and trade Spiller, which would be an absolutely horrendous idea that would blow the team up completely. CJ is a team guy. Cj2 is a me guy. No need for that punk in a young Bills locker room…they made good moves. I am glad this was not one of them.

  4. Terrible idea if the Bills go for him.

    CJ is entering his 5th year and is only 26 years old. He’s in his prime. Fred is a workhorse and has been the entire time hes been in Buffalo and has showed 0 signs of slowing down. He’s also a leader and a respected & loved member of the team. Chris Johnson on the other hand hasnt done squat since his 2k season, has character concerns, and is now 28. Suppose they only get 2 good years out of Fred- do you really think theyd get more than that out of Johnson?

    All around a terrible decision if the Bills sign him.

  5. CJ does NOT like to share the limelight, nor the snaps. If he can’t have it all, he doesn’t try. And don’t ask him to block. He just bounces off everybody if he even tries.

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