Aaron Murray will throw at Georgia’s Pro Day


Former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray will throw at his school’s Pro Day on April 16, less than five months after suffering a torn ACL.

Murray’s agent, Pat Dye Jr., told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Murray has recovered sufficiently that he can drop back, roll out, plant his feet and throw. He’ll do all of that for NFL scouts.

He looks great,” Dye said. “I mean his body composition looks great, his knee looks great, he’s moving around really well, he’s not favoring it at all. His strength and conditioning coaches and his movement coaches down there say they’ve very rarely had anybody come through there with the kind work ethic, drive and passion that he has. He not only will he be able to give them a representative workout at Pro Day, but he’ll be able to do all his drops and roll-outs. He’s not going to run the 40 or do any of the timed drills. There’s no point in that. But he’s throwing the ball great.”

Murray was a four-year starter at Georgia, a three-time bowl game MVP and the SEC’s all-time leader in passing yards and passing touchdowns. His senior season was cut short when he blew out his knee on November 23, but if NFL teams are satisfied that he’s making good progress in his rehabilitation, he’ll be an intriguing quarterback prospect in this year’s draft.

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  1. He’s probably going to be a later round steal for someone. I think Murray has potential to be one of the better QBs (if not the best) out of this draft.

  2. Career underachiever at Georgia, just like Matthew Stafford. Murray was all hype. He’s under-sized, under-armed and underachieved. Yet, he’s an “intriguing quarterback prospect in this year’s draft.” The madness continues…

  3. Could be the steal of the draft right there. I hope Buffalo grabs him between the 4th and 5th rounds. He’s not playing this year, or at least not to a level he’s accustomed too, so he will slide. Same with Mettenberger. First year in a long time the SEC has produced some really great talent at the QB position. If there ever was a year to either draft 2 QB’s in a draft, or in back to back years, this is it.

  4. He is the number one prospect that has been over looked for too long…you want to talk about pro ready… look no further…I am not his agent..

  5. Best QB out of this draft? No way. But I do think he has a legit chance to have a decent NFL career, as a starter, provided he can stay healthy and lands in a system suited to his strengths.

    I watch a lot of SEC ball and there were games where he looked better than 8 or 10 starting NFL QBs already… and other games where his physical limitations were exposed and you wondered where his true ceiling was at the next level. That all being said I think his NFL viability is a lot higher than A.J. McCarron’s.

  6. Even though he was the SEC’s career leader in passing yards and passing touchdowns he’s always been overlooked. I believe he will move up in this draft and possibly get a look in the 3rd round. Good kid so I hope he does well in the league.

  7. I just hope he dont re-tear the knee up…Him and LSU QB… one of these most likely will be picked by Vikings… Just a hunch…either one can sit for a year!

  8. I expect either Murray or Conner shaw to back up that other UGA QB in Detroit. Dan orvlosky and that little girl, Kellen Moore, are unacceptable.

  9. Hopefully we get this kid so he can put some pressure on Dalton, and eventually take his QB1. This is why the Bengals should only sign Dalton to a 2yr deal for like 6m with escalators/performance bonus (goes up for AFC Champ, and SB) topping out @ 2yr 10m for SB. This kid has proven himself to be about a B+ during the season and a D+ in the post season.
    Marvin Lewis loves the SEC and Georgia has always been at the top of his list. I’m hoping he falls to us @ 88 or 123 in the 4th round if he is still there.
    I would love to see Hue move into the HC role @ the end of ML current contract. Move Marvin to the position that he should be in GM. Probably won’t happen, but i can day dream.

  10. Loved aaron at Georgia. He single handedly kept them in big games- he got a ton of flack for coming up short in big games but he had no one to work with minus Gurley and Lynch and Aj Green his freshman year. He may have a low ceiling but I like him behind Brady.

  11. Size helps in the NFL don’t get me wrong, but there is too much emphasis placed on it. That and the fact that knee or shoulder injuries are becoming easier (still difficult) to come back from. Just ask Drew Brees. I think he may know something about damaged under-sized goods.

  12. He should end up in a great position late round pick, no pressure and will get time to develop

  13. As a SEC fan, I’ve seen this kid a few times, and truly, I am not wowed. Hope my Bengals say NO !

  14. Watch New England or Denver snatch him up so he can sit behind Manning/Brady for a couple of years.

    (Yes I know Denver has Osweiler and New England has Mallett, but this just seems like something they would do.)

  15. Aaron Murray and Connor Shaw will be playing in the NFL long after Bridgewater is a forgotten man.

  16. I feel like this draft is loaded at the QB position, but none of them are close to “can’t miss” prospects. That makes it kind of cool. There are probably 10 QB’s in this draft that absolutely could be studs based on their college resumes, but it is anyone’s guess who will actually step up.

    Aaron Murray, McCarron, Savage, Fales, Conor Shaw. I mean these guys are barely talked about but really solid college numbers.

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