Jackson wanted to know why Eagles cut him, Kelly didn’t say


When Eagles coach Chip Kelly called DeSean Jackson to tell him he was being cut, Jackson wanted to know why. Kelly didn’t say.

That’s the word from Jackson, who said in his ESPN interview that all Kelly would tell him was, “We’re moving forward. I think it’s best for us and I think it’s best for you.”

Was it Jackson’s work ethic? His $10.5 million salary? His alleged gang ties? Some combination of those three? Jackson said he was hoping Kelly would address that with him, but Kelly didn’t.

“I was sitting there waiting for the reason why, but that’s basically all I can [recall] from the conversation,” Jackson said. “I got off the phone. I was like, ‘Are you sure? That’s it?’ We hung up. That was it.”

Jackson will probably never get the answer he wants from Kelly. But now that Jackson has signed with Washington, he’ll see Kelly twice during the season, and those two games will be two chances for Jackson to make Kelly regret his decision.

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  1. DeSean probably didn’t listen to Chip the first hundred times so why would Chip bother to re-hash it?

  2. Why would Kelly regret it? A receiver by any other name might catch the same passes as Jackson. A catch is a catch no matter who makes it. What Kelly won’t regret is not have a me first player in the locker room. Let’s wait and see what the Kelly does in the draft before we tie a cement block to his feet and drop him in the ocean.

  3. When a team thinks a player is overpayed they have two options: ask the player to take a paycut/restructure his deal or cut the player. Considering Jackson thought he deserved even more money than his contract was going to pay him the choice was easy for Kelly.

  4. Kelly is “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” on this. Jackson ready to trash him if he doesn’t go into detail, NFLPA ready to sue him for “slander” if he does. Kelly wanted him, his attitude, and his $10.5 million salary gone. Jackson is delusional about himself, would have made changes prior to this if he was really gonna listen to what Kelly would have to say rather than just denying and arguing about it.

  5. If by the time Jackson got the phone call he had to be told why he was being released he must think that his locker room behavior was acceptable. If that is the case, watch out Redskins.

  6. This could break 1 of 2 ways for Chip Kelly and Desean…

    1.) Desean pulls a Hernandez and kelly looks brilliant….

    2.)Desean pulls a Cris Carter, pulls it together and makes Kelly look…well, not so brilliant…

  7. All I knew about Jackson before his release from the eagles was that he was an elite playmaker at the wideout position. He’s 27 years old but a lot of his former teammates have come out to the press since his release saying he is a greedy teammate who has no maturity. Being a Redskins fan, I hope his release was a wake up call to DeSean therefore making him a more focused team orientated player with the Redskins. Even if he doesn’t change, I feel like there will be a lot of pressure for him to stay quite as a Redskin since the whole nation will be waiting for him to create controversy. I think this was a calculated signing by Bruce Allen. Not only do you grab a playmaker from your division rivals, you grab a troubled played who will be under the spotlight therefore theoretically pressuring Jackson to keep his cool. Can’t wait for September!

  8. because you’re an overpaid gangbanger with a bad attitude.. there, I said it

  9. Jackson obviously made somebody upset. I bet he left his jockstrap on Chip’s desk or something.

  10. Really at this point do words matter actions speak louder, Eagles cut him move on let the field be his redemption

  11. Sorry Mr. Jackson, I fear no explanation will be forthcoming. It’s just business.

    Iggles got rid of a guy they didn’t want, that “other football team from Maryland” got the guy they wanted and you, sir, just got paid.

    Everybody should be happy.

  12. DeSean knows why he was cut. If he is claiming he doesn’t, how soon before he behaves the same way in Washington that he did in Philly?

  13. This is chip Kelly’s way of showing he knows best. Proving himself in the nfl. I think it’s funny Kelly has morals now and he violated recruiting rules for years and put kids through college with no academic standards

  14. Yeah he was a bad locker room guy his teammates hated him, he missed meetings he cursed out the coach in front of the team and the only time he missed a game for the Eagles was when Andy Reid suspended him for one game. Hmmm that makes a ton of sense. Wonder why he wasn’t suspended last year.

