Jeff Fisher apparently not interested in coaching Chris Johnson again

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When the Rams signed Kenny Britt this week, it seemed to make a lot of sense: Britt played his best football in Tennessee when Jeff Fisher was the Titans’ coach, and now Fisher is coach of the Rams.

Chris Johnson also played his best football in Tennessee when Fisher was the Titans’ coach, but it appears that Fisher isn’t interested in coaching Johnson again.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that a Johnson-Fisher reunion is unlikely, and there doesn’t seem to be much if any interest in Johnson at Rams Park.

That could indicate that Fisher isn’t crazy about Johnson’s work habits, just as there was talk that former coaches of DeSean Jackson Andy Reid and Jeff Tedford were uninterested in bringing him to Kansas City and Tampa Bay, respectively, because they weren’t crazy about his work habits. (Fisher has been eager to bring other former Titans to St. Louis, including Britt, Cortland Finnegan, William Hayes, Jared Cook and Will Witherspoon.)

But it could also simply indicate that the Rams (like most NFL teams) don’t want to spend a lot of money on running backs, and that St. Louis is happy with what it already has at running back, led by 2013 fifth-round pick Zac Stacy and also including Benny Cunningham, Daryl Richardson and Isaiah Pead.

Whatever the reasons, look for Johnson to land somewhere other than St. Louis.

29 responses to “Jeff Fisher apparently not interested in coaching Chris Johnson again

  1. Zac Stacy is the real deal – and Benny Cunningham isn’t too shabby either.

  2. Fisher is known for being able and willing to work with problem players. So if he’s taking a pass on Chris Johnson, that speaks volumes.

  3. as a lifelong rams fan of 50 years i have been touting a 6 2 240 lb bruiser for the change of pace back i know zac is a tough runner but d rich is the scat type back and an extra pounder makes more sense to me !!

  4. Dude, if Fisher prefers dealing with Kenny Britt than Chris Johnson, it says a lot about the type of headcase Johnson can be!

  5. zac stacey is a boss, ran all over seattle’s defense, stl louis dominated seattle at home but the back up qb sucks so they lost.

  6. Don’t make more of this than the obvious. The Rams don’t have 4 million dollars in cap space to spend on a RB. This has nothing to do with Johnson’s work habits or anything else. They just rid themselves of an overpaid, declining RB (nothing personal), and have more needs to address.

  7. Who said Chris Johnson wanted to work with Jeff Fisher. Fisher is the main reason the Titans failed to reach their potential as Super Bowl contenders 2006-2010. I doubt Chris Johnson would be eager to play for such a mediocre coach who torpedoed Vince Young’s NFL career. The Young-Johnson-Britt trio was the best young QB-RB-WR combo in the NFL. Fisher ruined it.

  8. The media types are claiming that Johnson will be snapped up quickly.
    Don’t the actual experts on the teams get a vote?
    I’m guessing that most of the interest will be agent/media driven.
    Interest by actual NFL teams will be lukewarm.

  9. Some team will pick him up. However, isn’t it significant that 3 big name expensive players (ie Revis, Jackson and Johnson) who all squeezed hard for big pay increases in recent years were all let go this year.
    All got their big money but what have you done for me lately. Also interesting to note that all 3 got new Head Coaches who maybe didn’t embrace them quite as much as the old ones.

  10. Running backs have been devalued by the current NFL rules and the rapidly diminishing worth of older running backs with a lot of yards has become widely understood.

    CJ could act like a nicer, harder working version of Tim Tebow and it wouldn’t matter compared to that.

  11. He also employs a better player in Zac Stacy.

    Common sense, eh?

    Also, the last thing Jeff Fisher is good at is getting better. Evidence: he still employs the most overrated QB in football not named Matt Stafford, Sam Bradford.

  12. I predict that the Raiders will trade Darren McFadden to the rams to move up to the #2 spot in the Draft and get Sammy Watkins or jadeveon clowney if he’s there cuz both Watkins and clowney won’t be there at #5.

