Steve Smith focused on catching up, fitting in with Ravens


Everything’s different for Steve Smith now.

But after doing things in the same place in mostly the same way for the Panthers for 13 years, he’s excited about starting anew in Baltimore.

The new Ravens wide receiver said he’s already talked to quarterback Joe Flacco and a number of other offensive teammates, and was excited about the addition of Owen Daniels to the group.

Now, he has to hold up his end of the bargain.

“I’m making sure that even though this is a transition to me, I will not be behind,” Smith said, via Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. “I will bring, . . . what I’ve learned over the years of being a professional – be prepared and be ready. That may take some extra work on my end but I’m willing to do that.”

Smith’s getting accustomed to his new digs, and is going to the facility today to set up his locker and meet some more teammates. But he’s concentrating on fitting into an existing scheme, being the complement which he was never able to do with the Panthers.

“To get 1,000 yards, I don’t think it’s impossible,” Smith said. “But for me to get 1,000 yards, Torrey [Smith] to get 1,000 yards and Ray Rice to get 1,000 yards and maybe Jacoby and whatever wide receivers, I think it’s doable. Obviously with [Dennis] Pitta, I say why not all of us? Be the 1,000-yard club back when they used to have those clubs.

“I’m excited, I’m happy and I’m ready to play, and I’m ready to be an asset to this team and bring whatever they expect from me. Whatever that expectation is, honestly, my job and my mindset is to exceed that.”

Smith’s obviously energized by his move, and motivated, which should help the Ravens in games beyond the one “blood and guts” meeting with the Panthers.

10 responses to “Steve Smith focused on catching up, fitting in with Ravens

  1. I can’t wait to see how Steve Smith gets into some of the younger receivers the Ravens currently have on the team if they drop a pass in training camp. The guy has the kind of fire that will drive everyone else around him to be better at what they all do – he holds people accountable. That’s arguably what the Ravens need more than on the field production, though Smith still has some gas left in his tank.

  2. The Ravens certainly have gone from dearth to surfeit when it comes to receivers. Now if they can figure out a way to give Joe enough time to throw the ball, they’ll have something. It looks like safety and then linemen, adding a running back or two, in the draft.

  3. The most overrated QB in the NFL. An offensive line beset with defections. No real running game.
    Smith should get used to the idea of playing behind, all year long.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer team.

  4. And people talk about the Steelers being old. Pittsburgh is getting younger and Ball no more is getting older. Plus, wait until people see the negative effect this guy has on the locker room. There is a reason he was let go.

  5. Steve Smith is a warrior. Dave Gettleman has feet of clay. Smith will have a Pro Bowl year…mark my words….and Panthers fans will have a huge letdown and Gettleman will wish he was back with the Giants. The Ravens will be a contender again this season and are on their way up the ladder while the Panthers will be looking at a Top 10 pick in 2015. The Panthers have more holes on their roster than a piece of swiss cheese and it will all be blamed on the salary cap. Gettleman has a plan…..

  6. Ozzie has ruined the market. Now, every mediocre QB will demand a 100 million contract. Every average Tight End will demand ” Dennis Pitta ” money.LOL

  7. Every time I read an article about Steve getting cut by the (stupid) GM I feel like I am being kicked! He can definitely get 1000 yards in the right system. The panthers offense was conservative under Sula last year. .. His numbers were down because of that–not diminishing skills. receiving numbers aside, he may lead the Ravens in pancake blocks next year. He is making his final push for the HOF.

  8. I don’t see why everyone thinks this dude is gonna tear it next season. I say 300 yards at best. People are forgetting he was injured at the end of last season. And is 35 not 25.

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