  15. He probably knows the reason and was trying to find out what Kelly knew about him. My guess is there is something shady that has been going on and the public will never know.

  16. Jackson and his Agent know exactly why this occurred……that fact the eagles got nothing in return for him speaks volumes and in the end simply released him…….its a business, he was an asset…unless he wasn’t.

  17. When Buddy Ryan cut Cris Carter, his excuse was ” All he does is catch touchdowns “, and because it was Buddy Ryan, no one even blinked. The reasons for Jackson being cut may never be known while he’s still an active player, but, I hope for the young mans sake he learns from this and makes the same adjustments to his life that Carter did. I was, and remain a fan of Jackson, but I can’t fault Kelly and the Eagles for moving forward for what they feel are their best interests.

  18. Maybe the reason the Eagles parted ways is the same reason his former coach (who needs a receiver badly) wouldn’t even consider bringing him to the Chiefs. Even great talent isn’t worth the grief when it comes to behavior. Take your millions and quit whining

  19. Kelly hasn’t won anything yet. All he proved last year is the pace of his offense tired his offense out, not the defense. Kelly can prove himself when he wins something until then he is just another college rah rah coach who has a lot to learn about the ways of the NFL. Last thing a coach needs is players whose agents feel dissed by a team and then refuse to negotiate in good faith with them with other clients.

  20. I’m betting Jackson was late for the phone call and that stuff was covered early on with the agent.
    You get what you give.

  21. Since when has the NCAA been an arbiter of morality. I can’t think of a more immoral and hypocritical organization in all of sports than the NCAA. I think it had more to do with making an example of DJax to the rest of the team of the type of behavior that he will not tolerate.

  22. None of Jackson’s former teammates have even tried to defend this guy. He’s not a victim as some are making him out to be. He needs to stop whining and making himself into a spectacle and move on. I guarantee you Chip Kelly and the Eagles already have.

  23. He’ll regret it. The minute the Iggles struggle, the fans will let him know. What’s funny is all the excuses on what bad character he had shown.




  24. Jackson knows why he was cut but that did not play into his “I’m the victim here” interview. He kept brushing over the issues that got him cut. I feel sorry for DJax like a little brother who still does not understand his actions led to his situation. We have all worked with the jerk/cry baby who is talented. It’s like a holiday when they get the ax.

  25. is this guy really that dumb? Does he REALLY not know that his continuously flashing gang signs, hanging out with them and having his picture taken with one who was implicated in a cold blooded murder advocating for his freedom is the reason for his departure? Good thing for him his ability level is still high enough that other teams are willing to overlook his “innocence” act…

  26. There’s now a report online saying he cussed out Kelly several times in front of the team. That none of the Eagles players liked him. They found him to be hypocritical when it came to bullying, because he himself acted like a bully. It goes on to say, Maclin specifically REALLY didn’t like Jackson, and only resigned on the condition that Jackson was being moved. Last it says everyone in the organization knew of his gang affiliation but didn’t care, they’re just childhood friends.

    It can’t really come as a surprise to him can it?

  27. Considering DeSean’s on-field production, I have trouble believing that a billion dollar organization would simply let him go if there weren’t something definitive regarding the allegations.

  28. Lets not forget that during the two times a year that DeSean plays Philly, that some of the Eagles may want make DeSean regret his actions that lead to his release.

  29. “Other football team in Maryland”

    We’ve been a team longer than even when the RatBirds were still the Browns.
    Anyways, the Eagles cut Jackson due to cap issues.

  30. As an Eagle fan to not trade him to the AFC even for a sixth round pick is stupid. This move will cost the Eagles and Chip. No way we can cover DJack with our secondary.

  31. I like Jackson but I think it’s obvious the eagles made the move they needed to when not one player has come out in his defense. Not even the “anonymous” player.