  13. STL doesn’t have the cap nor do they need help at that position. As far as signing Britt, in no way the rams lose on that deal. They needed help at WR no matter what fish says and they paid next to nothing for him. CJ wouldn’t sign a prove it contract. I just hope the rams don’t pass on Watkins or Evans because they signed Britt. To bad pead sucks he was supposed to be a younger version of cj

  14. Jeff… Chris said he had no intention of playing for a slightly above .500 coach.. he is looking for a super bowl team…

  15. That’s saying something when Coach Fisher is willing to reunite with Kenny Britt but not YOU.

  16. Stacy finished with 104 yards less than Johnson and did it 4 less starts. Oh, and Stacy was a Rookie drafted in the 5th round. let that sink in for a minute.

  17. Rams don’t need help at the running back position. They have no need for C.Johnson. But someone will give him a chance if he doesn’t cost too much. And to the dummy who said Fisher killed Tenn. What players did they ever get for Fisher? What big time free agents? How many studs left for more money? Get a clue. Fisher came a yard short of a SB, and with a crappy owner. An owner that forced V.Young on Fisher.

  18. He probably prefers having a running back that can speak clearly. Have you ever heard CJ in an interview? Painful.

  19. scmems07 says:
    Apr 5, 2014 2:12 PM
    zac stacey is a boss, ran all over seattle’s defense, stl louis dominated seattle at home but the back up qb sucks so they lost.

    — Rams did play the Hawks tough in the last regular game of the season; it was a great primer for the playoffs. It was a gritty win that they made the Seahawks earn.

    But make no mistake, the Rams played dirty, nasty, and unprofessional. One player, who I sort of felt bad for because it minor referee bump, was ejected because he lost his cool after the 3rd Rams penalty in a row.

    This is description of one play from the ESPN recap:

    4th and 14 at SEA 14 J.Ryan punts 39 yards to SL 47, Center-C.Gresham. J.Veltung to SL 46 for -1 yards (D.Shead). Penalty on SL-C.Reynolds, Running Into the Kicker, offsetting, enforced at SEA 14 – No Play. Penalty on SEA-M.Morgan, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, offsetting. Penalty on SL-C.Reynolds, Unnecessary Roughness, offsetting. Penalty on SL-W.Hayes, Offensive Holding, offsetting.

    And another:

    4th and 5 at SEA 25 J.Ryan punts 68 yards to SL 7, Center-C.Gresham. J.Veltung ran ob at SL 18 for 11 yards. PENALTY on SL-E.Sims, Unnecessary Roughness, 9 yards, enforced at SL 18. Penalty on SL-R.Armstrong, Illegal Block Above the Waist, declined.

    It was pitiful to see the Rams try to injure players right before the Hawks playoff run. Never have I wanted more to see Wilson pulled for Jackson to protect from headhunting. Even Pete Carroll, who is buddies with Fisher and both are USC dudes, was upset with Fisher after the game. He just walked away after the handshake even though Fisher tried to chat him up.

    The Rams are a young, tough, up and coming team but they would do well to play more professional instead of resorting to borderline unsportsmanlike play. A poster from another site tallied up the Rams penalties this past year. It speaks for itself:


    2013 St Louis Rams penalties

    Unsportsmanlike conduct – tied #1
    Disqualifications – tied #1
    Illegal blindside block – tied #1
    Illegal block above the waist – tied #4
    Illegal contact – tied #3
    Personal fouls – #1
    Illegal use of hands – #1
    Taunting – tied #1
    Tripping – #1
    Unnecessary roughness – tied #5

  20. The NFLPA should look into this …………. not wanting to coach a player because of poor work habits imagine !!!

    This is a pure violation of the DJAC rule of compassionate coaching

  21. How racist of coaches and organizations to expect players to whom they pay $millions actually work hard towards team goals.

    First Jackson and now Johnson.

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