Rolle encouraged by “explosive” offseason for Giants

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The Giants have been making plenty of changes lately.  One guy who’ll be back is veteran safety Antrel Rolle.  So what does he think of the offseason?

“I think it’s been very explosive,” Rolle told NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk on Friday.  “We’ve added some key guys to our program that can definitely help us out and help us win and contribute right away to our plan that we have going on for the 2014 season.”

While he likes what the team has done, he hasn’t been squatting on the various Internet resources for information about the team’s moves.  For that, he relies on a family member.

“Whatever happens, happens,” Rolle said.  “If I happen to catch it then that’s great but I don’t tune in too much to what’s going on.  My mom, she tunes in more.  I’ll get a text message here and there saying who did what and so forth and so on but I use my offseason wisely and try to get away from the game as much as I can.”

It sounds like we may need to hire Antrel’s mother.

“My mama, she’s the niche when you’re talking about NFL football,” Rolle said.  “I mean this lady can tell you what kind of coverage I’m supposed to be in, where I’m supposed to be, they used to call her the Mel Kiper of Homestead so she’s definitely on her game.”

The Giants need to get back on their game.  The goal this offseason, clearly, is to make that happen.

36 responses to “Rolle encouraged by “explosive” offseason for Giants

  1. The Giants have 8 championships and 4 many does your franchise have?We laugh at those not of the standard the giants.that standard is winning championships.the same standard set by the NY Yankees.#BigBluenation.#NFCEASTDIVCHAMPS2014.

  2. Explosive doesn’t begin to describe this collection of talent, it’s borderline unfair for one team to have so many talented player, and we have the draft still to go…poor NFC teams trying to compete. #dynasty #unstoppable #fearbigblue

  3. I am and have always been a NYG fan, going back to Charlie Connerly, Frank Gifford as well as Sam Huff and his “Violent World”, however, though I am happy Rolle is encouraged about the off season, wouldn’t it be better if his team was explosive DURING the REAL season?

  4. From NY, not a Giants or Jets fan, but nice to see the Giants out in the free agent pool. You’d think after two recent Superbowl wins, they’d have done this sooner….

    Oh that’s right, Jerry Reese has no clue how to manage a salary cap…and considering that, 2 SB rings…not to shabby!!!

  5. When the giants get a Super Bowl dynasty, you giants fans can talk. Until then, you can ponder they Boston has a dynasty in 3 out of the 4 major sports. NY only has the yankees. He giants have fluke bowl 42, fluke bowl 46 and wide right.

  6. 1 Worst O-line in NFL =’d No Run Game…. 2 No run Game =’d all the weight Being on the Quarterback…. 3 All the Weight being on the QB =’d a QB needing Protection.. 4 a QB Needing Protection, well, See #1… Which Resulted in an Immobile QB having to rush his Throws and his Throwing mechanics going in the garbage which =’d Interceptions. They fix that O-line, and Get themselves another Reciver and/or Pass Catching TE. With what theyve done to that Defense.. the giants become A Very scary team to play.

  7. Hey gronk if it wasn’t for that ridiculous tuck rule you wouldn’t have any.I know you still see that 18-1 staring at you.That’s even better than sseeing the pass from Eli to Manningham time after time.You haven’t won since spygate.

  8. I don’t know you’d call it explosive, but they def gained a lot more than they lost. Def beefed up the OL & Def backfield.

  9. Y’all owe that 2nd super bowl ring to Wes welker soo if I was y’all I wouldn’t be braggin it was a fluke #BoltUpBaby #2014 2015 supe+nnnnjjujolorbowl champs #PhillipriversMvp

  10. Hey the gronk thanks for confirming cheaters fans don’t have a clue about football. First the giants have a fourth Super Bowl u didn’t mention and a fifth NFC championship and 1 play doesn’t win a game. Flukes don’t happen twice and aren’t flukes when u got played and coached. the pats so called dynasty is a crock of sh$t with as tricks all over it. U know bc u cheated. Where we’re u in the 90s when the cheaters couldn’t give season tickets away and threaten to move to Hartford. Bunch of fairweathered nobody fans in the league

  11. Get Eli some protection and he will be better… Problem is he throws of his back foot, and every single throw off his back foot is intercepted… I swear my little brother calls it when he sees Eli lo bit up without stepping in… Draft big time wr, big time te, spend next few picks on dline and final picks on oline and let’s get this season rolling… Tell ya what though, Eli is actually getting hall of fame consideration now. He gets to another, doesn’t even have to win it, odds are he’s in the hof. Also, to the guy above, you conveniently left out the numerous championships as well as the Super Bowl where they crushed john elways broncos. Tsk tsk tsk

  12. Gronk , you live in parallel universe that has no connection to logic.
    1) You win super bowls by 4 points or less – that is a dynasty ?
    2) Tuck rule allowed you play for Super bowl Win , with Spy ware , no doubt.
    3) After Spy gate no more Super bowls.
    4) Famous line from Animal house…..son drunk & Stupid is no way go thru life.