  32. The guy made 10s of millions of dollars from the Eagles. All this ‘boo hoo I’m hurt they cut me” crap is ridiculous. Be happy you’ve already made several fortunes over and make your next one from the Washington team and be more happy.

    Very glad the Pats didn’t sign this guy.

  33. Oh I can’t wait till this blows up in Washington’s face. I know it will happen and the Philadelphia media will be ready to jump all over it. We told you what a pith McNabb was and that he was no good and your dope of an owner bit on another name.

  34. The kid deserves to know, so at the very least he can take it as positive criticism and learn from it.

    Maybe he knows already but not the degree… Usually put your best foot forward to prove your worth with a new coach, and with the season he had…

    Constantly late to meetings, etc won’t endure you as putting that best foot forward though.

  35. As a business owner I have had that discussion with employees many, many times and that’s how it always goes.

    There’s no in-depth discussion, its over and we both need to move on.

    There is nothing to be gained by management listing their reasons and the employee trying to prove those reasons wrong

    its just over

    wishing you 14 great games a season Desean 🙂

    btw… the Ivy League look was too funny – be yourself

  36. he can have the greatest games he has ever played against the eagles and Chip Kelly is not going to regret his decision. jackson knows why he was cut and so does the rest of the team. Kelly does not have to say why publicly but it was not because he could not play any more or his alleged gang ties. if he cut him for no reason there would be a little more outrage and support from his former teammates.

  37. Maybe . . it’s as simple as Lurie didn’t want his “BRAND” associated with the Eagles.

    Maybe . . it’s not just Kelly’s call.

  38. I doubt seriously if he will ever get it. Just the fact that no named or unnamed current Eagles stated cutting him was a mistake speaks volumes. If the rumors of his actions in the clubhouse are close to be true, good riddance. Obviously, too much drama to deal with. It’s supposed to be a team sport…..

  39. “Why would Kelly regret it? A receiver by any other name might catch the same passes as Jackson. A catch is a catch no matter who makes it.”

    I’m not happy about the signing but this is flat out not true. Not any receiver can bring in 1300 yards in a season. He is talented and the eagles will miss him.

  40. Everyone who slanders desean Jackson needs to listen to Richard Sherman..don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t believe everything u hear smh..the eagles don’t look good in this situation

  41. Fantom what you say makes sense but a me attitude never disappears. When the eagles would lose but Jackson had a couple tds he was always happy because its all about what djax could get. He was on the verge of being a top 5 paid wr this year and mentioned a new contract. He will tear the redskins apart

  42. Don’t compare Sherman to MeSean, it makes you look ignorant.

    Sherman is all about winning. You never see him smiling after a loss. He’s first in meetings, studies late into the night and works his tail off to get better.

    MeSean does nothing for the team.

  43. I’m not a fan of either team, but I hope Jackson gets to show the eagles that they were wrong to ditch him.

  44. for a guy who speaks about jerry rice, its funny he doesn’t do any of the things jerry rice did to be the player he was….

    he doesn’t work harder than anyone else,
    he doesn’t treat his coaches and teammates with respect,
    he doesn’t put winning above individual goals,
    all he does is give interviews that make absolutely no sense….

    a guy who says hes first in the building and last to leave, and is all about being a pro doesn’t get released because no one will give up a seventh rounder for him…

    and to the apologists out there, explain why no one else thought he was worth the salary philly was happily going to pay him had he been a good
    citizen. because everyone but the desperate redskins knew better….

    and as to sherman, think if he were offered up for a 7th round draft pick, he would have gotten any takers? if you’re shaking your head about desean, you must hear the styrofoam peanuts moving around in there…….

  45. Most will say that they have no sympathy for a player who just got $16M guaranteed. However, I think that every Head Coach owes some honesty to the player he fires.
    Chip Kelly has a good system and his coaching is geared around the system. But disposing of your best player like he’s a piece of trash is not the act of an honest leader. This action will help define Chip’s stint in Philadelphia. It will either be a great or a very bad decision. Sending your best player to a Divisional rival is not usually smart.
    Chip should have manned up and at least been honest and told DeSean why he was being fired.
    The day may come when the GM or Eagle owner fires Chip. I’m sure that he would expect an explanation. It can be hard but honesty is still the best policy.

