Cleveland TV station erroneously reports Haslam was indicted

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As the Pilot Flying J legal entanglement approaches its first anniversary, CEO (and Browns owner) Jimmy Haslam has yet to be charged with any crimes.

For a while on Friday, the Cleveland ABC affiliate claimed otherwise.  ABC 5 in Cleveland reported that Haslam has been indicted on federal fraud charges.  The report promptly was retracted by the station via its website,

“A report erroneously posted on earlier Friday claiming Pilot Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam had been indicted is inaccurate and has been removed from the station’s website,” the station said in a subsequent item on the ABC 5 website.  “An internal investigation is underway to determine how the erroneous report was posted.

“Jimmy Haslam has never been charged with any crimes related to an ongoing FBI investigation into alleged fuel rebate fraud and has consistently denied having any knowledge of the alleged fraud,” the updated report explains.

Haslam has maintained firmly that he was not aware of any fraudulent activities Pilot Flying J, and he has expressed confidence that he will not face criminal charges arising from a customer rebate scam.  Multiple Pilot Flying J employees have pleaded guilty to federal charges, while also agreeing to cooperate with the investigation.

It’s possible has had a story regarding a Haslam indictment ready to go, and that someone accidentally published it.

23 responses to “Cleveland TV station erroneously reports Haslam was indicted

  1. Cleveland,

    That’s what you get for allowing someone affiliated with the pittsburgh steelers to purchase your city’s NFL franchise.

  2. Im not a Haslam supporter by any means, but I am realy tired of the media sacrificing accuracy for the potential to break a story first. Its getting old.

  3. Being a blue collar town, Cleveland just doesn’t cotton to cheaters and scam artists….unless they’re politicians.

    Just hopeful enthusiasm on the part of Browns fans and the media.

  4. He is a crook. Like the browns. Taking browns fans hard earned money for years. And still losing at 11 games 6 years in a row. Lets just call it 7 years

  5. I am guessing the person who supplied the information is named Anonymous Source. He/She has a reputation of inaccurate stories.

  6. As the old saying goes, “you could indict a ham sandwich”

    All that means is there’s enough evidence to move forward. While I think he’s guilty, he’ll have the best lawyers money can buy and could get off.

  7. there goes the media again. Jimmy wasn’t indicted, he was just trying on his team’s new Nike designed orange jumpsuit uniforms for the up coming season.

  8. Jimmy is a crook, just like his brother Billy, who tried to bribe Volkswagen to keep the union out of their plant in Tennessee.

    Both of these scum belong in prison.

    I just feel bad for Browns fans who have had to suffer with one horrible owner after another.

    I think once Jimmy is convicted and sent to prison, the league should take the team and give it to the people of Cleveland.

  9. puppybowler says: Apr 5, 2014 6:02 PM

    These accusations are a lot worse than ‘gang ties’ if you ask me…


    The real gangsters wear fancy suits, and operate out of glass high-rise offices.

  10. Jimmy is really no different than 90% of all CEO’s / owners of big businesses, they all lie, steal, cheat, and smother the little people to get their millions / billions. The difference is Jimmy had some real boneheads working under him, who didn’t cover their tracks. He is not out of the woods yet, but as history shows, billionaires rarely get convicted or do real jail time. Apparently cheating is the way to win in the NFl see Steelers, Pats. etc.

  11. This guy LOOKS like one of the greasiest used car salesman types I’ve ever seen. Buy a sport coat like that and it comes with a free bowl of soup. Looks good on you, though…sheesh.

  12. Just a good ole boys….never mean in no harm….beats all u never saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they were born…makin their way….the only way they know how….woof woof!!!!!!

  13. Between Jimmy and the sleazy owner of the Vikings who lost a $90 million fraud case, I can’t figure out who is worse?

    They are both owners of last place teams so karma is hard at work.

  14. Maybe he has been indicted, it hasn’t been announced, and they had a tip and jumped the gun. They will have been right all along. LOL

    We can only hope he is. The players that get in trouble are mostly petty criminals, rae and aaron are notable exceptions. The owners are kingpins Sam Hurd could only aspire to be.

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