Jerry Jones gets booed in his own building


When Cowboys owner Jerry Jones built a state-of-the-art stadium five years ago, he embarked on using it for big events unrelated to the NFL team he owns.  And he has; a Super Bowl, multiple college football games, and other activities have kept the building occupied on some of the 355 days per year when the Cowboys aren’t playing there.

On Saturday, the House That Jerry Built is hosting the Final Four.  And Jerry is there.  And Jerry was shown on the giant drive-in movie screen that hovers over the playing surface.

And Jerry was booed.

While he deserves criticism for the current state of a team that won thee Super Bowls during his first seven years of ownership, folks who live in Texas can attend the Final Four because of Jones’ efforts.  For that, he deserves to be applauded.

He may not currently deserve to be applauded for anything related to his football team, but he definitely deserves to be applauded for building a stadium that has attracted to North Texas the Final Four.

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  1. How many Cowboy fans do you think are in attendance?
    There ya go. Oh wait, they might have booed him also.

  2. It can only mean that the local folks relate to Jerry, as being the Cowboys owner/G.M., and not as the stadium owner/promoter. All of those nonsensical press releases about his optimism for the Cowboys’ successful future, surely can’t help his image down there.

  3. Fans can not choose where the final four is hosted, so unlike the cheerleader/author’s opinion here maybe they are booing due to the venue.

  4. As a Niner fan, Jerry Jones currently is the best thing going for the Cowboys. Cheers from California!

  5. Lol I love when Cowboys fans say the Skins have no defense. Yet the Cowboys were just as bad last year on D. I’m sure thought they’ll bounce back without Ware and Hatcher.

  6. Folks who live in Texas don’t need Jerry Jones to attend the final four. The final four was held in Houston in 2011 and will be there again in 2016.

  7. Did he add more seats that he didn’t have, like the SB he hosted, to get more money in the NCAA final four too? How are those pending SB cases against you going, huh Jerry?

  8. If you call your wife fat; then there isn’t much else you can do for the next 2 weeks to get you out of the doghouse. She’s just not gonna forgive you for a while, even if you buy her nice things.

    The fans are so mad about the state of the Cowboys under JJ that other shiny little baubles like Final 4s just aren’t going to cut it. All they really want is a legit football team.

  9. Jerry gets booed in Dallas, while Ralph gets honored by thousands in Buffalo. NFL take notice. Mark Cuban is right.

  10. Hey here’s an interesting idea for you, PFT world:

    Regarding the NFL noetwork, me personally, I CANNOT STAND this idea they’ve done with “dynasty month”, where for the past 4 weeks they’ve shoved the same teams down the viewer’s throat each for an entire week of wall to wall one team.

    (They seem to have this same problem with their “NFL’s greatest games ever game of the all time game of the century of the universe” or whatever they do because, again, it’s all the same teams. It’s either the Patriots, Giants, Steelers, or Ravens or Packers. The network forgets there’s 32 teams. But I digress.

    Here’s the idea: how about checking the ratings for each week of this “dynasty month”, and see how they differ per team/week. Obviously overall the numbers will be lousy because it’s the offseason, that’s not the point. The point is the difference between each week regarding the team profiles, i.e. shoved down the viewer’s throat.

    They hypothosis? I’b bet everything the numbers for the first three weeks were roughly the same, and the numbers for this current “Dallas week” are probably way down because shoving the Cowboys down throats is probably a bad move.
    I think it would make an interesting story, comparing the ratings and seeing who was watching what team, and more importantly, avoiding what team..

  11. Say what you want about the cowboys. But you have to admit there is something magical about that logo. In fact I had a vaccum cleaner that wasn’t working too well, so I put a cowboy logo on it and it sucks like the cowboys do.

  12. Silliest statement from PFT since someone decided Belichick was interviewing QBs to access their draft pick trade value in case they slide to the Pats in round 1. Put down the pipe, JJ should be booed by anyone and everyone who is not in his will.

  13. I think he can handle it.

    That being said… thinking of basketball being played in that barn reminds me of when the Pistons used to play in the Silverdome and you had half of the stadium curtained off. Awkward to say the least. I just don’t see the Jerrahdome being a great venue for college basketball but what do I know?

  14. “…folks who live in Texas can attend the Final Four because of Jones’ efforts.”

    But just maybe Jerrald isn’t delivering the championship game Dallas was hoping to see in that stadium.

  15. Built on the backs of local taxpayers. He should be applauded for diverting tax dollars to fund personal investment projects for billionaires? Seriously?

  16. Let me explain how audiences work. When 2 teams are playing, usually the people who root for those teams are the ones at the games. Especially in a playoff atmosphere like the final 4. See there are these things called planes, trains, and cars. People use them to cover great distances. So if a game is played by 2 teams outside of say Texas, but the game is in Texas, people who aren’t from Texas can travel to the game. Meaning the people who are at the stadium probably aren’t fans of the team that usually plays at said stadium. History shows when fans of a team see members of a rival team that person gets booed. The fact that that person spent a lot of money on the stadium they are currently in means nothing. Especially when there are 100’s of other locations the team’s of said fans could play at if the owner of that rival team tells them that they can’t play in his stadium.

  17. I agree Im tired of dynasty month because even before they mostly talk about the same teams over and over …pats giants jets cowboys mainly…that station is so bias it has become a joke rather quickly

  18. Jerry Jones deserves to be booed on many levels. He could have easily built the stadium with his own money and fleeced Arlington citizens for $325,000,000. At its pubic opening, Jones told everyone this was “their building”. He then turned around and began charging the people of the DFW area the highest prices in the league for attending “their stadium” and watching “their team”.

