John Fox: All the eggs are in the basket to win a Super Bowl now


Broncos coach John Fox isn’t interested in building for the future.

Fox said shortly after signing his new three-year contract extension that the Broncos’ only priority is to win the Super Bowl in 10 months, and they’ve built a team they think can win right now.

“I’m proud of what our teams have accomplished, but our expectations are much greater as we pursue the Super Bowl championship that our fans deserve,” Fox said. “We got closer this past year, but we came up short. So right now all the eggs are in the basket for ’14 and doing everything we can to bring that championship back here to Denver.”

The Broncos have made no secret of the fact that they’re all about winning now, spending big money to attract Aqib Talib, T.J. Ward, DeMarcus Ware and Emmanuel Sanders in free agency. They know they’re running out of time before Peyton Manning is past his prime, and they want to win now. Adding three years to Fox’s contract is nice, but Fox isn’t thinking years ahead. He’s thinking about winning in 2014.

108 responses to “John Fox: All the eggs are in the basket to win a Super Bowl now

  1. Another attempt at a Dream Team through free agency. It just doesn’t work in the NFL. How many times will teams learn this lesson before it sticks?

  2. They havent won since they were caught violating the salary cap and fined and lost draft picks and then when they were the only team ever to be fined for taping other teams practices.

  3. Great, they added a lot to the defense, which wasn’t that good last year, but then again the defense isn’t what lost them the Superbowl. All those weapons on offense and they only put up 8 points?

  4. Every year the media jumps on the bandwagon of a team that signs a bunch of “names” to go to the SB. Especially if that team went and lost or got close the year before.
    Denver will be that team this year. And as usual, the media will be wrong.

  5. John did win a Super Bowl as an assistant coach with the Giants, if I recall correctly, but he hasn’t shown he can win it as a head coach (lost to the Patriots and Seahawks). Best to take the 19 or 20 games in a year one game at a time and leave the Super Bowl talk to Rex.

  6. Unless they plan on learning how to actually run the ball, and not just run shotgun draws against nickle defense 90% of the time, they won’t win anything. Megamind has to be willing to just line up in I formation and pound the rock. Better draft a Running back.

  7. If any other coach of any other team said that, it would be hubris. But Fox is simply stating a fact.

    It’s clear Elway has mortgaged the future to “win now” – not even Belichick has gone that far

    … and why not go for broke? They still need lots of luck and good health – which is why lesser teams often win the Super Bowl despite the “on-paper” winner of the off-season.

    Fox and Elway may want to keep that in mind. Indeed if Manning hadn’t gone up against friggen Rex Grossman in the Super Bowl he’d still likely be ring-less.

  8. If the Broncos really wanted a Super Bowl win they should have drafted Russell Wilson or sucked for Luck..well, maybe they’ll draft Johnny Manzeil since Peyton won’t last forever…go Aggies!

  9. Peyton is clearly past his physical prime, and yet he only threw for 55 regular season T.D’s. He’ll gel the team, and perform well and come up short again.

  10. The road to the Super Bowl for the AFC goes through NE ,,, The Broncos play the NFC west this year so that’s probably 3 losses there not counting other games ,, They won’t have home field advantage ,,,,,,
    Omaha !!!! Omaha !!!! Omaha !!!!!!!

  11. The broncos will not win the Superbowl because of John Fox. A great guy but not a great coach. The Pats will win because they do have a Great coach who also loaded up with great talent.

  12. That’s what they said last season, the fact is if they want to win the big one then they need to draft a franchise QB, while Peyton is a great QB and a HOF’er the fact is he is a great regular season QB who can’t handle the pressure of the Big Game. Seattle had him out of rythm from the 1st snap of the game and he never recovered, I’m not slamming him or anything because I respect the way the guy plays and think he is one of the great ones but his record in the post season speaks for it’s self. He’s Payton in the reg season but marty schotemheimer (sp?) in the post season.

  13. Yeah, good luck with that…we all know the Donkeys ain’t winning anything.

  14. Their offense will come back to earth. Every historically good NFL offense has regressed the following year. Defense might be slightly improved. But Manning will again be Manning in the playoffs.