  46. I can’t wait to see all the 15 yard penalties on the Redskins during the divisional games, as Jackson goes out and does what he does best: Talk trash on the field and show off.

  47. Desean, look in the mirror, dude. If you have gang ties, you are participating in and hanging with groups that are essentially domestic terrorists. There is no place for gangs in our society. They should be hunted down and burned out.

    There isn’t much to salvage from any of their members. NFL teams don’t just kick talent to the curb without cause. I guess the Eagles got an early start by tossing you.

  48. i think the eagles need to go luis zendejas on jackson…just don’t get caught…

    or go dunta robinson on him…

    eagles fans know these analogies…

  49. The only thing Eagles fans are saying is Kelly better damn well be right. That is all.

  50. Whole lot of Philly fans on here. Love it. Healthy RG3, Pierre, Desean, Reed, Andre Roberts and a lil guy called Morris who will never see 8 in the box. If the D is just mediocre the Skins are going to win a lot of games cuz they’ll be scoring 40 points a game. F. Mara

  51. No regrets, Chip obviously thinks the Eagles will be better off without Jackson. Addition by subtraction. The kid was dynamic and will be missed on the field for sure, but if he wasn’t buying what Chip is selling then probably best he moves on. We’ll be alright. Maclin and Benn back this season, plus Sproles now in the mix. I also think they add a receiver in the draft. If they get Brandin Cooks we may be saying ‘Desean who’ by the end of the season. Good luck to you #10, and thanks for some awesome memories. However, your fathead is coming off my bar wall this weekend and you are being replaced by Claude Giroux.

  52. Well Mike Wallace of the Dolphins makes a lot more than Jackson’s new contract with the Washington Redskins. Wallace does not have a QB that can get him the ball deep or at medium range. Moreover the Dolphins do not have an offensive line that can protect the QB.

    Chip Kelly and the Eagles can do what they want under the rules. However to smear Jackson without any arrests or hard evidence and just hearsay is wrong. I hope the Eagles end up losing out on not having a deep threat that Jackson’s talent brings. Jackson made the other receivers better due to the coverage he got. No one person should have all the power on a team unless your an Ozzie Newsome. This will come back on Chip Kelly.

  53. Well one positive thing is that he can put all that energy into trying to make RGIII look legit..

    It would look bad for Kelly if they suffer loses to the Jets and the Redskins next season. Poetic justice for Jackson and Vick, but bad for the decision making skills of Kelly….

  54. Ummm, because you hang out with gang members, Desean. Oh, and law enforcement has contacted the eagles looking for your statement regarding murder investigations. We good now?

  55. The last game of the season Desean Jackson wanted to rework his contract Chip Kelly gave him what he asked for. When Desean has a great season he is going to do the same thing to the Redskins

  56. The way this was handled was ridiculous. They didn’t want to pay DeSean the money, that’s the bottom line. If all else equal and DeSean was making 4 million a year, guaranteed that he’s still with the Eagles. So why not just come out and say that? He may have been a headache in the locker room and that surely contributed, but the gang affiliation is definitely overblown. I’m not even a fan of the guy, but I wish teams would just admit they don’t want to pay that price.

  57. As explosive as DJ was at times he was equally distractive to the team. 2 years after signing a big money deal he comes out talking about wanting more money. That me first mentality is why the Eagles had to move in a different direction. He wanted Calvin Johnson money but he is not a Megatron caliber player. He will go to Washington and he will make some big plays for the skins like he did for us. That being said there will also be alot of games where he will be a nonfactor just like he was in Philly. You dont pay a nonfactor $10.5 million a year. He has maturity issues that hopefully can be resolved someday but as of right now I see him as little more then T.O. 2.0 only more 1 dimensional the T.O. was. The whole gang ties situation aside he simply was not worth what the team was paying him.

