Report: Giants, Cowboys could join Jets as Chris Johnson suitors

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Running back Chris Johnson is in Nashville on Friday for what’s expected to be his final physical and meeting with the Titans before he’s released to the open market.

The Jets have been linked to a pursuit of Johnson since it became clear that the Titans were going to part ways with him and there’s no sign that they’ve decided to move in a different direction. Rich Cimini of and Brian Costello of the New York Post both think that Johnson’s price tag will be the deciding factor in how much of a push they make in the coming days.

That seems like an obvious consideration for any team and it appears that the Jets will have company if and when they step up their pursuit of Johnson. Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that the Giants and Cowboys both expressed interest in Johnson when the Titans were trying to trade him earlier in the offseason and Garafolo expects both teams to do the same once Johnson is officially a free agent. The Cowboys picked Felix Jones two spots ahead of Johnson in 2008, a decision they’d likely like to have back.

All of those teams have other options at running back already in place, which should make Johnson less of a focal point offensively than he was in Tennessee. If he’s willing to accept a salary that fits in those parameters, Johnson could find a healthy number of bidders for his services once teams are officially free to bid for his services.

31 responses to “Report: Giants, Cowboys could join Jets as Chris Johnson suitors

  1. It is more than a little surprising that the Colts haven’t been mentioned as suitors. You’d think that with a glaring hole at running back and Johnson being capable of gaining 1000 yards a season with no real offensive line or other offensive weapons around him he’d at least be a better option than Richardson.

  2. Where is the standard “Interested teams include the 49ers, Seahawks, …”

    Seems like the standard line when any well-known player is about to or is released.

  3. Typical agent using media to drum up interest. Unfortunately, Idzik won’t be swayed and will put out the number they feel is appropriate regardless of other bidders…That appears to be the Idzik way…

  4. That said, I really expect the Jets to land this one…they’ve made their intentions known pretty well here…

    Only way this doesn’t happen is if CJ2K doesn’t want to play for Rex and Co…a possibility I wouldn’t discount…but it won’t be for Jets lack of trying.

  5. I am not a Broncos fan but I think CJ could flourish in their offense. In Tennessee the defense would always focus on him since they haven’t had a good QB and passing game. In Denver he would have a lot more running lanes.

  6. .

    Watch the Patriots. They could offer Johnson a Revis – like deal which would make him a free agent again next year. Johnson could rehabilitate his reputation with a successful year with the Pats.

    It worked for Aquib Talib.


  7. Idzik is too cheap to pay for Johnsons services… Why would he want to join a team with no real offensive weapons? he would be facing a 9 man front on every down. His best bet is to go with the Giants. They are the best all around team for him to join and win now!

  8. Bring him to the Jets. I am forced to watch them every week anyway…Throw a little water on the grease fire.

  9. Cowboys? I find that hard to believe, even for Jerry. I would think Giants, Pats, Jets maybe even the Rams, Jags or Cards.. but Dallas doesn’t seem like a fit by any measure.

  10. As a Dallas Cowboy fan I think he’s not a assets to the time we have Demarco and Randle, we already have money issues as it is so adding him as a second or third string will not benefit him or the team.

  11. Typical desperate Jets signing. They don’t care about winning, instead they only care about back page headlines.


  12. 1000 yards is not even a milestone anymore for a RB. rookie RB can get 1000 yards sharing with another back. CJ had 1 great year and 5 average ones. when your team is a run first team and you’re only getting 1000 yards, that’s pretty sad. good riddance CJ, enjoy sharing the job and getting paid a boat load less money.

  13. Forget the Cowboys, they have finally got their heads on their shoulders about free agents. The Giants can’t get him either because of the cap but maybe the Jets or Patriots will.

  14. I am a GIANTS fan, but I am not interested. CJ was once on his way to being special, really special, but he doesn’t have that gear that he used to have, and I don’t think he really likes football.

    I’ll take a guy with a little less talent and a huge heart over a guy with a little more talent and “Other Interests” any day.

    Besides, Rashard Jennings, Peyton Hillis, and a young guy will be enough to get the carries.

    The Jets actually do make some sense for CJ.9K

  15. We really don’t need another back. We need a defense. And as far a cap issues, they actually did a good job this year. We’re already $5.7M under and when Austin is formally cut, we’ll gain another $5.5M. It’s almost like there’s a GM there.

  16. This is just an idea I haven’t seen spoken of yet but, watch out for the Ravens in this race, they could be a sleeper contender no one is talking about yet. Ray Rice surely has a big suspension on the way, and the team could decide to cut him if his situation is bad enough. CJ would be a great fit in Kubiak’s offense if that happened.

  17. The Giants CAN afford him. We have aproximately 4 million left, and people have yet to be cut. The question is do they want him?

    He would step right in and fill the ridiculously painful hole that the David Wilson situation created. Jennings, Hillis, and Johnson could be dangerous.

    Earth, wind, and……. nevermind.

  18. Another Giants fan here — i certainly don’t want to see Chris Johnson on our roster let the Cowboys or the Jets have him.

  19. Watching all the RB contracts he is going to get about $3M a year. The Contract can be varied by back end or numerous years, so everyone is a contender. My guess is the Ravens snag this guy and shock everyone. The Giants and Cowboys do not need him and both have Cap issues. Remember you need $4-6M for the Rookies. The Jets make sense, but he will flounder there just like every RB they tried over the past 4 years. They have some success because they run 40 times. That is what happens when you have a QB that throws picks all the time. Not being a Hater just stating facts. Getting 1000 yds with an average below 4 ypc stinks.

  20. He won’t ever end up in Dallas. They pass too much and Demarco had a better ypc last year, don’t fumble as much and lastly is a lot cheaper.

  21. Giants don’t really need him and he wants a good sized contract.We’ll probably take a back in the third or fourth round.

  22. I can’t see how Jerry Jones will be able to meet the contract that Johnson will demand.

    They have Murray but Johnson could play a role similar to Lance Dunbar which would work nicely. However I think Johnson will want featured back money.

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