  15. That’s a lot of pressure to put on your players and coaching staff… Not sure you’ve got what it takes….I think Fox is a highly over rated HC

  16. Fox is right.They do have all the weapons they need and are in a great spot to get another title shot.
    that being said,they found out last year you don’t go into the superbowl “expecting” to win with finesse.
    the SB was to big for the players they came in with.
    they got caught up in the hype of their own record breaking year and assumed they would score30-40 points.
    Manning is not the problem.the whole team came out in a daze,as evidenced by the 1st snap.
    they need to get tougher and like all teams need a little luck to go into the playoffs healthy.
    if they do they have a legit shot to beat any team next year.

  17. Bill Belichick wants to know how the Broncos want their eggs sunny side up or scrambled next January at Gillette?

  18. I don’t know, I like Manning…but I don’t think he can get it done in the big game. He looked scared in the Super Bowl.

  19. Is Fox serious? Your receivers are no better than they were in 2013 and Denver’s running game has digressed. Any idea how your offense has improved? The LOB will continue to blast any receiver coming over the middle on Manning’s 5yd rinky dink passes, Thomas and Sherman can take any of Denver’s receivers deep and Avril, Bennett and Irvin will continue to slam Manning’s face to the ground on every pass attempt. The Broncos didn’t learn anything from SB48.

  20. Although it was 20 years ago, after losing to the Cowboys in the NFC Championship 2 years in a row, the 49ers signed Deon Sanders and won a Superbowl. So although those betting against Denver will likely be right it has happened before. Any way with 32 teams trying to get better, and winning a Superbowl is usually for the team that gets hot at the right time, Id always take the field against 1 heavily favored team.

  21. Denver only improved their safety position. they merely replaced everything else they lost. i don’t see them as a threat to the top teams in the NFC.

    I think the patriots with their depth at corner can stop the manning offense now.

    Patriots are the favorite in the AFC, and could possibly take down seattle, who in my mind, got worse this offseason by losing tate, browner, and thurmond. but then again, seattle seems to be able to find corners out of nowhere so…

  22. Last year was the same scenario and what happened then? Peyton Manning and John Fox are pretty much ensuring that the Broncos have no future a couple of years from now. I don’t want to see the Broncos in the Super Bowl again especially after what happened last year. Time for someone else to step up to Seattle or San Francisco’s challenge and I think the Patriots are the team to do it. But hey I am biased.

  23. manning received all the compliments, honors, admiration and wonderful awards a player can get the entire season for padding his personal stats…then comes the SB and all of a sudden it’s the TEAM’S fault that a freight train named Seattle steamrolled them??? Doesn’t work that way, he got all the glory, he needs to take all the blame, but he didn’t do that. I’m sure his teammates weren’t real happy watching this guy choke up yet another SB.

  24. The Seahawks beat Denver by a lot more than they beat the 49ers. I’d guess there are three or four NFC teams who could have beaten the Broncos in the Superbowl.

  25. That’s a lot egg to have on your face! Perhaps he should look around at all the teams on the rise in the AFC alone poised to knock off the Broncos, let alone the NFC where any team in the west could take em! Gotta love the Broncos humility though…LOL!

  26. realnflmaster says: You better hope and beg you don’t face the JETS at the end of January.

    #WeGotDECKER #NamathLEGEND #JETSDynasty

    Keep dreaming



  27. Looking at the gains/losses in free agency, they didn’t improve much overall.

    Talib’s a marginal increase over DRC & Ware looked in decline last yr., probably not much of an upgrade over Phillips.

    Sanders offsets Decker, Beadles & Moreno were decent starters now gone & Woodyard/Ayers solid depth players also not replaced yet.

  28. craniator says:
    Apr 5, 2014 4:42 PM
    Just stop New England from going ; that’s all we care about.

    Now THAT is ultimate respect.

  29. The Broncos had their chance at a Super Bowl only a few short months ago. And that game was pretty much over after 12 freaking seconds.

  30. San Fran was the second best team last year? You mean the team that got pummeled at home by Indy, who also beat Seattle? It’s a parody league. The NFC is no better than the AFC, and as always, Any Given Sunday.