    As a Yankee living in the Dallas metro area, all I can say is: Dallas area residents deserve every fleecing they get for continuing to support this arrogant shyster.

  19. Hey , Mike , we wish you’d be as kind to Dolphins owner Steve Ross as you are to J.J.

  20. PFT: Your explanation of why JJ shouldn’t be booed is absolutely correct, and logically sound. The flaw in your reasoning is that the booing was emotional and visceral in nature, which trumps logical EVERY time.

  21. Give me a break, you make it sound like Jerry did all this out of the goodness of his heart.

    That guy is making MILLIONS upon MILLIONS off that stadium. People have the right to Boo the crap out of some rich guy getting even richer off the working man.

  22. The audience wasn’t saying: boooooooooooooo!

    They were saying: Joooooooo-nes, Jooooooooooooooooooooo-nes!

  23. That’s not true. I just got back from the games. He was definitely cheered by tipsy fans, not booed.

  24. i was at a bar tonite loaded with badger fans. when the final buzzer went off you could see they were all crushed. i said loud enough “why are all the badger fans pissed? because they dont get to go to the rose bowl? utter hilarity

  25. I just dont understand why alll those Wisconsin, Florida, Uconn, and Kentucky fans would boo Jerry………………boing!

  26. Jerry Jones took over the Clown Crown when Al Davis passed away. Is anyone surprised? He is the owner and GM of one of the most dysfunctional teams in the NFL and is a “proud” backer of his QB, and his head coach. Perhaps the most embarrassing is being so proud of his son… Dallas is a train wreck and while it is entertaining to watch, it is the longest train wreck I have ever seen with the exceptions of Cleveland and Washington.

  27. I was just a kid when the Cowboys joined the NFL, and was a fan from the first year. Since the early 2000 Jones has demonstrated he knows little about how to be a GM of an NFL team. His decisions have created a mediocre product on the field, and I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. His lack of knowledge and his huge ego won’t allow him to see how inept he is. As a consequence I’ve lost much of my interest in the team, and now follow one of Dallas’ greatest rivals, the 49ers, more so than the Cowboys. They are still my favorite team, but I rarely read stories about them any longer, nor do I get excited in anticipation of each new season. Pretty sad for a huge football fan of what was once one of the elite NFL teams.

  28. I along with others have grave doubts about one that breaks a cardinal rule of common sense. That being, “if it’s not broke don’t fix it.” True Cowboy fans won’t remember jj so much for the 3 SB wins as they will his total and complete destruction of “OUR” team. His ego has proven to be more important to him than the Team. How deluded he is.

  29. Jimmy Johnson built those SB teams and Skeletor was just an OWNER back then. He signed the checks, smiled for the cameras from his Deluxe Box Seats and let a TRUE FOOTBALL MIND run the team!

  30. You can’t forget the fact the it’s the working men & women in the Dallas area that is paying on part of the stadium but yet they see NO revenue. It’s pure Bullcrap that the working man is forced to pay at least $350 mil if not more than that. Jones is a billionaire several times over. Let him pay 100% of the bill or at least offer the fans something in return like that’s ever going to happen in little d

  31. I’m Glad he got booed in this building. Someone tell me how do you win a 49% to 49% ? Vote this should have been a revote. Then tell me why they had to condemn 3 brand new retirement housing development’s to build this stadium. why could they not built it on the vacant land of I 20 in south Arlington right next to the Highway and 360. SO how much money did Jerry paid or get paid to build this stadium.

  32. Jerry Jones is the greatest con man ever. How else was he able to get the dumb lemmings in the community to basically pay for the stadium. The stadium is booked most of the year during off season and he continues to make money hand over fist. How much do the tax payers that funded jerry world get?

  33. All they’re saying is that they want someone that knows more than JJ to be GM. He needs to drop his pride and hire a GM.

  34. There or no more real cowboy fans! when Tom Landry was fired and how he was fired Jerry lost a ton of real fans.

    Really why would your be a fan of criminal’s or gang members and or a drug user?

    Most of the so call player end up broke in jail or just die of overdose and or they body finally can not take the abuse of all the drugs Legal and or illegal drugs.

    They pay the highest pay for a coach that a puppet and Jerry the puppet master. and they still can’t make to a super bowl.

  35. The whole team is a joke. There is only 5 players on that team that is NFL caliber the rest are arena league LOL!!! This team is a joke and the joke is on all the fools that pay their hard earn money to watch jerry rake in the dough and screw the people LOL!! It’s going to get uglier just wait till the season starts. You think they booing now but when the season starts it will get worse. This team is a joke I would never pay my money to see that ever!! There will be people leaving out the door in cowboy stadium when they watch that team on the field then seats will get empty fast and the booing will get louder!! And jerry jones and toney ROMO laughing all the way to the bank with those fools money LOL!! What a joke of a team!! Get ready cause it’s going to be a ugly season.

  36. LOL!!! I am so glad I am not a cowboy fan LOL!! Jerry jones you think you getting booed now. Wait till the season starts it’s going to get ugly!!! ROFL!! Oooo it will get down right ugly cause the cowboys will look so terrible that people will literally walk out the stadium. In which is stupid to pay all that money and see that mediocre team. Boy the boys are literally the worse in that division now. No way they make up all that ground in 3 to 4 years!! It will take 10 years max to even become relevant after all the salary cap issues and QB issues and of course jerry jones issues LOL!!! Boy the boys are just down right mediocre at best and that’s giving them something.

  37. jerry jones is getting a lot of credit for the COWBOYS turnaround, he shouldn’t, his son had to physically remove the Manziel draft card from his hand when their 1st round pick came up. Good choice.

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