    You have light grasp on reality & how things really work.
    My suggestion – pay more attention to your school work. Your deep into distortion reality
    on this web site.

  13. kimbrktty says:
    Apr 4, 2014 7:35 PM
    1 Worst O-line in NFL =’d No Run Game…. 2 No run Game =’d all the weight Being on the Quarterback…. 3 All the Weight being on the QB =’d a QB needing Protection.. 4 a QB Needing Protection, well, See #1… Which Resulted in an Immobile QB having to rush his Throws and his Throwing mechanics going in the garbage which =’d Interceptions. They fix that O-line, and Get themselves another Reciver and/or Pass Catching TE. With what theyve done to that Defense.. the giants become A Very scary team to play.


    I completely agree. If they fix that O-line, Eli has shown he can do it in the past. I think Jennings was such a great signing, but he needs more help with blocking than most RBs. Eli doesn’t need more weapons, he needs time to throw. He was great with scrubs like Manningham and Steve Smith.

  14. Gronk I’m more than positive their are no Giants fans on New Englands blog hating. If it so happens that we meet again will make that are dynasty and then you’ll really feel some type of way.

  15. Its funny how so few realize a stud O-line does more for a QB then a stud WR.
    People like to point to Brady and say look what he does with no name WR. But they are not smart enough to see that Brady can be what he i because of the Oline.
    Give Eli a Oline and he is not an interception machine. Take that away and the running game and any QB is not going to look like a two time SB champ.

    But the Giant fans need to fear one thing. It was not that the Eagles called themselves the dream team that caused them to fall apart after signing so many FA. It was too many new pieces trying to learn how to fit together.
    The Giants are smart enough to not make those claims before playing any actual games, but Giant fans do need to worry about having so many new faces.

  16. Gronk the definition of a fluke in football Is the Tuck rule and get over it Giants own the PATS PERIOD look at the last 4xs we played: video evidence in your face.

  17. ..Only way the Giants win again, is if they get Clowney and Suh on that defensive line. Eli isn’t good enough to carry a team, they need a stout front 4.
    Eli, however, is great at throwing the ball to the other team. Look for Eli to lead the league in picks…again.

  18. I’ve got to hand it to Rolle. He came in with a bit of a sketchy rep and a big contract. He has been all the Giants hoped he would be. One of the hardest workers on the team. A true leader who will have collected every dollar of his deal once the season is over. A rare feat in the NFL these days.

  19. Keep talking smack about Eli after all he only has two Super Bowl MVPs to his name. Seriously how many time does he have to answer doubters with a ring before guys like thedonk learn. Oh and the last time your pats beat the Giants was the 2006 regular season.

  20. Kiper does NOT know coverage schemes/assignments…no one but the coaches – know their assignments (and players hopefully)

  21. All you guys need to stop hating on the best team in the nfc the last time I checked I had count em 4 rings with more to go trust me by the time eli is done he will have 4 rings and five thousand picks but he will have more then that pretty boy in new engalnd and by the way all u pats fans u no who ur daddy is .Also the gonk guy ur tight ENDcant even help you win every year the same thing go to the plays off then go home. At least my giants go to the playoffs and win a superbowl wait a minute didn’t they win twice against ur team dumb a** root for a real team …BIG BLUE ALL DAY …

  22. Personally, thrilled with all free agency moves, even if they do not work. Shows Giants willing move in different direction to try and “Right the Ship” We had so many problems last year the 7-9
    was a mirage, more like 4 win team, we played against 3 QB’s likely not in NFL this year and their teams mailed in the games against us.
    Now we have hope, new look offense and exciting return men. G-men put excitement back on the field. No idea how it all jells on the field, but give Reece credit for trying.

  23. Eli isn’t good enough to carry a team to the most 4th quarter comebacks in NFL history. Right. His defense win those rings, right before they surrendered the lead and he had to go take it back again…

    Giants fans can feel your anger, and we are laughing at you…

  24. Giants are a powerhouse. The resume speaks for itself. They own the Patsies forever too. Facts are facts.

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