  31. I give the Denver front office an A for effort, but not sure spending this much moolah on great players past their prime is really the way to go. They may have a more impressive top 22 in ’14 than in ’13, but they are going to be paper-thin. Injuries and attrition (or lack thereof) will tell the tale

  32. The only SB loser to win it the following year was the 72 Dolphins. So don’t get your hopes up.

  33. Hey I was born in Denver and a die hard Broncos fan.

    I agree with some of the posts. Our defense was missing 6 starters which didn’t help. That is a lot not to have in Super Bowl. BUT that was not what cost them that game. Seattle took it to our offensive line. They did not pass block open holes for running backs or do much of anything else. The team was not prepared. Seattle came in with a chip on their shoulders and a kick butt attitude. Denver came in thinking their offense had such a good reputation that’s all they needed.
    Yes we added a few good players to help. We will have Von Miller back Vickers back our cornerback Harris back and our safety back. That will be a huge help. If we do not fix the issues on the offensive line we will be in trouble. Getting Lady back will help. We then move Clark over to opposite side be it guard or tackle. Fox needs to rethink how the team is prepared for the playoffs. Bottom line ot will come down to whatever team is the healthiest in the playoffs. You need to play sound football and you have to be able to have most of your starters playing in that last game. The regular season gets you there and you can do that at times with injuries but by time the Super Bowl comes you are playing the best. You need to have your starters on the field game time. Not sitting on the bench.

  34. The Broncos won’t even go to the 2015 Super Bowl. Their psyche has been broken, and other teams have seen how to beat them. Put pressure on Manning, and he’ll make poor decisions. Hit the receivers hard, and they’ll pull up. I pick the Colts for the AFC Championship. Andrew Luck is the next legit superstar QB in the NFL. My pick is the Colts vs. the best of the NFC West.

  35. The 49ers will never win with Kap. Just load up the box and force him to beat with his arm, he can’t.
    As for Manning, he’s the greatest choke artist in the history of the NFL.

  36. caseyanthonymunoz says:
    Apr 5, 2014 4:31 PM
    Except your QB is one of the biggest chokers in sports history. Truth hurts.

    I assume you are a Bengals from your nickname. When I think of QBs that choke and have accomplished nothing, Andy Dalton seems to come to mind rather quickly.

  37. realnflmaster says:
    Apr 5, 2014 4:18 PM
    You better hope and beg you don’t face the JETS at the end of January.

    #WeGotDECKER #NamathLEGEND #JETSDynasty



  38. I’m thinking they are out of time. Manning won’t have that same kind of season again. Patriots Seahawks and Brady will show all the Seahawks fans what that 12 they all hold up really stands for.

  39. teams that try to buy a trophy has not worked out so well. I’m sure Denver fans thought with all the players they brought in and all the hype they were a shoe in and we all saw how that did. So Denver is trying it again. Seems to be the way the NFL is heading as we watch all the pick and choose during free agency.

  40. Denvers spending a lot of money this year and probably will not even get back to the SB next and if they don’t they will be a doormat again next year.

  41. Confidence statement coming from a guy that did not have the confidence to go for one last shot in the AFC championship with arguably the best quarterback in the league, two timeouts, 30 seconds on the clock and only needing a field goal for a win. Confidence evaluation: Not his best skill.

  42. A few months ago we saw the best offense in the history of football get held to just one garbage time touchdown. John fox can go get all of the fire power he wants. What now? Two touchdowns? Yeah…were shaking in our boots.

  43. Denver will be much better, they had five starters out in the Superbowl on defense, Harris Jr, Von Miller, Wolfe, Moore, and Vickerson. you add Aqib Talib, T.J. Ward, DeMarcus Ware and the Broncos Defense is going to be a lot better than what they showed in the Superbowl.

  44. mrbigass says: No pressure…..


    Great point. Don’t forget, when the Colts had the pressure of the Perfect Season, their GM didn’t think Manning could handle the pressure and win the SB. He made them pull all the starters against the Jets (letting an 8-8 team into the playoffs) in the hopes that would reduce the pressure

    This is just the opposite – no bueno

  45. 7-9 by the numbers.

    x2 Kansas City Chiefs. 1-1. Not hard for them add the things Seattle did to them on Defense.

    x2 Oakland Raiders. 2-0. Worst team in the league.

    x2 San Diego Chargers. 1-1. Chargers are getting better through the draft.

    Buffalo Bills. Win. Buffalo sucks.

    @New England Patriots. Big time loss.

    Miami Dolphins. Win, Dolphins don’t have an O-Line.