  58. I don’t care if this works out for chip. the eagles somehow couldn’t get a draft pick for one of the best playmakers in the league. If I were an eagles fan I would be furious! I don’t know how you look at this and say this is a great move! You lost a huge playmaker. Your team took a hit when you cut djax I don’t care which way you try to spin it. Even with a deep class of wr coming out the odds of them picking up a game changer is slim.

  59. This guy has not played a down for his new team and I’m already tired of hearing what he has to say about his old team. Snyder and his front office would be wise to keep Jackson close to his “new” team mates and away from microphones of any kind. L. Fletcher is gone…now I hope this “Skins” locker room rallies around “team” and “winning” instead of a watching a giant “circus” tent being raised by Mr. Jackson. HTTR.

  60. In an at-will employment situation, he gave the safest, most appropriate response: “We’re moving forward”.

    Any other response may have had DeSean running to his attorney and suing for discrimination.

  61. Hundreds of players get cut from teams every year. There are hundreds of reasons. Why is this scenario so special, such that it warrants such press?

    Bottom line,…………….it isn’t.

    Let’s all move on, now. That includes you, Desean.

  62. The one who seems to be wanting to keep talking about this story is Jackson himself and the only class in this act before after has been Chip Kelly..Im understanding why his players go to war for him and why Jacksons teammates hope he wont

  63. This just in: an employer does not owe you a reason for terminating your services. I got let go from my job of 17 years last fall. The sum total of their explanation was that it was not for cause and that they were “restructuring for the future”. Translation, I was too old and highly paid but they were never going to tell me that, nor did I expect them to. It’s life, DeSean. You pick yourself up and move on.

  64. My job fires me I’m of course gonna want to know why. What’s crazy is how y’all so quick to say a player is a me first type player who in this world isn’t a me first type person at work so your telling me if a promotion comes up at your job your not gonna want it. Or if it comes time for a raise at work your not gonna want the max percentage come on stop letting the media make it sound like its a bad thing to put yourself before a billion dollar company(team)

  65. in most sports cussing out the coach weather alone or in front of your team mates would have you packing up and getting out immeadiately so anyone that has played football would know this

  66. zeekey in response to your question about who isn’t a me first player. My answer would be Jeremy Maclin. He insisted on a 1 year deal to prove to the team that he is worth a big contract after his injury last year. Also look at a team like the Patriots. Despite the Hernandez debacle that team has built a history of winning for over a decade with players who are about the team first.

  67. Lol are you serious about the patriots I mean seriously the patriots the team that takes troubled players and pay them less and once there bodies are warn down and their near the end of there career they release them like there nothing. Maclin took a one year deal yeah to prove he’s worth MORE MONEY he didn’t do it for the eagles he did it for himself specially coming off a acl tear where other teams don’t wanna take a chance on a player coming off that. So this year is a prove it year not just for the eagles but for the entire nfl no player doesn’t want to be under paid

  68. I think the main thing you can take from this is players on the eagles have chips back and not one player has come out for Jackson. Not one. Not even a source has had Jackson’s back. That to me is telling.

    Also for all those saying the eagles would regret this and that. Did they regret TO going to Dallas ?

  69. Why would Chip have to state the obvious. It’s not Chip’s responsibility to control the emotions of a grown man. Move on bro, you were not wanted and cut. Chip would of never gave you a contract.

  70. Maclin could of taken same deal with other 31 teams. He was a FA. He chose to stay in Philly. Philly chose to Cut Jackson, meaning he had no say in the matter.

  71. “Also for all those saying the eagles would regret this and that. Did they regret TO going to Dallas ?”

    No. And TO was a much better WR than DJax. But there is something called addition by subtraction.

  72. Honestly I’m not a huge fan of the Jackson signing, still, I think it’s an interesting question– at what point did Chip Kelly become Bill Belichick?

    For years we’ve thought of Belichick as the greatest mind in football– he’s extremely strong-willed and demanding, but almost every move he’s ever made has been solid gold, and everyone, from fans to coaches to players, respects his decision-making.Kelly has a similar my way or the highway mentality, and had an amazing first year as an NFL head coach.

    Still, who’s to say that makes him the next Belichick, and when he cuts a player who doesn’t buy into his system he’s unquestionably making the right decision? Couldn’t he just as easily be the next Josh McDaniels or 2nd term Gibbs?

  73. That was my original point. As talented as DJ is there are alot of games where he was simply a non factor. I called him T.O. 2.0 only in attitude. As for performance T.O. was a much more complete receiver then DJ hands down. Also to Zeekey Maclin could have gotten paid by alot of other teams but he chose to stay and play out a 1 year deal. DJ would never do something like that. As for the New England comment I am not a Pats fan at all but there is a reason that people want to play there. If all they did was use players and throw them away when they were done with them I dont think as many people would want to go there. It’s about the team first attitude that they have there and that is why they have been so successful for so long. The Steelers are another good example. Look at those 2 teams and pick out a DJ caliber diva on either roster that has been there for more then a year that was an actual distraction in their time with those franchises. I think you would be very hard pressed to think of one.

  74. Fiction: DeSean Jackson was a top NFL WR.

    Fact: In Jackson’s 6 years in the NFL. He has ONE game with more then ONE TD ( and that game was last year under Chip kelly and he had TWO). For the record Riley Cooper had 3 last year and one of them was a 3 TD game. Until last year Jackson has NEVER finished in the top 30 in the NFL in receptions

    Fiction: DeSean Jackson was the Eagles best player.

    Fact: Not only is he not the Eagles best player ( Shady McCoy is) Jackson was widely considered to not even be the Eagles best WR. Not counting last year because he was injured) Jeremy Maclin lead all Eagle WR’s in receptions & TD’s

    FICTION: DeSean Jackson was released because of suspected “gang ties” that the Eagles put out in the media.

    FACT: The Eagles didn’t release that story, NJ.com did. The Eagles were trying to trade him months before that story came out. Not to mention it would be bad business to devalue a WR they were trying to trade.

    FICTION: DeSean Jackson was never a distraction to the team.

    FACT: He held out 2 years ago for 2 weeks pouting for a new contract, when he didn’t get it..he short arms catches, didn’t give 100% effort, and cried to anybody who would listen about being under paid..Not to mentionbeing suspended for a game that the Eagles might have won he played…

    FACT: DeSean Jackson was going to be be paid top 4 WR money this year, and he has not been the “play maker”most seem to say he is.
    2008: 62 receptions. 912 yards. 2 TD’s
    2009: 62 receptions. 1,156 yards. 9 TD’s
    2010: 47 receptions. 1,056 yards. 6 TD’s
    2011: 58 receptions. 961 yards. 4TD’s
    2012: 45 receptions. 700 yards. 2 TD’s
    (under Chip kelly)
    82 receptions. 1,332 yards. 9 TD’s
    last 3 years he has 35 rushing yards and since 2010 he has less then 30 Punt return yards as well ZERO TOUCHTOWNS…
    lets not forget that he has only ONE GAME where he caught more then 1 TD !!..and like i said that was last year under Chip kelly and that was TWO TD’s ( Riley Cooper had 3 multible TD games last year alone…and average the same amount of yard per reception as DeSean Jackson.

    You tell me..Is deSean jackson worth being paid top 5 WR money when up until last year (9th) he has never finished in the top THIRTY in the entire league in receptions or TD’s ???

  75. It seem to me a lots of teams knew something was wrong a play maker and you get nothing in return nobody would offer a 7 round pick.
    As bad as the Lions need a “WO” not a condition pick. (what about one it the 20 round)

  76. The Lions just picked up Golden Tate and they have a boatload of money invested in Megatron so they would not be able to pay DJ the kind of money he wanted. There were plenty of teams interested but everyone knew a month ago that Philly would cut him if they couldnt trade him so the only benefit to trading is that you guarantee that you get first shot at resigning him.

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