    @New York Jets. Win, somehow the Jets will screw it up.

    Arizona Cardinals. Loss. NFC West Defense.

    @St. Louis Rams. Humiliating Loss. See New Orleans Saints.

    San Francisco 49ers. Brutal Loss. Seahawks gave them gameplan.

    @Seattle Seahawks. Total Annhilation. Thought it was loud at the Super Bowl?

    Indianapolis Colts. Loss. Luck gets all the calls in these games.

    @Cincinnati Bengals. Loss, one of only a few AFC teams that play Defense.

  46. Pete Carrol: ” do what ever have to boys ( PED’s ) because its all about ME, but you won’t get that until I go away and leave you behind because you don’t matter even though I convinced you otherwise. Go PETE …..

  47. Maybe they ought to let Manning play QB for them in the Super Bowl – ELI MANNING, he’s 2-0 in the big game!

  48. palatypus says: Apr 5, 2014 8:54 PM

    7-9 by the numbers.

    x2 Kansas City Chiefs. 1-1. Not hard for them add the things Seattle did to them on Defense.
    The Chiefs went 9-0 last year against teams that finished 52-92. They went 1-5 against playoff teams. And they aren’t playing the Jags, Browns, and Texans this season. If the NFC West doesn’t fall off a cliff this year, the AFC West just might.

  49. Meh, if they don’t win the championship this year, they can just sign Tee Martin next year.

  50. The Chiefs went 9-0 last year against teams that finished 52-92. They went 1-5 against playoff teams.
    And your Raiders went 4-12 against the same teams.

  51. The NFL will make sure the cheaters get home field throughout the playoffs.The refs are on notice to make it happen.Of course it would be kind of fun to watch the cheaters lose another SB and listen to the patriot fans brag about coming up short again

  52. jjackwagon says: Apr 5, 2014 10:18 PM

    The Chiefs went 9-0 last year against teams that finished 52-92. They went 1-5 against playoff teams.
    And your Raiders went 4-12 against the same teams.
    The only difference is, I know the Raiders are not good, jack. Being better than Oakland does not equal success. If you mock something and then brag about being superior to it, it makes you look weak. Or, it makes you look like a Chiefs fan. Either way.

  53. slick50ks says: Apr 5, 2014 9:24 PM

    The whole AFCW is thankful for those two automatic jokeland wins.
    slick50ks says: Apr 5, 2014 9:24 PM

    The whole AFCW is thankful for those two automatic jokeland wins.
    That’s because the Chokes can’t beat a team with a winning record. The Queefs have finished dead last in their division more often than Oakland since 2002. The AFCW was so bad in 2010 the Raiders swept the division, and still didn’t make the playoffs. The Chokes haven’t won a playoff game in 20 years, haven’t son a Super Bowl since 1970, and haven’t even made an appearance since. That’s 44 years. I was 12 then, and am almost ready to retire. That’s two generations of futility.

  54. If Peyton can’t get at least 1 ring with that loaded team, a team that won a playoff game with Tim Tebow at QB…

    Then yeah, Jim Irsay was right!

  55. As a Chiefs fan , you gotta love what Broncos are doing. After Manning gets old before our very eyes, Broncos take 3 years to pay off credit card debt. The ” Daniel Snyder ” way doesn’t work. Keep getting old free agents Denver , love it. chiefs rule division 2015-2020 , you heard it here first Donkee fans

  56. fox needs to stop acting like all the eggs werent in one basket last year! since thier choke against the ravens he was saying they were all in… they play the nfc west this year and a tougher schedule! they wont be as good as last years team..this upcoming year will be peytons last! pre=pare for mediocrity broncos fans!!!

  57. The Broncos had the best offense this game has ever seen and still couldn’t win the big one. The topic should be John Fox: All the eggs were in the basket.

  58. I like the guy that says “Manning will be Manning in the playoffs”

    He’s been to 3 superbowls…How do you get to 3 superbowls if your bad in the playoffs??

    In the end I hope we’ll have another “Manning will be Manning in the playoffs” year, because that should mean a 4th

  59. His team was totally unprepared to play in the Super Bowl.

    He was rewarded with a contract extension.

    Good luck with that, Denver.

  60. Didn’t Elway recently say they weren’t mortgaging their future in response to the recent FA signings?

    Better get your talking points straight, boys.

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